50 Stunning Home Exterior Designs for your Modern Abode

Published On: Aug 2, 2021

Indian house exterior design is rife with ideas! Using mixtures of wood, plaster, bamboo, glass, and concrete, they raise structures that rise vertically in vast panels and coil horizontally in many configurations. These fifty exterior low cost simple modern house designs exemplify contemporary facades. Check them out to pick your favourite simple modern house design.

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1. Upgrade the exterior of your property

Upgrade the exterior of your property

You have the option of selecting one of many Indian house front elevation designs photos. Pastel shades like aged grey, faded crimson, and berry tones from the modern house designs pictures gallery and the small modern house designs pictures gallery fit the bill.

2. Plants help make your Indian house exterior design more environmentally friendly

Plants help make your Indian house exterior

With a sequence of white bricks with inlets for light, the light-filtering glossy white architecture allows open inlets while a spreading fern draping covers the living quarters and carport.

3. You no longer have to live in the city to own a modern house front design in India

You no longer have to live

Tucked away in a tranquil, wooded gazebo, beautiful bluebells and weeping willows bring forth a feeling of gentleness. In contrast, a black-hued column provides a chamber with a whole new perspective.

4. A state-of-the-art log cabin creates all the difference

A state-of-the-art log cabin creates all the difference

The wooden body comes with hardwood panels with deeply grooved walls seamlessly going over the roof and connecting with the body. This way, the windows may give a breath-taking picture of a wooded forest in the simple modern house designs pictures gallery.

5. Whitewashed brick column towers

Whitewashed brick column towers

Place a painted wood wall hanging off of a plaster foundation. In the open-plan areas, natural light caters to openness with a sense of seclusion, which is essential for simple modern houses, mainly in the suburbs.

6. Arrange some rocks strategically throughout your garden


To create a landscaping design, the exteriors of the homes feature several contrasts. These are vertically oriented glass panes juxtaposed against dark-coloured walls and blinds comprised of horizontal slats of the same hue.

7. Pool to imitate the simple small modern house design is an excellent idea!


Penthouses and townhouses have their private patios with contemporary, comfortable outdoor seating found on levels that are distinguished from one another. These signage frameworks are intended to focus attention on and differentiate the many tasks located at each location.

8. Integrate the current and classic construction materials

Integrate the current and classic construction materials

This is to get the perfect balance of home exterior designs. And position your large simple modern two-storey house designs on a level plot of ground, allowing the sunlight to penetrate via skylights letting daylight to the stars.

9. Encase the entire simple low budget modern three bedroom house design 

Encase the entire simple low budget modern

Implement the same with a concrete floor, two glass walls on either side, and a series of steel beams across the whole perimeter. This simple small modern house design supports a horizontal wooden panel forming a protective covering for the building.

10. The breath taking views from your balcony will heighten your love of nature

The breathtaking views from your balcony

Huge, open-framed window frames of simple modern home design are very good at taking advantage of these rural surroundings. A glazed balustrade provides comfortable seating in an outside bubble.

11. A viewpoint doesn’t seem to be high for an outside sight


This beautiful white gypsum fantasy has enough seating for a tiny group and is situated under a bit of hardwood shelter, offering spectacular views of green shrubbery, songbirds, and honeybees.

12. This two-story house front design in India is made up of 3 overlapping layers

This two-story house front design

The same showcases the fantastic range of colour options available. Its open-plan structure, with big panes of glass and even broader observation decks, gives it the feel of a quaint, rustic village.

13. Whether or not to expand the home exterior design in India?!

Whether or not to expand the home exterior design in India

Using these novel methods, this innovatively designed condominium has open shutters on the main entrance and centre glass faé§ade, allowing them to solidify once more to shield against noise and pollution.

14. Closeness to the tropics

Closeness to the tropics

The same doesn’t have to be an issue when using tropical architectural features in cities. To produce the image of this two-level residence, several types of rattan blinds, hardwood swimming decks, and exotic clusters are used as well as tropical palms.

15. Steel-gratings


This is a fantastic Indian house exterior design concept for a house or apartment, in which the industrialized style is adapted. Steel grating in place of rattan shutters allows the outdoors to be shown amid dangling led lights. The use of mahogany cobbled streets rather than coconut palms helps make the environment seem more verdant.

