Rubber Plant: Growing Tips for the Easy Care Indoor Tree

Published On: Sep 14, 2021

Are you also fond of artificial rubber tree indoor plants, to revive your mood? We have got you some of the breathtaking ideas for the house rubber plant. Don’t be surprised by the name as it will make you dive into the world of beautiful and charming varieties from the family of rubber plants. Opting for the category results in taking care of many of the aspects regarding their different styles and needs.

Indoor rubber plant varieties

Besides, the fact that it is an environmentally friendly rubber derived from natural resources. Relax and enjoy the low-maintenance rubber plant that equally serves the purpose same as the original ones. Being from the family of artificial it carries out its own classier and elegant essence to the visitors. However, it will make your interior look luxurious and very appealing for the residents. You can always count on colorful house rubber plants to add a pop of color to your home.

Below are some of the tips to follow for maintaining the indoor plant irrespective of their properties

Do you know there are a plethora of varieties of rubber plants for a home that is perfectly suitable for every personality regardless of their preferences? Whether you are a workaholic or an indoor person you don't need to worry about the care and time. As it requires a very less amount of dedication and is less time-consuming. Place these eye-catching handmade elements where it allures the gaze of the viewer. Give your eyes a brimming view of brightness. Keep scrolling for the list of the foremost rubber care indoor plants.

Getflix Rubber Tree (scientific name: Ficus elastica)

Getflix Rubber Tree

Getflix Rubber tree is easy to maintain when it comes to planting care. Scarcely water every day, feed with the fertilizer, pour it over roots to avoid direct touch with the leaves, it grows about 30 meters tall appropriate for them as a centerpiece on the table. Although it is quite famous for its ornamental plants. In general. Swing your plant at a spot wherein the natural brightness is available, preventing direct sunlight.

Money plant (Scientific name: Epipremnum aureum)

Money plant

Well, known by the name of money plant or devil's ivy are one of the most loved plants to offer the home an iconic natural habitat. The key feature that makes it unique from other plants is the heart-shaped green leaves that resemble coins and are considered to be lucky plants as it brings financial stability. Initially, you can grow in an airtight bottle or container with water. After a certain time, it requires cleaning further to avoid any breakage of leaves as they look more fascinating swinging from the container. This plant will flourish under low and fluorescent lights. Frequent deep watering is recommended suitable for indoor and outdoor areas. Flourish them across your kitchen or dining area or balcony. Let the rubber money plant reduce your stress level and purifies the air.

 Weeping fig (Scientific name:Ficus benjamin)

Weeping fig

Weeping fig is widely known as the Ficus tree, typically broadleaf evergreen in tropical and subtropical climates, featured in interior and commercial landscaping. This rubber tree has thick and glossy leaves and when offered efficient exposure to sunlight it reflects the brightness. Create vibrant foliage and natural trunk shaping greenery all year round. Being maintenance-free- ideal for busy offices and workspaces. Offering an optimistic appearance standout with the height of 1.5m tall can be placed outside. You don't have to worry about the watering can.

Succulent cactus (scientific name: Cactaceae)

Succulent cactus

The rubber greenery looks lifelike and lovely, offering green touch in the home décor, which adds to indoor air purification. A perfect-sized plant to place on the bookshelf, windowsills, office tables, and bedroom decorations. customized with little rocks adding a splash of natural color to your indoor home space. Succulents are easy to care about with natural sunlight and a sunny spot to place them. Cactus enjoy their flavors and are essential in making sure your water drains through holes, doesn't make your cactus feel slushy. These succulents are available in various textures and styles including bold shapes of all kinds of beautiful green variations. Thus, succulent cactus is a great choice, especially for the living room indoor space.

Areca palm (Scientific name: dypsis lutescens)

Areca palm

True examples of rubber plants!! Areca palm can easily survive without sunlight and water, an exceptionally popular indoor plant. Place in a room that receives few rays of direct sunlight. This gorgeous plant has multiple varieties for a very tropical season. In addition, the category of indoor plants is best suitable for spacious rooms where they can easily trail downwards without jolting into material things. Moreover, the preferred care tip to clean the leaves with a piece of cloth on a weekly basis reduces stress and fits into many different home décor styles.

