20 Modern Statement Wallpaper Ideas for Your Bedroom – 2024

Published On: Jan 10, 2022

Why is the aesthetic of a bedroom important? Is it to flaunt your rich taste in designs? Is it to create a space that showcases your personality? Contrary to popular belief, the answer is no. A bedroom is your safe haven because, in the end, this is where you alleviate the pressures of the day. So, there’s no denying the fact that a bedroom should represent your style and personality to create a calming atmosphere. In the quest to fuse your individuality through interior design, wallpaper ideas for your bedroom play a unique role in shaping the room.

We have curated an enumeration of the best wallpapers for the bedroom for you to glance through. Get inspired and go bonanzas by blending different textures, colours and styles as per your taste!

Rusty Metallic Look

Rusty Metallic Look ic

A metallic bedroom wallpaper adds sophistication with its modern design and artistic appeal. It is majestic, scintillating and stunning. The metallic elements infuse warm tones and perspective into your space. The inclusion of metals like brass, copper and gold accents has been a hot interior decor trend and merging the same enhances the appeal.

Blue Hued Comfort

Blue Hued Comfort ic

If you want a calming effect, then this wallpaper ideas for your bedroom walls is a must-try! The colour blue is synonymous with peace, reliability and inspiration. The incorporation of shades of blue in bedroom wallpapers helps to redefine the overall aesthetic.

Pastel Watercolour Effect

Pastel Watercolour Effect ic

For kids, pastel colours in modern bedroom wallpapers are an ideal choice because they act as an intensive wall art. Layers of rich textures and soft colours make the whole place cosy and peaceful.

Smudge Patterns

Smudge Patterns ic

The brown modern wallpaper ideas for your bedroom, upholstered headboard and the hanging statement lights accentuate the entire look. Throw in some antique pieces to add a gorgeous touch to the room and increase the flow of buoyant energy.

Mint with a Hint of Flowers

Mint with a Hint of Flowers ic

This beautiful wall sticker for the bedroom with calming mint coloured leaves on a white backdrop is simple yet elegant. Contrasting pink accessories like the chair and cushions create a harmonious balance.

Nature Inspired Wallpapers

Nature Inspired Wallpapers ic

If you want to make a statement, 3D wallpaper for the bedroom paired with complementing curtains will do the needful. The entire room here is full of life with a naturalistic wallpaper, setup of the side table, modern accessories and a rustic vibe.

Pattern a Class Apart

Pattern a Class Apart

This romantic bedroom wallpaper design with bluish-green hues beautifully plays with the entire mood. The metallic accents pop up the layers and keep things smooth and soft, enhancing the work of art.

Minimalistic Backdrops

Minimalistic Backdrops

The idea, while also being a chic master bedroom wallpaper, can also be implemented for a kid's space. The bright colours enhance the room's vibe, making it coruscating and urbane at the same time.

Delicate Swirl Textures

Delicate Swirl Textures ic

Modern bedroom wallpapers with marble swirls can be your next great pick. It will reflect your personality and let your imagination go wild. As seen in the illustration, the traditional furniture in the room is blending well with the backdrop design. This texture adds depth, colour, and fosters interaction with the light.

Kids' Bedroom Wallpaper

Kids' Bedroom Wallpaper ic

This stylish and unique wallpaper for a kid’s bedroom catches the eye in the first go. Perfect as playful and colourful, opt for this style of wallpaper if you want to nurture the growth of your child. 

Solid Tone Wallpaper

Solid Tone Wallpaper ic

The elegant bedroom wallpaper matching the bedsheets and headboard renders a seamless flow in the room while also accentuating every element. Add contrasting elements to the bedroom wallpaper to incorporate a striking appeal.

Glamorous Golden Swirls

Glamorous Golden Swirls ic

The golden swirls on this bedroom wallpaper add a sense of grandeur. An excellent choice for those who like their designs to be showy and sparkling.

Springtime Inspiration

Springtime Inspiration ic

Beautiful and spirited, this bedroom wallpaper is a perfect addition to your room. The floral pattern avant-garde look is trendy and you should hop on the bandwagon too. Bedroom wallpapers with minute designs of trees, leaves and flowers render a rejuvenated mood.

Stripped Colour Muse 

Stripped Colour Muse ic

Using this wallpaper for your bedroom will add a lot of character and depth. The vibe will be modern, unique, playful and grand. Throw in some bold colours or add a contrast to achieve this unique look.

Execution in Black

Execution in Black ic

This textured wallpaper ideas for your bedroom walls makes the place look cosy, royal and romantic for a couple. The entire room décor perfectly blends with the wallpaper for a majestic look.

Intricate Triangular Design

Intricate Triangular Design ic

This ornate and scenic wallpaper makes the place look like a fairytale, bringing a certain sense of quirkiness to the room. It also takes the style statement up a notch.

Classic With A Wooden Twist

Classic With A Wooden Twist ic

The wooden backdrop is a combination of both traditional and personal styles. The furniture and the home décor elements make the entire place vibrant and add a hint of royalty.

Artistic Wallpaper

Artistic Wallpaper ic

An artistic wallpaper is sure to become a masterpiece with beautiful hues. Its dreamy texture will also lure you in getting a better night's sleep. Landscape paintings or art inspired by nature adds a unique touch to the wallpapers. Let the Bob Ross within you make the best choice!

Dotted Wallpaper

Dotted Wallpaper ic

This peach-dotted wallpaper will make your toddler's bedroom look lively and exuberant. The colour combination will lead to the amalgamation of a cosy and inviting vibe for the room.

Colour Splash

Colour Splash ic

A splash of colour can never go wrong. If you are someone who likes to experiment with colours, this is a perfect example of bedroom wallpaper for you. Create a mood board for your room and add a distinct touch of colours while decorating it. 

Choose What's Best for You!

Bedroom wallpapers are the perfect choice to add different textures, patterns, colours, and design to your space. An additional perk is that these can be changed with ease in regular intervals. So, have fun experimenting and add glamour to your room in the most convenient way. For more such interior design ideas, trends and guides, head to Interior Company by Square Yards. 

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Q. Which wallpaper will look the best for my bedroom?

A vinyl-based backdrop is a popular option in wallpaper designs for bedrooms because of its versatility. You can easily apply, remove and clean the same.      

Q. Are wallpapers good for bedrooms?

Wallpapers can easily elevate your mood. You can choose the design and texture according to your preference. A lot of people prefer bright-hued bedroom wallpapers as it changes the energy of the room. 

Q. How do I select a wallpaper for my bedroom?

Choose a good style, theme décor, furniture and shades with which you are blending your bedroom. A contrasting or a complementing backdrop would do wonders.

Q. What is the cost of designer wallpapers?

The cost of one roll could range between INR 3,000 to INR 10,000, depending on the type you choose. The installation charge could vary between INR 200 to INR 500 per roll, depending on the contractor you are hiring to do the job.


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