35 Indoor Plants for the Small-Space Gardener, and How to Care for Them

Published On: Oct 12, 2021

Greenery and nature always make us feel happier and productive. The indoor Plants bring nature and vibrant colors into our room. Beyond the aesthetic value, they are awesome air purifiers and design a soothing atmosphere.

 It is a barrier to knowing how to keep the house plant alive and where to place them for many folks. Contrary to popular belief, being in a limited space does not mean you have to give up your garden. The best part of indoor plants is they fit into any space and do not take much room. Get creative in adding those cute plants in your bathroom, kitchen, or even on the wall.

  No matter how small your space is or the level of your gardening skill, we have rounded up 35 plant names and plant images to help you to curate a small space garden into life.

1. ZZ Plant

zz plant for indoor plant decor

ZZ plants with their wide, dark green leaves and favorable traits like the need for less water and light are best suited for indoor offices and homes. According to Gardenista, it purifies the air and brightens the room due to its waxy reflective leaves. Caring for them is simple, water them when fully dry and they can thrive with low sunlight. Also, they are less susceptible to diseases and insects.

2. Coffee Plant

cofee plant for indoor plant decor

Surprisingly good potted indoor plants with its glossy leaves, Coffee arabica as show plants has an effortless care routine and is best suited for beginners and experienced gardeners. If you wait long enough, you can harvest some berries to roast and brew your coffee. Best to keep them near the window, though not under direct sunlight, and watering it weekly is the best way they can grow. The leaves will get droopy if they need water.

3. Red Aglaonema

red algaonema plant for indoor plant decor

 As these indoor plants’ names suggest, they have a vibrant red marking on their leaves, making them stylish home decor plants. According to the plant circle, they are easy to grow, need less watering, and can tolerate low, moderate, and bright lighting conditions. It is a slow grower and to get color, they are best kept in brighter light.

4. Rubber Plants

rubber plant for indoor plant decor

With their larger-than-life appearance and glistening leaves, they can be considered living room indoor plants. They can flourish when kept near windows without direct sunlight and adequate watering when the soil dries. These types of plants will let you know when it needs more sunlight and water by drooping their lower leaves. They are worth the care if you want to impress your guests with tall air purifying house plants.

5. String of Pearls

string of pearls plant for indoor plant decor

As you can spot in the plant pictures, it is a cascading string of succulent plant that blooms tiny white flowers that smells like cinnamon. According to the succulent box, they grow and spread quickly with bright indirect light and moist soil. Best to be grown in a hanging planter that allows the string of pearls to flow. It has shallow roots and you can use the cuttings to grow more of these plants.

6. Pilea

pilea plant for indoor plant decor

Also known as money or coin plants for their large coin-shaped leaves. Fast-growing and well adapted to low light conditions, they are easy to maintain and are one of the best indoor plants for beginners. The soil needs to be dry between watering. Though money doesn’t grow on trees, this money plant is believed to give good fortune and money to its owners, according to bloom scape. This is a pet-friendly option for those furry friends at home.

7. Fiddle Leaf Figs

fiddle leaf fig plant for indoor plant decor

These show plants will have a dramatic effect on your home with their large and veined leaves. A native to western Africa, they are grown in bright indirect light and need watering only when the topsoil is dry. As they grow tall and are fast growers, you might need to turn it around every few days for the light. A dusting of the leaves should be done every two weeks.

8. Sweetheart Plant

sweetheart plant for indoor plant decor

As the name suggests, they make alluring ornamental plants for home and a perfect valentine’s day gift. These slow-growing small plants are usually sold as a single leaf cutting, but in the wild, they are vines that climb. Also known as Hoya Kerrii, it needs very little water, once a month would be ideal and can be placed near the window. They bloom once a year with numerous star-shaped flowers.

9. Anthurium

Anthurium plant for indoor plant decor

These are some of the most favoured flowering plants names. The flowers are waxy and heart-shaped that will last in your home for months. These types of plants are grown for their exotic-looking and bright flowers. They prosper with bright indirect light and well-watered moist soil. They need some additional love and care to thrive, with occasional fertilizing and maintenance of temperature.

10. Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise plant for indoor plant decor

As the plant names indicate, they are known for their beautiful orange crane-like flowers, they are often mistaken for banana trees because of their long leaves. Their leaves split to let the wind pass, as a natural adaptation to nature. It flourishes under bright and sunny spots and needs watering only when the soil is dry. They enjoy moist soil, so avoid overwatering.

11. Snake Plants

snake plant for indoor plant decor

Snake plants aka Mother-in-law’s tongue are well-known home decor plants. Though it may vary in color, depending on variety, it has stiff green leaves with yellow borer and thrives in almost all light conditions. Best for novice gardeners as it is impossible to kill them and can survive with light watering, according to the spruce.

12. Begonia

Begonia plant for indoor plant decor

A typical houseplant that loves the shade and less watering makes it ideal for an office or small living room indoor plant. Allow the soil to dry out before watering them. Various begonias are grown for their leaves and others for their flowers. Mix and match these for a colorful and compact indoor garden.

13. Yucca Cane Plant

yucca cane plant for indoor plant decor

These indoor plants like to make a bold statement by showing off their sword-like leaves on a broad cane. A native of Mexico, they can thrive with less watering and bright indirect sunlight. They need watering only when the soil is dry making it perfect for first-time gardeners, according to bloom scape.

14. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe plant for indoor plant decor

They are flowering plants that have interesting leaves and blooms throughout the summer with proper lighting conditions. These succulents are easy to care for as it needs minimal water and loves bright indirect light. Watering is only required when the soil dries out.

15. Calatheas

Calatheas plant for indoor plant decor

They have unique pattern leaves and are considered to be pet-friendly decorative plants for those curious pets. It can prosper in bright indirect conditions and can tolerate low light and less watering. Water it only when the soil dries out halfway. These indoor plants are easy to care for and usually pest-free, according to the sill.

16. Air Plants

air plants for indoor plant decor

One of the renowned indoor plant names, it is easy to grow and does not need any soil. They absorb the nutrients through the air, so you can place them in creative areas or add them to a terrarium. Once a week, dunk them in water for some hours, dry them off and they are good to go. They bloom once in their lifetime.

17. Weeping Fig

weeping fig plant for indoor decor

Also called a ficus tree, it has glossy dark leaves and a thick trunk. Known for their air-purifying properties, they are best to keep in the living room as eye-catching home decor plants. It needs moist soil, pruning and it can flourish in bright indirect light.

18. Peace Lilies

Peace Lilies plant for indoor plant decor

These indoor plants are easy to maintain and are one of the finest air purifying plants. They bloom in spring and have a white, flower that looks like a flag of surrender. According to Pro Flowers, it can thrive in low or medium lighting conditions and needs watering only when the soil is dry. It will let you know when to water by drooping.

19.Split Leaf Philodendrons

Split Leaf Philodendrons plant for indoor plant decor

An evergreen shrub known for its glossy leaves, it makes a beautiful centerpiece for your home. Now, what are shrubs? They are simply small or medium woody plants. These photogenic house plants need bright indirect light and moist soil to flourish. Water when the topsoil dries out and might require pruning.

20. Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern plant for indoor plant decor

Has long trailing branches with tiny leaves giving it a fluffy appearance. It likes bright indirect light and less watering. They turn brown and droopy when they need water. These fast-growing house plants need to be pruned as leaves may turn pointy, so best to keep them hanging!

21. Jade Plants

Asparagus Fern plant for indoor plant decor

With their oval-shaped leaves, these succulents are easy to maintain and need watering only every few days. They are ideal indoor plants for home as they grow for a very long time and require bright indirect sunlight. Due to their long life, they are often gifted from generation to generation.

22. Cacti

Cacti plants for indoor plant decor

Desert cacti with spikes and hair and forest cacti are familiar plant names for all folks. They prosper in natural light and mostly need watering when soil is dry during summers and even lesser during winters. These types of plants can take care of themselves. It's always classic to build a terrarium with cacti. 