Peperomia radiator plant (Scientific name: Peperomia pellucida )

Peperomia radiator plant

The best part about the radiator plant is that it will enhance your room's look and provide stunning airflow. These are portable enough to allow more attention contrary to other plants. All you need to do is withhold them with proper care. in native terms, it lasts up to Is one of the best indoor rubber plants irrespective of the space concern. It offers a different look with thick leaves. although there are plenty to pick from there is a green variegated variety that adds appeal. Feel free to mist the leaves frequently to avoid any dust particles.

Snake plant (Scientific name: dracaena trifasciata)

Snake plant

The snake plant supports an elegant yet classy look with the presence of a beautiful pink texture. All you have to do is, offer your home a faux indoor plant without any hassles of watering. Since it is made from plastic and therefore can be exposed to outdoor sunlight for a long period. When it comes to the care you don't need to take the time to take care of it, just wipe it from a damp cloth to make it look shiny and bright. You get the sense of a lifelike appearance. Snake plants will survive under a wide range of weather conditions.

Green Faux Seagrass Topiary (Scientific name: Zosteraceae)

Green Faux Seagrass Topiary

Seagrass is one of the most common rubber indoor plants you will see hanging around walls notably across the building interiors with a very realistic-looking trunk and will be a stunning add-on to your homes or offices. These are fuss-free to maintain with fine craftsmanship and brilliant texture. Furthermore, you don't need to have a substantial amount of space as seagrass can cover meager space. you can effortlessly implicate the same as your indoor plant idea and create a simple treat for your eyes.

Artificial White Hyacinth (Scientific name: Eichhornia crassipes)

Artificial White Hyacinth

While enlisting the best indoor plants it is next to impossible to skip a pearl beauty with a shimmering glimpse. They stick out from the rest of the existing indoor plants as they create a magical and tranquil atmosphere. You can always mix-match with other colors including purple, pink, or pale yellow. Keep this white pearl addition for the spectacular display. Being named among low-maintained colored rubber plants it requires semi-damp cloth to put away the dust.

Fiddle leaf fig plant  (Scientific name:Ficus lyrata)

Fiddle leaf fig plant 

The fiddle leaf thrives in bright and consistent sunlight, one of the trendiest indoor plants by its unique look. The bold and floppy leaves perched artistically on its plastic pot will be a great addition to décor enthusiasts with stunning will offer sophistication to your boring interiors. Amidst the green leaf is enough to hold drama there could be nothing better than the fig clusters, a good choice for office spaces too. Give it ample sun rays and less space.

Groot sgynonium plant (Scientific name:Syngonium podophyllum)

Groot sgynonium plant

The color green is not the natural texture, rather captivating ordinary green with the essence of freshness. Groot endeavors a simply classic look to the species of the indoor is one of the easily available rubber indoor plants for the home. featuring large diamond-shaped leaves on steak stems it allures everyone around. Thus, few tips to clean and maintain by dusting off dirt by damp cloth especially if you are a dying hard plant lover.

There is a broad range of rubber plants that are available in the market, and we have selected the best one for you. These rubber plants can be enjoyed as either indoor or outdoor décor and offer optimum ample green space in your concrete apartment. Deck them around your corner in the living room, bedroom and flaunt that subdue effect around the house. All you must do is get appropriate soil, well-aerated potting accessories, period, and the right amount of fertilizer.

Create your sort of divine environment at your home effortlessly!

All you need is some inspiration about gardening, to lighten up your mood. Well, we know you must wait patiently to set your heart to do the same! Don't put rubber plants in pots that are too huge. Whether you are environmentally freak or home décor passionate, it will leave a huge impact on your health and mental peace. Rubber plants vary according to the season, mist during any season especially summers and winter as the air is too dry. Don't forget about pruning however it does not require much of it. When you count on adding rubber indoor plants with flowers you get the celestial aroma and sense of relaxation. Besides the fact that the indoor plants make interiors look chic and more elegant, they also cater to air quality. So, you can always count on adding texture, pattern, and color to your private space. However, it is indeed to ensure that the plants go well with interior decorations and compositions. Make the rubber plants a center of attraction by placing them in eye-catching places across your house.


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