35 Unique Bedroom Wallpaper Designs

Updated On: May 17, 2024
Bedroom wallpapers add value to your space, making it look aesthetic. When your walls are adorned with soothing colours, they evoke a sense of calm and serene environment. The bedroom looks great when it is well decorated as you spend your sleeping and resting time. This calls in for wallpaper designs that catch your attention and instil a sense of contentment. The floral patterns provide a unique charm making your room look splendid. Available in various styles with a wide range of selections designed specifically for the installation. Textured bedroom wallpaper can add unique characteristics to your room.

Stunning Designs for Your Bedroom

The varied colours with innovative patterns strike a cord making the room colourful and vibrant. Bedrooms are a space where your interiors add value to space. Trendy wallpapers beautify your room by making it more enchanting. The variation in patterns such as batik, zigzag, quirky, and many more are customised with interesting contrasting patterns. Bedroom wallpaper ideasfor modern, minimalistic, and vintage bedrooms make it conducive for sleep and rest. Incorporating dark colours in contrast with 3D floral patterns making the room bloom in delight.

1. Soothing Minimalist Pattern

Soothing Minimalist Pattern

Choose a minimalistic and rustic floral pattern to provide a contemporary look to your bedroom. For complementing the décor, you can use bedroom sheets that contrast your wallpapers.

2. Texture or Pattern to Add Effect Texture or Pattern to Add Effect

Unique texture or subtle patterns of wallpapers can also enhance the ambience of your bedroom like the one in the picture below which has white wall with golden sprig patterns. These shades add a new dimension to your bedroom.

3. Textured Wallpaper

Textured Wallpaper

The textured wallpaper against light hues makes it a unique décor. The adornment provides a new outline to your room with a vase and lights adding to its beauty. It is soothing to the eyes and with alternating smooth and soft surfaces.

4. Palm Leaf Wallpaper

Palm Leaf Wallpaper

The green colour symbolises elements of health. A unique touch of such hues lightens your mood, helping you relax your senses and wake up to the day with hope.

5. Quirky Wallpaper

Quirky Wallpaper

The alternating contrasting lines on the surface of the wall align it with the bedcover that has similar patterns and matches your space at an ace. The dark-coloured furniture complements space with these unique wallpaper designs.

6. Pink Wallpaper with Damask Designs

Pink Wallpaper with Damask Designs

The pink that exudes a charm and beauty provides a sense of mystery with elements of the light vase and its stand that is in tandem with the colour. The light from the window deflects those colours, and the room appears trendy and cool'a backdrop beautifying your space with vivacious bedding.

7. Subtle Light Tone Wallpaper

Subtle Light Tone Wallpaper

Bedrooms are a private space for romance or a room that is filled with peace and happiness, making your senses relax while providing a soothing effect. The light colours used on the wallpaper designs make it aesthetic with additional adjuncts of décor like light vases matching them. The lights from the window dazzle the room with a natural outlook.

8. Floral Pattern Wallpaper

Floral Pattern Wallpaper

The dark tone floral designs on the wallpaper evoke a sense of serenity, with furniture colours complementing the patterns. The ocean flight pattern provides a peaceful environment while providing a cooling effect.

9. Faux Wood Wallpaper

Faux Wood Wallpaper

The rustic look of the wallpaper designs used for the bedroom with vinyl wallpaper makes a person connected with nature. The embodiments of wood and elegance add value, relaxing the senses for the asleep.

10. Vintage Wallpaper

Vintage Wallpaper

The quirky retro squirrel pattern for a vintage bedroom, the wood walls with stuffy edges are enclosed by them, the pattern is in tune with the recent trends.

11. Zig Zag Pattern Wallpaper

Zig Zag Pattern Wallpaper

The zigzag patterned wallpaper design with an enclosure is decorative while making it appear magnificent, vivacious, and vibrant. These allow you to have control over your emotions, with their uniqueness providing a mysterious look. The designs are a sense of embodiment to dwell in your adorned space.