23. Alocasia

Alocasia plant for indoor plant decor

Their stunning heart-shaped waxy leaves and tuber stems are the best indoor plants for being the center of attraction. Also known as elephant ears, it is a fast-growing plant that needs moist soil and shade or direct sunlight depending on the variety. They are water-loving plants, so require misting.

24. Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern plant for indoor plant decor

These tropical native plants thrive best in bright filtered light and well-watered conditions. They are called elkhorn ferns for their antler-shaped leaves. Best to keep them from a hanging pot. The indoor plants require humid conditions, so ideal for the kitchen or near a bathroom according to hortology.

25. Crocodile Fern

Crocodile Fern plant for indoor plant decor

Known as alligator fern they get their name from a scale-like appearance on the leaves. They flourish well in low lighting conditions and prefer regular watering. While watering, make sure to only water the soil to ensure they do not rot. These plants need additional care while planting.

26. Aloe Plant

Aloe Plant for indoor plant decor

These are some of the best indoor plants as their fleshy leaves provide a home remedy for sunburns and present as decorative plants. These stemless succulents need very less watering and thrive under bright indirect light. Allow the soil to dry out before watering every 2-3 weeks.

Best to pot them in bright colored round pots for that extra vigor.

27. Dragon Tree

dragon tree plant for indoor decor

With their long thin spiky leaves with red edges, they thrive in near-drought conditions and are the best option for people who have no time.

It purifies the air making it a good choice for indoor plants for home or offices. These plants like bright indirect sunlight and can survive in low light too.

28. English Ivy

english evy plant for indoor decor

This is an evergreen, easy-to-grow plant that requires medium light and a watering schedule. These air purifying indoor plants can be planted in a hanging pot or can be grown to create a topiary. Watering needs to be done when the soil dries out making it an ever-growing plant.

29. Golden Pothos

goldon pothos plant for indoor decor

The heart-shaped leaves with yellow stripes create perfect home decor. Caring for them with bright indirect light and moderate watering makes them pest-free house plants. These plants overgrow and have long trailing stems, so be creative with hanging them from a pot or placing them on the edges.

30. Spider Plants

spider plant for indoor decor

As you can notice in the plant pictures, these have long green leaves with white strips of spider-like leaves that dangle down. Best grown in hanging baskets, they require bright indirect light and moderate watering. They are also called ribbon plants and have air-purifying ability, according to the almanac.

31. Bromeliad

Bromeliad plant for indoor decor

These highly adaptable tropical plants come in bright colors and even have a colorful bloom that lasts for three months when the conditions are right. It is easy to grow indoors with less watering needs and bright indirect light, suitable for a window sill. Based on the variant, it can be grown as air plants, on rocks, or soil.

32. Kentia Palm

kentia palm plant for home indoor decor This slow-growing ornamental plant is best suited for living room indoor plants for that dramatic effect. One of the favourites among gardeners, it prefers indirect sunlight or shady spots and a weekly watering schedule to thrive. They like humid climates so prefer to be misted occasionally.

33. Philodendron

Philodendron plant for indoor decor

These show plants require a lot of indirect light and moisture, so keep them near a window sill. Their variants include climber vines that grow several feet or tall plants that have huge heart-shaped leaves. A fast-growing and easy to maintain, perfect for a touch of greenery in your home.

34. Croton

croton plant for indoor decor

Beautiful decorative plants are known for their brightly colored leaves like orange, yellow, green, and scarlet. It needs extra love and care with regular watering and a bright sunny location. They are usually pest and disease-free. Though when damaged, they secrete a milky sap that is irritating to the skin.

35. Gardenia

Gardenia plant for indoor plant decor

They are loved for the intoxicating fragrance of their white waxy flowers and dark green leaves. But Gardenia plants are not easy to grow and need special attention. They prefer bright sunlight and well moist soil to keep them happy and blooming. Best suited for gardeners with experience.


So which of these plants are you planning to take home? The options for these indoor plants are never-ending, you can go from growing a single succulent to having your tree at home. Mix and match them or create a garden space to call your own. 

To create an indoor garden, always start small and be mindful about your time and energy to care for them. Happy Planting!