Luxurious Home Exterior Design Ideas For Outdoor Parties

Published On: Apr 22, 2022

Whether you are looking to throw a party for your birthday or want to celebrate holidays with a gathering, there’s something special about getting together in the outdoors. Setting up the event in the backyard completely changes the mood and tone and takes the entertainment to another level. However, the ultra modern luxurious home exterior can impact the overall experience for you as well as the guests.

Luxurious Home Exterior Design

Planning for an outdoor party is not just about music and drinks; you need to pay attention to your exterior décor to bring in the vibe you are looking for and impress your guests.

Let us look at a few luxurious home exterior design ideas that can help you prepare an incredible outdoor space at your ultra modern luxury house for memorable gatherings and parties.

Add String Lights

Add String Lights

An amazing addition to your outdoor space, string lights can be left all through the year. Lights with bigger, more sophisticated bulbs can make a permanent feature of your backyard. These are a practical solution that not only lights up your outdoor but also changes the ambience of the space and elevates the mood.

An outdoor gathering or party will benefit significantly from stringing up lights, whether you are catching up for a holiday, birthday party, or a barbeque with friends.

The best thing about these lights is that they are water-resistant, cost-efficient, and blend well with any décor style. It is a great idea to get rechargeable or battery-powered lights that eliminate the need for extension cables, allow lighting in areas that lack electrical outlets, and make sure they work even when it is raining.

Incorporate Pillow Seating

Incorporate Pillow Seating

Your outdoor space may not be well-equipped to accommodate guests for a big gathering; this should not deter you from hosting a grand event. You can always use your creativity to expand the seating capacity with items like bean bags and pillows.

Outdoor pillows are quite functional and especially suit birthday parties as kids enjoy sitting on cushions. Even when you are throwing an adult’s party, getting some large outdoor pillows around small tables would help seat a large crowd.

Such a seating arrangement not only keeps the guests comfortable but also puts everybody on equal levels. Choose your pillows carefully as you can use them again and again for years.

Try and get extra-large pillows for optimum comfort and prefer water-resistant material. Consider storing them in the interior or in a dry area when not in use to maintain their plush and beauty.

Use Table Lanterns

Use Table Lanterns

One of the most beautiful additions to your table arrangement for an outdoor get-together is a lantern. A table lantern is a piece of decoration that meets various aesthetic needs and allows using your creativity to introduce the flair you are in search of.

Depending on what time of the year it is and your requirements, these elements can serve a lot of purposes. In colder months, you can use lanterns with candles burning inside them to get some warmth and scent in the atmosphere. During the summer, lanterns help keep away insects like gnats and mosquitos.

Regardless of the season, adding table lanterns as an extra source of light is an excellent way to ensure your party continues till late at night even after the sunshine fades. You can also use them on the front porch to add some cosiness and a welcoming vibe.

It is also a great idea to collect some small lanterns with pierce work and candles and place them strategically on the stairs. Such an arrangement not only adds beauty to the ordinary stairs but also lights up the way for guests.

Design with Solar Path Lights

Design with Solar Path Lights

Path lights are a stunning party statement and a practical solution in one. Using lights along the paths around porch steps and the backyard provide sufficient lighting in areas where guests could misstep or lose balance.

They also warm up the entire space and bring in the much-needed party vibe. Solar lights are cost-effective and easy to use; as they are powered by the Sun, you can add them to the outdoor area and forget about maintaining them.

Solar lights are available in a great variety of colours and styles to choose from. You can use your creativity to take your outdoor décor to the next level by finding lights that complement the luxurious home exterior style and the overall theme of the event.

Add a Grass Wall Backdrop

If you are looking to achieve a stunning decoration for capturing pictures in your backyard, getting a grass panel to create a backdrop is something that works wonders.

Such a panel not only serves as a backdrop for guests but also creates an attractive space at the outdoor event. An artificial grass wall panel creates an inviting area for your exterior party.

Add a Grass Wall Backdrop

Such a backdrop gives an instant upgrade to your outdoor area and makes the guests feel welcomed. It also lets you create a dedicated spot for taking photos and even encourages guests to capture memories. These panels look so elegant and sophisticated and even allow adding custom decoration pieces on top of them.