16. Out-of-the-ordinary gardening flourish

Out-of-the-ordinary gardening flourish

Garnish the party with just an unheralded and out-of-the-ordinary gardening flourish. This willow, fronted by grey masonry and lighted by chandeliers that dangle from the ceiling, is attractive, simple modern home design as it grabs the attention of onlookers.

17. A level that cascades over a reservoir

A level that cascades over a reservoir

India’s modern home exterior design is built using concrete, lacquered hardwood, and crystal to form a cascading of levels that stretch over a reservoir.

18. Every project doesn’t need to use the same fundamental pieces

Every project doesn't need to use the same fundamental pieces

Instead of pointing vertically above, the classic dome roof of this home slants diagonally downward on a timber and masonry foundation.

19. Sand and stairs give the impression of calmness

Sand and stairs give the impression of calmness

Walk down the stairs, sanded and are placed under trees, to reach a comfortable and pleasant lounging area of the Indian house exterior. And feel the urban sensation of calmness.

20. Add extensions

Add extensions

Low budget low cost simple modern house design enhances the with extensions on the outside. This arrangement of five balconies provides a well-lit construction vista. Forget-me-nots, which are blue, serve as a simple twist to arrive in the house.

21. Simple-looking gardens feature inviting succulents

Simple-looking gardens feature inviting succulents.

Plants with succulents and shrubbery provide an incredibly simple compared to conventional gardens. This residence comprises brickwork and timber construction and may have its vegetation on the ground level, or it can gaze over it from a reinforced steel terrace.

22. A symbiotic relationship between the environment and budget

A symbiotic relationship between the environment and budget

The spectacular fall scene incorporates the symbiotic relationship between the environment and low-cost, simple modern house design. As a prelude to the open airflow formed by a vast glass lounge, a significant number of blocks are constructed as a sequence.

23. Artificially created Nature on the rooftop


This property has an abundance of palm palms, hanging flowers, and vines, which are used to accentuate the sheen of the stone strata of simple modern single floor house design.

24. Do you find your white exterior seems too stark? 

Do you find your white exterior seems too stark

Grow even more enjoyable by making the top two roofs seem similar, using unusual angles, and having an abundance of foliage grow around the outside borders.

25. Stand tall!!

Stand tall

The tall architectural marvel consists of a pair of cylindrical windows with their accordion-pleated green shutters that seem like leaf nodes on the stem of a plant.

26. Be Christmassy

Be Christmassy

Luminescent Christmas lights are the brightest on the block and more for the holiday season than all year long. This highly inventive two-storey includes tracking the ceiling, walls, and even the plants with LED line illumination.

27. Go black-n-white

Go black-n-white

Does thinking of black and white as discordant fit with your beliefs? Reflect on the chessboard that’s filled with Jenga blocks stacked in a tower formation on top of one another, where the topmost block is black, and the ones beneath are white. Small stones form patterns in the pebbles’ paths, attracting guests.

28. Follow the garden contour

Follow the garden contour

Along with garden contour, follow the shape of your exterior when creating a design. Being there is vital, as well as having your name inscribed on a particular building'steel and timber structure with box hedges and even a street number within a cube.

29. Use the correct materials

Use the correct materials

The Indian house exterior design is completed with odd elements that combine antique pieces such as plaster and glass with new features such as stone and concrete to generate the most distinctive house on the block.

30. Take advantage of a slanted surface

Take advantage of a slanted surface

The vast, almost floor-to-ceiling windows sit beside wide panelled walls, finished in warm oak materials. This modern exterior house designs in India gives a beautiful view while sitting in a densely populated area.

31. Use four rooftops to have your night of entertainment

Use four rooftops to have your night of entertainment

You will go via four rooftops to have your night of spectacular entertainment. Wooden planks laid out on small pebbles lead to a platform covered with paver stones and bordered with succulents.

32. L-shape entryways

L-shape entryways

Would you want to differentiate out from your competition with one unique feature? India’s modern exterior house designs are relatively spacious and have the entry and dining room set in L-shaped grey stone.

