Dazzling DIY New Year Decoration Ideas

Published On: Nov 17, 2022

Before the clock strikes twelve on NYE, celebrations are in order to celebrate the last day of the year. If you are reading this blog, then you are also from the lot hosting a party.  As the New Year is just around the corner, you might be worried about the preparations. If you like to take charge and love customisations, set the tone with some DIY New Year decorations ideas that will create an inviting ambience for your space.  Decorations set the mood for an evening of celebration. That’s why we have put together a few ideas in this blog just for you! 

Tips for Planning the New Year Bash! 

When planning a party there are several things that one should keep in mind and the first one is the theme. Choosing a theme like Gatsby, Pyjama Party, Black Tie et cetera, there are several other things to keep in mind: 

  • Follow one colour theme and stick to it throughout
  • Don't go overboard with the decor 
  • DIY things if and when possible 
  • Black and gold are generally the colour theme of New Year. It is best to stick to it or balance them as per your liking. 
  • It is best to keep all your electronics at far reach so that no drink is spilt on them 
  • Make sure to stock up on some extra glasses because no one likes to look for empty glasses in a room full of people
  • The decor items used should not only be dazzling to look at but should also be practical and easy to manage 
  • Don't forget the clock!

Balloon Up!

Balloons are the ultimate decoration for any party, Here are some amazing DIY decoration ideas that can help station the balloons inside your home. These ways to decorate can be done easily without worry. 

Let’s see what we got in a lot of balloons.  


Source: Pinterest

This is the most elegant and party-friendly way of decorating, using the drop technique. With this, you will be able to free the walking space to walk and dance. One can also add ribbons and hangings in between the balloon to add some additional oomph.  


Source: Pinterest

A new way of stationing the balloons on the ground and making the best photo station is an impeccable idea. For blowing these balloons with ease you can use either an inflatable balloon or an inflating machine to make your DIY New Years' decorations easy. Use a stick, or stand to keep the balloons upright and in place. 

Add paper flowers or fans to decorate it further. 

Champagne Spill

Source: Pinterest

The symbol of celebration and fresh prospects. This unique way of using a champagne inflatable balloon to create wall art will leave your guest stunned. The perfect New Year decoration at home DIY is easy to execute. One can do this with gold and silver balloons pasted using double-sided adhesive after the bottle as if it’s fizzing out. 

You’d be happy to spill this champagne!

DIY New Year Party Hacks!

Who doesn’t love something specially curated for them, right? We are a fan! 

If you can make them easily, using hassle-free materials is the next best thing. Make some parting gifts for your guests to take home. Here are some that can be incorporated along with your DIY New Year's decorations. 

Selfie Station 

Source: Pinterest

Why should you have a selfie station? To capture memories and freeze time in a frame! Use some props like Happy New Year DIY sunnies, bands, caps and garlands to add more fun to the party. This is not just a DIY New Years eve decoration idea but also an amazing entertainment element that will spruce up NYE.

These props can be for your guests to take home or you can even keep them to use next year again.  

Box up Some Confetti

Source: Pinterest

Throwing some confetti on New Year’s? Yes, we want! If you want, you can shred some wrapping paper, tissue or glitter paper to make some DIY funfetti confetti. 

You can opt for a store-bought option but we are DIYing here! Get cute storage boxes or use a handmade paper cone or just shove them all in envelopes labelled' “Throw me at midnight”. 

Disco Ball Pinata

Source: Pinterest

A pinata might not be the most ideal choice for a DIY New Year decoration but we welcome innovation and experimentation. This disco ball pinata can be great entertainment at a party.  Fill the ball up with some chocolates, gifts and whatever you feel will make your guests happy.  

Budget-friendly New Year Decorations for Home 

Make use of daily use items at home and create DIY New Years decorations. These tips and tricks will definitely help you save up that extra penny! 

Glass Decor

Source: Pinterest

Don’t box up your feelings but gulp them down with a glass of bubbly! 

This glass DIY New Year decoration ideas will make people reach out for another glass for sure!

Use glass name tags as option one for decor. Option two would be adding a funky stirrer,  this is the easiest way to decorate your cutlery. Another way can be pasting a small handmade bowtie on the glass rim or tying a simple ribbon into a bow at the neck of your glass. 

Lastly, make sure to stock up! *wink*

Resolution Jar 

Source: Pinterest

Making a New Year resolution is a tradition (Well, breaking them too!), and an introspective activity each year. Setting or planning to achieve something is an inspiring way to celebrate. Keeping the rose gold, white and black theme in mind, choose a subtle yet interactive one with its audience. Put the cards and envelopes in a glass jar or bowl with similar theme colour pens or pencils to match in a separate jar.  This is an interesting table decor, if you are throwing a little party then these easy DIY New Year decoration ideas will definitely be a conversation starter.


Source: Pinterest

It is pretty manageable to cut different-sized star shapes from glitter or shimmer sheets. Then paste these stars on a piece of twine cut into the lengths of your preference. Using a transparent or black twine will be the best option so that you focus on the stars only. This DIY New Year decoration idea will make you look like a star. 

Pro Tip:  Use threads of different sizes, as the long-short look of starry garlands, will look immaculate. 

Reuse Christmas Decorations

Make use of your already existing Christmas decorations that you have not taken down yet. Give them a new look and amp up your space with some DIY New Year decorations. Take out some large glass bowls or containers and fill them with Christmas tree ornaments, fairy lights or even mistletoe. Spread those Christmas beads on the table with the centre pieces to not only add some colour but also for some pizazz. 

Source: Pinterest

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Before the Clock Strikes 12…

*Clink* *Fizz* *Pop*! 

Make this New Year’s Eve more than just a party but a memorable celebration with these amazing DIY New Year decoration ideas. Set the tone for the evening, whatever theme, glitz and glam, gatsby, or natural bohemian. Now that we have inspired you enough, the gathering will be a bash for sure. Get more such ideas at www.interiorcompany.com.

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    What are the decorations for New Year’s Eve?

    Using glitter curtains, stars, lamps, balloons, and sparkle is the way to start your New Year party. Choose these simple decoration ideas or make your own DIY New Year decorations to stand out.

    How can you make your New Year’s Eve special at home?

    Celebrating New Year’s at home with your loved ones can be more than just satisfactory. Cooking a new recipe for dinner, making some DIY New Year’s decorations, holding a karaoke night and watching interesting shows are great options.

    How do minimalists decorate?

    Instead of using a lot of colour or pizazz, minimalists would decorate their homes on New Year’s Eve with one colour theme. Add some snowflakes, snow, stars and fairy lights paired with gold and silver balloons.

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