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15+ Bedroom paint colors Designers Swear by

Published On: Jul 28, 2021

The bedroom is the part of a home where we relax and rejuvenate ourselves. It is also an area that provides privacy for the people living in that home. The wall painting design for bedroom reflects the personality of a person and also says a lot about the socio-economic status of the individual.

There are several items that make a bedroom more comfortable, like a bed with suitable mattresses, cupboards, a nightstand, a recliner and several other furnishings. A simple room can be converted into a cosy and comfortable bedroom with great interior designing. 

Another important aspect that adds to class is the bedroom paint ideas. It not only makes the room look elegant, but it also brings in more tranquillity and peace to the bedroom. The bedroom should be designed in such a way that it is relaxing and comfortable. Hence, it is very important to choose the right wall painting ideas for bedroom that will make it a more beautiful room than a regular simple bedroom. 

Top designers count on a selection of stylish paint colours and designing ideas. Here are some of the most popular paint colours that are used by designers that could inspire you to choose for your own new bedroom and make it your dream room. 

Before we go into the different bedroom paint design, let us know a bit about the different paint companies from whose collection we have chosen the colours for this article. 

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore is an American paint company founded in 1883 located in Montvale, New Jersey. The Moore brothers founded this company in New York.

Benjamin Moore

Dunn Edwards

Dunn Edwards is a leading paint manufacturing company located in the Southwestern United States. It was founded in 1925. This paint company began their business as a wallpaper store but later became manufacturers of superior paint products and caters to suit the taste and requirements of customers and designers. 

Farrow and Ball

A British manufacturer of paints and wallpapers, Farrow and Ball, is based on archives and historic colour palettes. They are popular for naming their paint colours with unusual names. John Farrow and Richard Maurice Ball, who were chemists, started the company in 1946

Sherwin Williams Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Sherwin Williams manufactures paints, floor coverings, coatings and other related products for commercial, industrial, professional and retail customers. It has operations in over 120 countries. 

Fallow & Ball

Arte Constructo

Arte Constructo supplies lime-based products. They are experts and have great experience in the field of restoration. Sustainable architecture is their new venture. 

Arte Constructo

Nosegay by Benjamin Moore


The Nosegay by Benjamin Moore has a dreamy tone with soft shades. Nosegay is part of the Classic Color Collection. These colours are timeless as well as forward, classic, elegant and beautiful. Nosegay is a collection of 1,680 shades that have inspired designers and customers all over the world. It gives a calming effect on the senses and is ideal for people who look for comfort and elegance in their bedroom. The matching nightstand beside the window and soft curtains give the room a look of class and comfort. A contrasting yet soft shade brown ceiling lamp and bamboo baskets complete the image.

Skylight by Farrow and Ball

Skylight-by -Farrow

This lovely shade, Skylight by Farrow and Ball, is a pale blue-grey shade and gets its name from the natural and soft light that often seeps through the ceiling. Skylight is a great bedroom wall lighting idea as it has less reflective properties and appears as a cool blue when used in smaller spaces, but gradually appears greyer and paler when applied on larger areas. Apart from adding tranquillity to the bedroom, it also gives a fresh and clean appearance when accented with shades of green, grey and whites. This bedroom looks beautiful with blue and grey bedding linens and pillows. The grey window panes accentuate the class of the wall colour while the white lamp shades add elegance to the room. A couple of small potted plants would make it even more cosy.

Salon Drab Farrow and Ball


Salon Drab by Farrow and Ball is a very warm and sophisticated shade for bedroom walls. Although the name suggests that it lacks brightness, the rich chocolate brown is appealing instantly and effortlessly creates a classic look of the 19th century. Salon Drab looks best as an accompaniment with both contemporary neutrals and red-based shades. It is a bit of a moody colour but has a very calming effect. To add elegance to this, you can drape your windows with golden brown satin curtains, pair it with gold picture frames or a brass chandelier. When matched with grey, it looks classy and cosy. A grey lampshade and lighter shade quilt and curtains give the room an elegance that is unmatched. You can also personalize the room by adding a bedroom wall stencil design.

