15 Amazing Ideas For Your Small House Design In India

Published On: Oct 18, 2021

You get one thing pretty clear when house hunting: it is an expensive affair. And maybe this is why small house design in India is gaining so much momentum. Of course, you can buy an apartment anywhere in the city, but somehow it doesn’t offer you the freedom and privacy that your own house would.

 So, if you have a plot and decide to finally build a house on it, here are 15 awesome ideas for a low budget small house design. 

Don't forget to check out 10 essential things to keep in mind when planning a small home design later in this article. 

15 Budget Ideas For A Small House Design

Get inspired with these 15 ideas for a low cost small house design.

1. Two-Storey White And Grey Concrete House

Two-Storey White And Grey Small Size Design

The concrete two-storey small house design with wooden beam paneling at the top and partially on the facade offers a formal, clean and classy outlook. While the combination of slate grey and white creates a cool contrast, the white concrete structures offer a 3D outlook.

2.  Angular Grey Small House

 Angular Grey Small House design

Coloured in neutral grey and white, this minimal small house design offers a subtle yet distinct effect via its asymmetric partial gable roof. With a smooth exterior finish, it creates the illusion of either a cottage cut into half, or the house looking up to the sun.

3. White Luxurious Small House

White Luxurious Small House

If you crave luxury in your small space, this white small house design may appeal to your tastes. The extensive use of glass windows, balcony doors, and partial use of glass cover on the facade, along with the snow-white colour, offer a pristine, minimal yet lavish look to the house.

4. Compact Rectangular Small House

Compact Rectangular Small House

Offering a more compact structure, this low-cost small simple house design effectively uses the illusion of height via the use of long glass windows and doors. The two storeys balance each other with equal height, whereas the narrow skylight offers ample scope for air ventilation.

5. Stone And Concrete Small House

house with stone and concrete

Bring the coziness of mountain cottage stone walls with this hybrid low budget simple house design. Separating sections of the house with stone and concrete creates the illusion of two home structures juxtaposed posed together. However, the entire design is balanced out with large window glass covers and balcony doors.

6. Gable Roof Concrete Small House

Gable Roof Concrete Small House

Enjoy your mornings under the extended sunshade of this gable roof concrete small house. The coal-black roof color, along with a mix of dark wood and glass facade, outlines and accentuates the white areas making the entire house look distinct.

7. Simple Rectangular Small House Design

simple rectangular small house

If you are looking for a small simple house design, then you may like this one. Within the functional rectangular structure, it offers ample balcony and roof space while catering to your need for privacy via its two continued sidewalls.

8. Asymmetric Modern Small House

Asymmetric Modern for small house

The asymmetric shape of the roof is what makes this small house design unique. The light wood paneling on the upper half of the house along with the same colored balcony railings and pillar beams offer added continuity and charm.  

9. Small House Design With Wood Plank Facade

 Small House Design With Wood Plank Facade

Wood is a versatile material not only used in home decor furniture but also for the house facade. While the grey concrete structure and the thick black iron beams of this small house design offer an urban and industrial look, the wooden planks act as a gorgeous accessory that almost gives the illusion of gold.

10. Stone and Concrete Small House

Concrete Small House

While it could have been an ordinary small house, what makes it unique is the single stone wall structure in the middle and the black elongated gable roof. The light golden finish of the wooden doors along with the asymmetrically aligned windows accentuates the entire essence of the house.

11. Metal Panel Modern House

Metal Panel for Modern House

One of the many features of a modern house is the use of metal as a facade material. The windows shaped exactly as the broad rectangular house reinstates its industrial frame while the outside greenery expresses the stark juxtaposition of the industrial and the natural world.

12. Modern Stone House With Composite Roof Tiles

modern stone house

For a more traditional, small-town cottage experience, you can opt for the modern stone small house design with composite roof tiles. While the mix of stone and concrete structure helps keep the house cool, the white wood patterns at the facade invoke an old rustic feel.

13. Triangular Scandinavian Small House

Triangular Scandinavian Small House

If you prefer a combination of minimal, modern, and functional elements, then this Scandinavian small house design may just be what you are looking for. The triangular structure of the house, along with the metal finish, contributes to the otherworldly nature of the structure.  

14. Minimal Two-Storeyed White House

Two-Storeyed White House

A simple no-frills two-storey house is a perfect combination of aesthetics and function. With ample interior and balcony space, and broad glass windows and doors, it makes way for effective air ventilation and natural light exposure.   

15. Two Storey Small House With Abstract Facade

two storeyed small house design

Offering enough space for the roof, balcony, and entrance area, this two storeyed small house design successfully creates an abstract effect via the asymmetric brick and textured facade structures.

10 Essentials When Planning A Small House Design In India

Here are 10 things to keep in mind when planning your low budget simple house design.

1. Higher Ceilings

higher ceiling simple house design

When planning your low-budget, simple house design, keep your ceiling a bit higher than the usual 3 meters. This enables efficient air circulation in the house, making it airy, cool, and comfortable.

2. Non-Load Bearing Walls

Break down non-load bearing walls

Break down non-load bearing walls to make small spaces look bigger. This also helps create a sense of continuity and expansion in your space.

3. Window Placements

positioning of large windows with glass

Large windows offer better ventilation. Strategic positioning of large windows with glass covers ensures efficient flow of air and light into the house. This can also help save electricity bills as in the mornings your rooms would automatically be filled with natural light.

4. Bigger Ceramic Tiles

ceramic tiles for floors

Use larger ceramic tiles for floors to make the rooms in the small house look bigger and more spacious. Instead of using 16×16 inch ceramic tiles dimensions, you can take a leap here to 24 inches.

5. Light Wall Paints

light wall colours for small house

Make your small house space look more spacious by using lighter wall colors. Pastel, neutral, and shades of white work wonder to lighten and brighten your space.

6. Large Voids

Large Voids in small house

Voids are known as empty or free spaces used in houses having two or more storeys. They are created by removing the flooring between the upper and lower storeys to offer more space and openness in the house. A larger void in your small house would amplify this breathing space enabling more light exposure, better air ventilation, and creating an expansive illusion.

7. Foldable Furniture

foldable furniture in small house

When making a small house design, ensure to include foldable and collapsible furniture for efficient space utilization. Foldable chairs, tables, and sofas are some awesome choices for this. 

8. Storage Units

storage in small house design

In a small house design, optimum utilization of space is imminent. And that's why you must have storage units to organize your belongings. Divan beds, cabinets, drawers or shelves below stairs, storage ottomans, and floor-to-ceiling storage units are some great storage examples that you can incorporate in your small house design.

9. Loft Beds

Lofe Bed for your kids bedroom

Loft beds are a delightful option for your kids’ bedroom in a small house. You can also use loft beds for yourself and create a cozy office space below. However, if you think climbing a loft bed is a bit accident-prone, then you can always go for fold-out wall beds.

10. Space Adjustments

Ensure that your house partition is in proportion with the total house area. More space in a limited area blocks airflow into the house, making it feel stuffy and narrow. 

Final Thoughts  

Small home designs are not just innovative and pretty in the eyes but an economic way out for many to create their own space. So, if you are planning to build your home soon, take inspiration from the small modern house design ideas in this article.    


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