A Guide to Different Headboard Style Ideas

Published On: Oct 21, 2022

The bedroom is the soul of your home that reflects your personal aesthetic. While decorating your living space, create a design with thoughtfulness and care that enhances your mood. A bed with a statement headboard becomes the focal point of the room that ties it all together. Choosing from a wide range of materials, fabrics, and clever design tips, dress up your headboard that can transform your bedroom. Whether it’s an antique wooden bed headboard or a plush velvet style, we’ve rounded up the unique headboard design ideas to create your dream space. 

Headboard Materials

When choosing the headboard for the bedroom, consider various factors like the size of the room, material and design style that complements the decor. Types of materials to choose from are: wood, metal, upholstery, and natural fibres. 

Wooden Headboard


The wooden headboard is an iconic design style that adds warmth to the room. Manufactured with sturdy and durable materials, wooden headboards have a long-lasting usage. The best part about wooden bed headboards is that they are versatile and can easily blend with traditional, modern or transitional bedroom decor. In addition, wood is easy to care for and can be painted or combined with metal elements to create an exquisite design. 

Metal Headboard


Metal headboards are designed with a wide variety of materials like wrought iron, copper, brass and stainless steel. The shiny metallic surface imparts a luxe and glamorous look to the bed and enhances the interior decor of the bedroom. In addition, it is essential to clean the metal surface of the headboard to avoid rust and corrosion. Metal headboard design helps to create the illusion of space in smaller rooms and can be styled modern or antique as per the choice. 

Upholstered Headboard


Upholstered headboards are durable and form a comfortable backrest. They add an element of style to the room and are covered with fabrics like velvet, cotton, linen, leather, and so on. Different types of padding and tufting like diamond, biscuit, button, blind and channel tufting can be used to add luxurious detail. One significant advantage of choosing a fabric headboard is creating an exclusive design that matches your bedroom decor.

Natural Headboard


Natural materials like wicker, rattan and bamboo lend an earthy vibe to the room,  making them an excellent choice for headboards. Wicker headboard made from interwoven plant fibres can complement any style of decor. In addition, wicker is very durable and easy to care for and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bedroom. For a classic, minimalist look, opt for a bamboo headboard that is sturdy and stylish. 

Headboard Design Styles

Once you’ve determined the material and the way to mount the headboard, choose a design style that can change the vibe of the room. From traditional, to panel, bold and patterned, we bring you the top headboard design ideas that complement your space and personality. 

Contemporary Headboard


Contemporary homes feature sleek silhouettes, neutral tones and smooth surfaces. These shades lend a warm interior exuding a comfortable environment. To complement this style, choose unique wooden headboards upholstered with natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or silk to add texture and elegance to your bedroom. 

Black colour is a bold choice when styled with neutral hues, creating a style statement in the room. In addition to this, layer the space to create a luxurious look. Further, hang lights on either side of the bed to provide interest and intimacy and to free up bedside storage space. 

Traditional Headboard


Traditional headboards are frame-mounted, integrated directly with the bed, and carved out with wood. These wooden bed headboards are sturdy and transform your room with a timeless look. The wood headboard design with a classic brown finish lends a cocooning effect to the bedroom. Pair it with vintage accent chairs and lamps to generate warmth and interest. 

Upholstered with Velvet

Upholstered with Velvet

Tufted headboards are renowned for adding sophistication, embodying a cosy aesthetic, and infusing a bedroom with designer style. They come in an array of colours, sizes, and design styles. Choose velvet for its smooth surface, luxurious sheen and durability. Velvet headboards are used for high-end interiors and have excellent aesthetic value. 

The elegant design of this grey tufted velvet headboard keeps things minimal with a tailored design and diamond tufts. Match this wooden bed headboard with tonal accessories, lighting and fabrics for a cohesive look. Moreover, deck up your room with a touch of greenery to breathe life and colour into the space. 

Rattan Headboard


Rattan has been trending in home interiors, creating a relaxed and dreamy space to live in. Rattan is a sustainable material and works in boho bedrooms, to Japandi, modern and traditional spaces. They can be arranged in a variety of ways, and add depth and texture to the room. Take a look at this curved wood headboard design that compliments the dark-panelled walls behind it. The vintage-inspired rattan headboard gives it a sense of intimate enclosure. 

Panel Headboard


Panel design makes up for the length and width of the headboard and can complement a bedroom with a lot of geometric shapes. Aesthetically, panel headboards blend with any design theme, from art-deco to contemporary bedrooms. The horizontal panels make the space look expansive, while vertical can create the illusion of height. 

Take inspiration from this deep green headboard design that exudes an earthy vibe with a luxurious feel. Pair it with stylish bedside tables and lights for a contemporary look. Embrace the latest trends with neutral tones like pink and white accents to create a striking palette

Crown Your Bed

A headboard not only adds visual appeal to your bedroom but also functions as a comfortable back support and prevents wall damage. Whether you want to elevate your space or add vibrancy to your decor, we hope these different headboard style ideas will show you how to make a statement piece. For more bedroom design ideas and inspirations contact our experts at Interior Company.

Q1: Why is a headboard important in the bedroom?

Adding a headboard will give your bedroom more texture and dimension and bring a personal style to the space. Headboards feature a range of functional qualities:-

1. Provides extra support
2. Prevents wall damage
3. Keeps pillows in place
4. Makes your room warmer
5. Add a style quotient to the space

Q2: Can you put a headboard on a bed frame?

Yes, a headboard can be attached to any existing frame, provided they are size compatible. For instance, a twin headboard is suitable for twin beds, four poster beds, and bunk beds but can be utilised for a full-size bed.

Q3: How high should a headboard be above the mattress?

Headboards are available in standard heights but can vary depending on the width of the bed. Whether the headboard has a straight, staggered or curved silhouette, it can also affect how high it sits above the mattress. Shallow mattresses give the illusion of a large headboard whilst the higher ones make it look shorter.