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21 Lucky Plants to Invite Wealth and Positivity into Your Home

Published On: May 29, 2024

Hope is a powerful force that can help you expect more from life, attract better vibes, and even tip the fates in your favour. One fantastic way to channel this positive energy is through the ancient practices of Vastu Shastra. These traditions offer simple, effective ways to tip that balance a bit in your favour and reimagine your home’s mood board.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best plants for luck that you should bring into your homes and gardens to spruce up your decor and bribe nature. And what better number than the numerically favoured 21?

Growing Fortunes with Nature's Best

The following plants for luck are listed with the ideal choices of the rooms where you should place them. Whether you want to attract wealth, improve your health, or simply create a more harmonious living space, these plants can help you achieve your goals.

Premium Pick Tulsi

Premium Pick Tulsi- Plant for Luck

No stranger to the revered Tulsi, lucky is an understatement. According to Vastu Shastra, Tulsi is one of the most powerful, sacred, and auspicious good-luck plant for home that enhances positivity. Revered in Hinduism, this shrub purifies the atmosphere, has great medicinal value, and keeps mosquitoes away.

I have walked through countless verandahs with a potted Tulsi plant at the front or back of the house, ensuring it gets regular sunlight. This placement maximises its benefits, bringing good luck and protection against negative energy at the entrance.

Beautiful and Showy Hollyhock

Beautiful and Showy Hollyhock- Good Luck Plant for Home

With a beautiful name and showy presence, Hollyhock, with its tall, majestic stalks and vibrant blossoms, is a symbol of prosperity. Hollyhock is a popular pick in plants that bring good fortune to homes.

Plant along the outer fence of your garden, or you can keep it inside. With its flowery colours, Hollyhock looks beautiful on full display. Its presence not only adds to the beauty of your home but also contributes to a positive, prosperous atmosphere.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo- Good fortune Plant

Lucky Bamboo from Southeast Asia is a gem in Vastu for attracting good fortune and health. There are a different number of stalks that you can plant that will, in turn, help you channel a different energy. It is said that five are for wealth, six for luck, seven for health, and twenty-one for great wealth. Plus, it purifies the air, making your home feel fresh and vibrant.

Place Lucky Bamboo in the east corner of your home for the best results. They are very popular as gifts as well. Tie a red ribbon around the stalks, and they look great in small table pots.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm- Plant for Good Luck and Money

Areca Palm plants are fantastic for promoting health, peace, and prosperity. These lucky plants eliminate negative energy and attract positivity. Areca palm can thrive in indirect sunlight as well.

For optimal benefits, place the Areca Palm in your living room. This placement ensures it enhances the positive vibes and overall well-being of your home.

It's All in the Name: Money Plant

It'S All In The Name: Money Plant- Good Luck Indoor Plant

The Money Plant, also known as Pothos, is renowned for attracting wealth and good luck and is one of the most popular good luck plants for business. Its lush green leaves symbolise financial success and help overcome financial obstacles. One of the best things about a money plant is that it requires minimal maintenance, making it an easy addition to your home.

Place them in the hallway or the living room, typically the southeast area according Vastu, to maximise their benefits.

Bring in Fortune Via Corn Plant

Corn Plant- An Indoor fortune Plant

Another plant that justifies its name, the corn plant, is a popular indoor fortune plant and is celebrated for bringing good luck. In some Asian cultures, they symbolise luck and prosperity, with blooming indicating forthcoming wealth. Place Corn Plants in the living room to enhance positive energy and attract prosperity.

God's Favourite Marigold

God'S Favourite Marigold- Lucky House Plant

Easily recognisable through the countless holy prayers and gods it is offered to, Marigold is considered very auspicious. A plant offered to God must be one of the best in the stock, shouldn’t it?

According to Vastu, yellow marigold flowers symbolise good fortune and optimism, attracting positivity and energy into your home. These good luck flowers are commonly placed at the main door as torans. For best results, position marigold plants in the north or east direction of your home, where they can receive plenty of bright, direct sunlight to thrive.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily - Plant that Attract Money

Adorned with the colour of bliss, peace lilies bear beautiful white flowers and look beautiful anywhere. They evoke a sense of harmony and symbolise peace and prosperity. Peace lilies can also uplift emotional well-being and improve the house’s energy flow. Place them in your bedroom for a good night's sleep and then some.

Prospering Eucalyptus

Prospering Eucalyptus - Money Good Luck Plant

Eucalyptus is another good luck plant that is an excellent choice for your home. The plant leaves and oil, too, have valuable medicinal properties, making them a great addition. This plant elevates the positive energies within your home, creating a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere. It is best to place it in the southeast corner of your home. You can even place a Eucalyptus in your home bathroom, as shown.

Money Minded Snake Plant

Money Minded Snake Plant - A Plant that Bring Money and Good Luck

The Snake Plant, also known as Mother-in-Law's Tongue, is a good luck indoor plant. This hardy plant thrives in low light and requires minimal care, making it ideal for any home. It is known for absorbing toxins and reducing allergens, purifying the environment effectively.

Easily place it in your bedrooms and add a decor piece shaped like a snake as well for the whimsy of it all. 

Say Gold-en Pothos

Say Gold-En Pothos- Good Luck House Plant

Golden Pothos, another variety of money plant, is another plant that brings good fortune. It is versatile and can thrive in both an indoor and outdoor setting. As a golden pothos requires minimal light, you can place it in your drawing rooms or living rooms for best effect.

Place the plant in a large ceramic pot and add some more small succulents across the table for a fuller green aesthetic.