33. Light-up the exteriors in unique ways

Light-up the exteriors in unique ways

Inside the home, the new modern-Indian house front elevation designs photos utilizes dark-hued fabrics that provide light to the interior. Carpeting throughout is woven with traditional mosaic patterns that accent the furnishings.

34. Make it centrally lit

Make it centrally lit

Place a central light source in the centre of your simple modern house. In this outside cradle, big sheets of glass are supported by brick columns, and there are two balconies for a great outlet temperature.

35. Inter-connectivity


Consider the flow of your Indian house exterior design or business building while designing it. The floor’s two large horizontal surfaces are connected to a concrete-panelled entryway, increasing the amount of travel over each level. Large glass panels allow the outdoors to enter.

36. Be a bit rusty

Be a bit rusty

Would you want to showcase the high-end rustic in you? The residential residence has wood columns supported by cement or plaster, and there is a wooden stair railing that faces the street.

37. Sculpture echoes of contemporary garden décor

Sculpture echoes of contemporary

Before trying to attract new visitors, you may use windows with columns to pull them in and then make it difficult for them to leave by using a glowing light filter that works via ventilated window coverings. And, instead of offering the classic garden statuary, the polished spherical sculpture provides contemporary alternatives.

38. A lovely old concrete house with ambient lighting

A lovely old concrete house

While a multitude of rolling slabs makes way for you, the sunlight reflects off a massive perpendicular frontage, entryway, and a well-established garden, bringing bright illumination into the dark surroundings.

39. The presence of a flagpole improves appearance

The presence of a flagpole improves appearance

This stunning triangular front is protected by a navy-painted panel that holds in place two rows of shades of grey rods that seem to work together with the gate.

40. Landscaping


A significant impact on the outside layout may be achieved via gardening. While courtyards and plazas are filled with masonry and plaster cubes, three massive sculptors dominate the room, giving the architecture an air of abruptness.

41. Contemporary Workspace

Contemporary workspace

Luxurious, sleek, and welcoming characterizes this impressive contemporary workspace. With its entrances along a street lined with groomed gardens and shrubs, the building’s primary structure includes an illuminated bordered canopy and a majestic staircase that guides people in.

42. Spruce up your property

Luxury beach resort

Transform your property more like a luxury resort, similar to exterior house design ideas pictures. A white and wood-patterned design envelops the edge of a clear pool flanked by lush flora, while filled glass windows provide views of the ocean and enclosed movement.

43. Get the most sunshine in your residence

Get the most sunshine in your residence

Bricks and masonry were used to construct this room, with timber planks serving as Venetian blinds, which allow for enough light to filter in and illuminate the room at night.

44. Open-house construction

Open-house construction

The core room of this two-storey building is a large, sunny area for lying in the sun, while the front porch provides an open-air deck for people to enjoy the neighbouring green space.

45. Dealing with the appearance

Dealing with the appearance

This property has a roof that grows and sets into place as it extends along with the outside patios, with a concave frontal face situated on a large expanse of green space.

46. High mountain view

High mountain view

With a property of panoramic view, you’d better be somewhere located high in the mountains! And loaded with features like a pool with a wood lounger’s platform and stained hexagonal skylights make a statement in itself.

47. Easy thorough-fare

Easy thorough-fare

Improve your ability to go in and out of your Indian house exterior design. Standing on the ground, which is both level and precise, clipped hedges and broad staircases welcome people in since there is a hole in the middle of the building.

48. Checkerboard-patterned exterior

Checkerboard-patterned exterior

Have you ever envisioned a checkerboard-patterned exterior? We did not have it either. It blends traditional and modern design concepts to create a house that is full of character and charm. It has a steel-open balcony and grass tuft-embedded outside patio.

49. Contemporary residence built near a coral reef

Contemporary residence built near a coral reef

An easy way to explain it is that it is a contemporary residence built near a coral reef that makes our eyes light up. Carabiner clip window frames let precisely the appropriate amount of light into space, so powerful charcoal frames and a waterfall of white stairs provide urban heaven for those who reach it.

50. Intriguing facade

Intriguing facade

This is what blockbusters in the science fiction genre are composed of!! Two layers of perforated hardwood combined with a glass dome above the effort to consolidate this spherical Indian house exterior design seem and feel a lot like flying saucers.


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