Blueberry Benjamin Moore


A part of Color Preview, Blueberry by Benjamin Moore is the best for walls in the kid’s bedroom. Blueberry by Benjamin Moore is an eyecatcher for it is a collection of saturated and bold colours. It brings life into spaces for those who are looking to brighten up their world with extraordinary and bold shades. Colouring the walls in a dark shade and using light-coloured furniture gives smaller bedrooms an impression of being larger. It also appears as though the room has more natural light. The bedroom in the picture is perfect with the white and blue printed quilt, matching pillow covers and bedside ceramic plant pots. The side table design for bedroom completes the picture of this beautiful and cosy bedroom.

White Heron by Benjamin Moore


White Heron by Benjamin Moore is part of the Off-White collection which is endlessly versatile and inherently sophisticated. It offers hues of marshmallow white shade that gives the room a crisp and fresh look. Its subtle yet warm undertones are used mostly in the city as well as country homes. When painted throughout the walls as the backdrop with art pieces and furnishing to contrast, it gives the room an elegant finish. A brown or wooden floor or the latest POP design for bedroom accentuates the wall colour and makes the bedroom look cosier and more comfortable. White Heron creates a tranquil and serene environment and also enhances accents for dynamic spaces. There is a selection of 152 shades of Off-White to choose from.

Amazing Grey by Sherwin Williams

 Amazing Grey by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin William’s Amazing Grey is a very interesting colour shade for bedroom walls. This warm grey is perfect and changes along with the lighting in the room. White bed linens and curtains go well with this colour and makes the room look bright, clean and fresh. White lamp shades, ceiling fan and grey and white pillows give accent to the room. It is a solid choice of colour for interiors as well as exteriors.

Elephant's Breath by Farrow and Ball


The Elephant’s Breath by Farrow and Ball is a lovely shade of grey with a dash of dusky pink. It is a warm contemporary grey shade well known for its characterful name, which was originally created by the very popular English interior designer- John Flower. Elephant's Breath is a combination of mild grey and a hint of magenta but looks almost like lilac in west-facing rooms with cooler lights. You can offset it with Charleston Grey or London Clay for an earthly scheme, or more intense accents can be created with Contemporary Neutrals like strong white, which exudes a sense of calmness and neutrality. It is a very flattering and subtle colour shade to use on bedroom walls. The old-fashioned master bedroom wardrobe design with double doors adds elegance to the room. Matching quilts and curtains add elegance to the room. The small fireplace in the room is a great bedroom decoration design and gives it class, and the chest of draws it to die for. The crystal chandelier gives a warm glow to the room.

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

This clean and bright shade “Chantilly Lace” by Benjamin Moore has a delicate and refined class of its own. The clean and crisp white brings to our minds an image of pure and soft silk of simpler times. The dark grey or blue goes well with this wall colour giving the room a cool and comfortable appearance. The blue quilts with white and blue pillow colours with matching floor rug makes the room look bigger and more elegant. 

Setting Plaster by Farrow and Ball

Setting Plaster by Farrow and Ba.jpg

Setting Plaster gets its name from the blushing walls of newly plastered houses that we often admire. It is a historic pink shade and has a softness to it with the combination of some yellow pigments. It is a very trendy shade for bedrooms and creates a beautiful backdrop for antique furniture. It also looks great when paired with Mahogany in contemporary homes. Setting Plaster has a calming effect and looks serene, which is much needed in a bedroom. Setting plaster is an ideal choice for simple small bedroom designs.

16 ROUSSILLON" BY Arte Constructo

This is lime paint that can be used for the well ventilated and well-lit master bedrooms in beach houses. The colour #16 Roussillon is a subtle shade that brings a retro feeling and reflects the light beautifully. It can be contrasted with white trims and floors for amazing effects. It also looks great with rustic oak beams and metal shelves, especially bronze. The soft furnishing, matching bed linens and curtains make the room appear more cosier and more comfortable. The large windows adorning the wall is an example of a bedroom lighting design and reflects the classy taste of the designer.