Peepal Bonsai

Peepal Bonsai- Good Luck Tree Plant

The Peepal Bonsai is a good luck tree plant. Considered a sacred houseplant in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, it symbolises good fortune, happiness, and longevity. This lucky plant brings positive energy and tranquillity to your home. It can be grown in pots as a bonsai, making it a beautiful and meaningful addition to any living space.

The best room to place a Peepal Bonsai in your home is the living room or a meditation space. You can pair the room with some warm light for a calming atmosphere across the meditation room.

Ginseng Ficus

Ginseng Ficus- An Indoor Plant that Bring Money and Good Luck

Best placed in your study or living room, Ginseng Ficus is another bonsai plant that thrives in bright, indirect light. As a popular bonsai from Southeast Asia, it is a fantastic choice for your home. Known for its dark green, oval leaves and thick, above-soil roots, this good luck plant for home purifies the air and reduces indoor pollutants

The Desert Rose: Adenium

The Desert Rose: Adenium- Plant that Bring Good fortune

Living room or a sunny spot in the house. Adenium, known as the wealth plant in Chinese culture, is a fantastic good luck plant for wealth to consider for your home. Its swollen roots symbolise abundance and fertility, and its beautiful pink or red flowers, known as desert roses, are believed to bring good luck.

Place Adenium in your home’s south or southeast corner for optimal positivity and prosperity. As a lucky flower plant for home, its vibrant blooms will add a touch of beauty and fortune to your space.

Pitcher Plant and Its Bags of Safety

Pitcher Plant and Its Bags Of Safety- An Indoor Plant that Attract Money

The Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes) is a fantastic choice for your home, symbolising long-term wealth. In Chinese culture, it translates to “bags of safety or peace.” Its unique, bag-like leaves make it a striking home décor item, attracting positive energies and prosperity.

Best placed in the kitchen or bathroom, this plant thrives in high humidity, enhancing your space’s aesthetics and energy. And honestly, the inherent pitcher look does suit a kitchen.

Sage and Pleasant Aromas

Sage and Pleasant Aromas- Plant for Luck

Sage is another celebrated lucky house plant known for its cleansing qualities and its ability to ward off negative energies. Sage promotes a healthy and positive atmosphere with its medicinal properties and strong, pleasant aroma. The best place to plant it is in the kitchen, where it can thrive and enhance the energy of your home.

The Friendship Tree: Jade Plant

The Friendship Tree: Jade Plant - Lucky Tree for Money

The Jade Plant, also known as the Friendship Tree or Lucky Plant, is cherished for prosperity and good luck. Its small, rounded leaves resemble coins, symbolising wealth. Place it near the entrance of your home or office to attract financial fortune. However, avoid placing it in the bathroom.

Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant - Plant that You Can Gift for Good Luck

Rubber Plants are considered good luck plants for homes that symbolise wealth and fortune in Vastu, thanks to their rounded, coin-like leaves. When placed in your home, they are believed to attract abundance and prosperity. To maximise their benefits, place them in a well-lit area in the hallway or the living room and keep their broad, shiny leaves clean.

Orchid Plants

Orchid Plants- Lucky Flower Plant for Home

Orchids symbolise good luck, prosperity and fertility. According to Vastu, they represent good relationships and happiness. These beautiful flowers bring positive energy and are considered auspicious. To enhance beauty and invite good fortune, place orchids in your living room or bedroom. For optimal results, position them in the north direction to maximise their beneficial effects on your home’s energy and ambience.

Medically Rich Aloe Vera

Medically Rich Aloe Vera- Plant for Wealth

Aloe Vera is a fantastic good luck plant for homes, known for its healing properties and ability to bring positive energy. This plant serves as a natural remedy for various skin ailments and improves air quality by purifying the air. Place it in a sunny spot, like a kitchen window or living room, to benefit from its health-enhancing and positive energy properties.

Aromatherapy and Lavender

Aromatherapy and Lavender- Good Luck Plant for Business

Lavender, scientifically known as Lavandula, is renowned for its soothing fragrance and calming properties, making it ideal for aromatherapy. It brings peace, harmony, and good fortune to your home. Lavender flowers and oil are used in scents and medicines. As a lucky flower plant for home, it is perfect for placing in front of the house or in any outdoor space to enjoy its therapeutic benefits and enhance the positive energy around your home.

Good Luck Charms and Nature Go Round-N-Round

 As we’ve explored the world of good luck plants for homes, it is clear how these green additions can enhance your home’s energy and invite good vibes. By incorporating the wisdom of Vastu Shastra, you can channel the powerful force of hope, attract better energy, and tip the fates in your favour.

Adding lucky plants is a great way to start if you want to boost your home’s energy and attract positivity. Contact Interior Company now to find the best plants for your home and get tips on where to place them for the best results.

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    What are some common lucky plants that bring wealth and positivity?

    Common lucky plants include the Money Tree, Jade Plant, Lucky Bamboo, Snake Plant, and Peace Lily. These plants are believed to attract wealth and positive energy.

    Where should I place these lucky plants in my home?

    According to Vastu, place these plants in the southeast corner for wealth, and the east or south corners for health and positivity. Ensure they receive proper light and care.

    How do I care for these lucky plants to maximise their benefits?

    Most lucky plants thrive in indirect sunlight and need regular watering. Keep them clean and dust-free to enhance their positive energy and ensure they remain healthy.

    Can I keep multiple lucky plants in my home?

    Yes, you can keep multiple lucky plants in your home. Placing them in various areas can help distribute positive energy and enhance different aspects of your life.

    Do these plants have additional benefits besides bringing luck and positivity?

    Many lucky plants also purify the air, reduce indoor pollutants, and improve humidity. Some, like Aloe Vera and Sage, have medicinal properties as well.

    Are there any specific rituals or practices to follow when placing these plants?

    While specific rituals vary, it’s generally recommended to place these plants with intention and care.

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