12. Wood and Brick Decor

Wood and Brick Decor

Wood fashion wallpaper designs are trendy, which helps you connect with external surroundings. The wall hangings and the light are additional décors to complement these wallpaper designs for evoking a sense of belongingness in your space.

13. Butterfly Wallpaper

Butterfly Wallpaper

Butterfly wallpaper designand the light colours match the liveliness of your space. The other furniture in the room. This design provides a feature for colourful bedding and the accessories adorned.

14. A Cosy Wallpaper

A Cosy Wallpaper

A cosy cocoon space wallpaper designed for the smoother and softer effects In a bedroom for a relaxing and conducive environment. The cosy cocoon instils hope of brightness with its feature of being enclosed in space for safety.

15. Customised Wallpaper

Customised Wallpaper

Customised cherry blossom wallpaper patterns with the choice your colour can adorn your bedroom with a mysterious charm when the darkness seeps in. The light vase makes the background provide a gleamy touch. This also elevates your mood and prevents you from feeling down, and increases your sense of relaxation.

16. Swan Pattern Wallpaper

Swan Pattern Wallpaper

The picky bedroom wallpaper makes it fashionable infused with a light tone for one to gaze in wonder. The swan backdrop attunes you with your peace when you are about to relax and helps calm your nerves, further helping you sleep.

17. Cabbage Rose Wallpaper

Cabbage Rose Wallpaper

The cabbage rose patterns allude to artistic craftsmanship.  This pattern captivates your mind from being restless and fidgety thinking about various aspects of life. This soothes your nerves and relaxes your mind while asleep and towards a refreshing start the next day.

18. Monochrome Wallpaper

Monochrome Wallpaper

Black and white wallpaper known as tapestry enhance the charm of interiors with amber interior designers. This design renders beautifully enclosed space for a remake or refurnish.

19. Abstract Wallpaper

Abstract Wallpaper

The crisscross wallpaper patterns are a statement for complimenting the contrasting hues of life, the light and darkness that alternate and make us wonder about what tomorrow has for us. This makes the pattern desirable and unique with a touch of splendour and enigma.

20. Ceiling Wallpaper

Ceiling Wallpaper

Ceiling wallpaper for your bedroom is delightful in embracing the mysteries of the night. The patterns are vivid imaginative streaks, which allows you to relax and doze when your eyes are on them. They add to their uniqueness with their tendency of making you sleep.

21. Light Colour Wallpaper to Look Brighter

Light Colour Wallpaper to Look Brighter

The bedrooms are enlivened by enabling the outside light in with a touch of serenity. The light colours lighten the mood, increasing the vibrancy and vivaciousness, making it ecstatic for a person residing or reading a book while sleeping or relaxing while away from work.

22. Colour Burst Wallpaper

Colour Burst Wallpaper

The bright coloured wallpaper dazzles the room with brightness and décor. The effusive white light from the window makes the room stunning, with a multi-hued wallpaper design for decorating your space.

23. Realistic Ceiling Tin Wallpaper

Realistic Ceiling Tin Wallpaper

The tin patterned wallpaper designs render a textured pattern on the wall. The tin-like features with contrasting, and matching hues. The colours add to the beauty of the room with its unique colourful patterns that embrace the modern-day charm.

24. Quartz Pattern Wallpaper

Quartz Pattern Wallpaper

This stylish wallpaper invigorates the bedroom with the bright light from the windows. This decorates your house. This geode quartz pattern is a wallpaper design that is innovative and appearing trendy, adding to your relaxation.

25. Headboard Aligned Wallpaper

Headboard Aligned Wallpaper

The dotted wall patterns are in tandem with the embroidered patterns on the bedcovers. The contrasting alternating dark spots make your room glamorous with its unique shades that catch your attention.

