8 Best House Colour Combinations: Make Your Home Look Perfect!

Published On: Dec 12, 2022

As important as it is to decorate inside our home, the outside is no less important. The exterior of your home cannot be ignored starting from the planning and construction stages itself. According to the saying “first impression is the last impression”, the exterior gives the first impression not only to visitors but also to residents. There is an external force that attracts and repels positives and negatives from the universe. If a family craves positive vibes, choosing the right exterior colour combinations for the house can help achieve a beautiful home inside and out. 

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Exterior Colour Combination for Your Home?

Right Exterior Colour Combination for Your Home

A house’s exterior is like icing on a cake, people look, appreciate and make an opinion even before tasting. The same is with the exterior appeal of your house. It is the first thing which everyone notices before they enter. 

According to Vastu Shastra, exterior paints guide us in a certain direction when choosing the right colour for any space. Every room contains an amount of energy that is good or bad. Therefore, the colour is advised to be chosen according to the direction and the current state of Vastu.

Ice blue or blue itself is a good choice for houses facing north east direction. 

Peach, brown, silver, pink and orange are for houses facing south east and west, and greens are an excellent choice for houses in the northern direction. Light grey and cream for the northwest and yellow exterior is advised for the south facing. 

1. Blue and Grey

Blue and Grey colour combination for house

Blue and grey shades have been popular exterior colours for the last decade. Designers now combine the two to create shades of blue-grey, making for an attractive outdoor colour choice. The shade complements the brickwork and wood panelling well.

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2. Go Primary! 

Go Primary with house colour combination exterior

Mix and match reds, blues and yellows for your home's exterior wall paint colour combination. Give sunny yellow a chance to enhance your home from the outside. 

Why should you choose primary colours?  Primary colours have a special ability to attract the eye.  Because of this ability, this is a designer’s preference. Even though bright yellow might not be a 2024 trend but mustard yellow is a great alternative to still keep the primary theme alive. Combine some brown or blue shades with this yellow to make the perfect coastal exterior wall paint colour combination. 

3. Wooden Finish

Source: Pinterest

Warm up the exterior of any abode with woodwork. This exterior colour combination works perfectly when paired with medium to dark wood tones. One can also try wood panelling, wood shutters, or a wood garage door to further amp up their houses. 

 Why is wood finish an ideal option for the exterior of your home one may question? This is because if you don’t want to use natural wood and want to opt for a cheaper alternative, use wooden tiles or a wooden stain as an exterior paint combination to give a similar appeal. 

4. Minty Appeal

Minty Appeal house exterior

A new trend that has hit the ground in exterior colour combinations when painting exterior walls is to use two shades that are unique and not normally found in the same exterior colour scheme. For example, try adding turquoise accents to the grey siding, or try a warm green with a cool shade of green for the shutters. 

Ocean Blue, green and aqua is an update to yesterday’s vibrant blue hues. Get ready to paint the exterior of your home and pair the Seaside Aqua shade with ivory for a refreshing look.

Where is this ocean breeze coming from?

5. Classic White 

Classic White house colour combination  exterior

White is the ultimate choice for the exterior of your house, it is also the safest option because everyone loves a clean ambient look. There might be one problem that white gets dirty very easily, and the alternative to that is to opt for dust-resistant finish paint.

6. Peachy Exterior 

Source: Pinterest

It’s not pink, it’s not salmon, not beige and not orange but this is peach! That is how Miranda Presley would describe it to you. 

The on-trend colours of peach and apricot add warmth and work well in almost any part of the house. An ultimate exterior colour combination is a peach with black and white for a classic look, or one can even try green for an unexpected twist.

7. Neutral 

Source: Pinterest

Neutrals are in trend, not only in fashion but they will definitely be a choice of colour in the near future. Neutral shades consist of beige, white, cream, grey and browns, shades of an iced coffee, this is how we want to describe it in simple words! 

To add a pop of colour you can opt for a vibrant hot pink or neon green front door colour. This addition will definitely draw some eyes to your house. 

8. Shadowed Black 

Source: Pinterest

This will not make your home look like a monster house, don’t worry! This is a misconception that black is a bad exterior colour combination for your house. With the explosion of minimalist and modern styles, layers of black are trending as a striking exterior colour for homes. Black pairs well with brick and wood and works well with both exterior primary colours and accent grey tones. 

Contrasting trim colours are common, but monochrome choices, especially black or grey, really enhance the architectural and structural character of the home. It is best to be careful when choosing exterior colour combinations, as the colour may appear lighter on your house as compared to what you finalised by looking at the paint chip. 

Make the Right Choice!

It can get monotonous for one when it comes to choosing a colour either for the inside or the outside of your home. The pressure is to find the best one from the lot, and the Interior Company is here to solve all your problems. Get in touch with the most talented designers and builders in our team and make the most of your home with the trendiest designs.


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    What are the best exterior wall paint colour combinations for India?

    The best colour combinations keeping in mind the preferences of Indian households are terracotta, blue, beige, brown, yellow, pink and peach.

    What are the best combinations as of 2024?

    The best colour combinations for 2024 are: 

    White and Terracotta, Ice Blue and white, Tan and Mustard, Pista Green, Browns and Monochrome.

    Can one use primary colours for exterior paint?

    Yes, primary colours are a great option when choosing colours for the exterior of your house. Primary shades draw attention and they will also help make your house stand out from the rest.