Another amazing thing about the grass wall panel is that you can dress it up or down to make it perfect for the event you have hosted, rendering it a versatile piece of investment. It doesn't matter where you live, in the mountains, by the beach, or in the city; the grass wall looks great and blends naturally with any style.

Use Curtains and Umbrellas

Use Curtains and Umbrellas

Adding curtains to your balcony, patio or backyard helps create a sense of privacy for your gatherings. They also protect guests from insect bites and sunrays. Curtains can add a nice vacation vibe to the outdoor space that guests would love.

They are an inexpensive way to block views around the yard, adding comfort and warmth to the event. Apart from its practical benefits, outdoor curtains work as a decorative element that infuses personality into the exterior space.

Curtains can be purchased in a variety of colours, styles, and patterns. Make sure you choose a material rated for outdoors as it will provide the desired protection against weather elements. Select the best placement for curtains to give your outdoor décor a style boost that’s perfect for parties.

Outdoor umbrellas are also nice additions to a luxurious home exterior. Install some umbrellas over chairs and tables to give shade to your guests. This not only adds to the décor but proves to be a practical solution for summer parties.

Invest in a Cabana Tent

Invest in a Cabana Tent

Whenever you organize a party or gathering outdoors, it is desirable to have a special space for guests to find shade or stay safe from rain.

A perfect option is to get a cabana tent for your event, whether it is a holiday party, birthday celebration, or family get-together. These tents have a special design with cloth walls that can fall when it rains, giving you a secure space to protect your food, drinks and valuables.

You can also arrange seating under the tent to keep guests dry if it is raining or use it as a way to hide away from sunlight during hot months. While you can always rent a tent for a party, it is better to buy one if you host multiple events every year. Renting is an ideal option if you conduct only 1-2 parties and gatherings in a year.

Get Party Tents

Get Party Tents

One of the best ways to design your luxurious home exterior for an outdoor event is to rent and decorate a party tent. This is specifically important when you are hosting a big party with many guests and plan to spend a few hours in the outdoor area.

This type of tent generally comes with walls on all sides and windows that allow in some natural light. They work great for resting under the shade for some time during the event or waiting out the rain.

These tents are a bit costlier than cabana tents but are worth it when you are organizing a large gathering such as a reception or family reunion as it provides the much-needed space and protection. 

Once up, it can be decorated using wall pieces, chandeliers, and table arrangements. Getting them for a party is a rewarding decision when there is a rain prediction. These tents are durable enough to withstand weather and the rental company even sends help to set them up for you.

Even if it doesn't rain, party tents help you make the outdoor area warm and inviting for guests. When your backyard doesn't have furniture or construction, such a tent provides you with sufficient area to dedicate spaces for dancing, eating, and socializing. It also makes it easy to hang lights, decorate for the celebration, and set up the perfect venue for the party.

In A Nutshell

These are some of the design ideas that should help you get your outdoor area ready for parties and gatherings. 

There are several elements you can use to make your porch, patio, or yard warm and inviting for guests and set the perfect mood for the event.

Use your creativity to style the elements to complement your decor and design your home exterior for the next party! Modern luxurious home exterior design is a science, just as much as it is an art, engaging professional help from the likes of the Interior Company is essential for optimum results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to make an outdoor party fun?

You can consider getting some outdoor toys, music and even an inflatable pool to make the outdoor party more fun.

Q. How do you have an outdoor party when it is cold?

Some of the best ways to prepare your outdoors for a party in colder months include having a bonfire in the yard and adding lights to the paths and the outdoor area.

Q. What are the best items to decorate an outdoor party?

String lights, balloons, path lights, lanterns, table runners, flower pots, garden boxes, pool inflatables, and other items can be used to decorate an outdoor party.

Q. How can you set up the right lighting for an outdoor event?

Solar-powered candles and lights, bright and colourful lanterns and string lights, pillar candles, and hurricane lamps are some of the best choices to create lighting for an outdoor party or gathering.


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