26. Floral Pattern Walls

Floral Pattern Walls

The alternative floral patterns enclose your bedroom space encompassing mysterious elements of contrasting patterns. The perspectives of looking at it can be varied, sometimes making it appear 2-dimensional with the adornment of complementing vases and wall hangings.

27. Monochromatic Bed and Pillows

Monochromatic Bed and Pillows

A monochromatic wallpaper to cherish your loved ones in your room. The monotonous colour imbibes a sense of unity among your close-knit family.

28. Playful Pattern Wallpaper

A playful pattern to your bedroom walls is splendid interiors with polka dots and chandeliers aligning with it. They are convenient for cleaning purposes, along with providing a unique touch of embellishment.

29. Striped Headboard Pattern

Striped Headboard Pattern

A striped patterned wallpaper design adorning your space. The wall hangings and other interior decorative items contrasting or matching with the patterns provide a furnished outline to the room.

Featured Wallpaper

The featured wallpaper design resonates with the bedroom walls, and the matching furniture provides a soothing tone. This generates a safe environment for those residing.

31. Bright Tone Wallpapers

Bright Tone Wallpapers

A floral pattern that refreshes and revives you after a long day's work. The patterns depict your personality by matching your style. The style that interprets bold, modern and subtle classics.

32. Blue Designed Wall Pattern

Blue Designed Wall Pattern

Blue-coloured wallpaper optimises serenity and soothing effect on those trying to relax for a nap.  In some instances, it is neutral enough to function without being boring with its other shades displaying bold, vibrant, and playful touch. The splashy royal blue provides a royal glow to the room.

33. Single Colour Tone Bedroom

Single Colour Tone Bedroom

A soft blue tone is a refreshing breeze while you are in the room. You can also add to its glamour by displaying your artwork and keeping your plants. This magnifies sleep quality, adding a dreamy zone to your space with versatility suiting for your bedroom.

34. Blue and White Contrasting Walls

Blue and White Contrasting Walls

Alternating blue and white contrasting features with a painting on canvas making the room bright. A classic bedroom with unique prints and fabrics that are in tune with metallic artworks and provide depth to space by allowing cohesiveness.

35. Watercolour Inspired Wallpapers

Watercolour Inspired Wallpapers

Watercolour-inspired wallpaper designs make the room colourful with a blend of bright and light hues. The shady effects of watercolours beautify the space making it vibrant.

36. Grey Tone Room

Grey Tone Room

To smoothen the stark blue and white contrasting theme, grey tones are infused to provide a soothing effect for a transitional bedroom.

37. Shape Contour Transition

Shape Contour Transition

Splashes of blue and green hues provide a tone that accentuates the blue undertone while transitioning into a greener tone. The switches enable to provide the room to be doubled hued under varied lighting circumstances.

38. Relaxing Bedroom Wallpapers

Relaxing Bedroom Wallpapers

The bedroom wallpapers in light colours are oriented with the bedcovers that are light and are having shades of soothing effect. They exude calmness, peace, and serenity that infuse your senses with relaxation and rejuvenate you for a fresh outlook for the next day.

39. Light Bluish Tone Wallpaper

Light Bluish Tone Wallpaper

The bluish tone with the alternating peach colour providing a switch from one colour to another colour. The wall paintings on the bedroom wallpaper appear brighter, making it prominent, facilitating the vivacious environment.

40. Warm Accent Wall Colour

Warm Accent Wall Colour

A classic combination of blue and white, which might seem a bit too crisp for a few. For a vibrant bedroom with painting penetrating the surfaces, many colours other than white will cover the wall in a fun print and another in a neutral warm colour. The light sandy beige hues in this bedroom blend with the cooler blues, whites, and greys with comfy wood and cream tones with brass accents.


Bedroom wallpapers are a great way to decorate and keep your interiors updated with different themes that add to your wellbeing, with certain colours playing a pivotal role in maintaining health. Green is a colour of health. The dark and light shades with embellishments add a splendid touch to the walls of your bedroom. The themes and patterns look realistically embedded on the walls of your bedroom.

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