 Gotham By Benjamin Moore


A part of the Aura Color Stories Collection, Gotham by Benjamin Moore features unique and bold paint colours that are long-lasting. When matched with white furniture and accessories, it exudes class and comfort all at the same time. It can make you stay in bed all day as it has a feel of Fall in the air.

Flower Box by Benjamin Moore


This unisex slate blue paint with a dash of lavender has a soothing effect on one’s mind. For those who prefer neutral colours, it appears soft and easy on the eyes. Flower box by Benjamin Moore, when paired with white or creamy upholstery, looks amazing. For better effects, dark-stained wooden or bright accents can be used. White bed linen or tangerine trim would give the room a cosy and comfortable look. The picture of this bedroom with the Flower box looks picture perfect with a warm and sunny ambience.

 Mindful Grey by Sherwin Williams

Mindful Grey by Sherwin William

Mindful grey by Sherwin Williams is a serene, calm and playful shade for the wall colour. It is a warm grey with green and taupe undertones. The green is more accentuated in mindful grey than in Repose grey. It is important to choose the right colours for furniture and other accessories to make the room appear more inviting and comfortable. Mindful grey looks amazing with a white quilt, grey pillow covers and curtains. For elegant bedroom furniture ideas, the floor rug can be white, and the couch or sofa in grey makes the bedroom more elegant and classier.

Swiss Coffee by Dunn Edwards

Swiss Coffee by Dunn Edwards

Dunn Edward’s Swiss Coffee is a part of the exclusive Curated Color Palette. This is a designer’s favorite shade as the colour was developed using hand-selected unique colours. This is one of the top-selling hues bought by designers all over the world. Swiss coffee is a creamy neutral white shade that goes well for both exterior and interior walls. It is a perfect choice for bedroom interior ideas like rustic Ranch or modern farmhouse design. It becomes dramatic when paired with black accents.

Gentleman’s grey by Benjamin Moore


Gentleman's Grey by Benjamin Moore is masculine and formal and looks almost navy which suggests traditional pea coats and perfectly tailored suits- that is how it got this name. This blue-grey colour is soothing in a bedroom. Dark colours make the bedroom appear like a cocoon, which is a place to snuggle for the night. This beautiful bedroom design with brown headboard and curtains looks classy. The blue on the remaining walls accentuates the interiors, with a few potted plants thrown in. The white bed linens and pillow covers complement the blue along with the white ceiling.

Calm by Benjamin Moore

Calm by Benjamin Moore.

Calm is off-white in colour with warm and soft grey with a touch of brown in it. Calm by Benjamin Moore is a part of the off-white colour collection. It is very sophisticated and versatile. It is a subtle variation of white that looks serene, tranquil and creates a colour enhancing accent in dynamic spaces. Calm is a collection of 152 off-white and white hues. It is the most appropriate colour for bedroom walls as it exudes a feeling of calm and quiet that is needed for a room where people have relaxing moments. 

 Nightingale by Benjamin Moore

Nightingale by Benjamin Moore.

Nightingale is a lovely grey with plum undertones and a part of the Affinity colour collection. It is a sophisticated palette of harmonious colour shades designed to bring out the colour vision with great confidence. Designing the interiors with wooden colours and contrasting darker shades of grey compliments the nightingale. It gives a calm and cosy ambience to the bedroom. Choose Nightingale for a lovely romantic bedroom design for your new home.


Before choosing the colour for your bedroom walls, you have to first plan what kind of effect you want to have in the bedroom. The colour of a room is very personal and has cultural associations too. While choosing the colour paint for your new bedroom, explore more options and do thorough research. Decide how you want to feel in your bedroom- happy, tranquil, relaxed, calm or just comfortable.  

Biege, yellow, creamy white and light grey are neutral and warm shades. They make the room look very inviting and homely.

Lavender, light pink, soft yellow and fresh blue are cool and light tones that offer a feeling of restfulness and calm. They are easier to pair with lively patterns, bright interiors and are less distracting.   

For vibrant bedrooms, dark purple, terra cotta and shades of gold can be chosen. They provide a much bolder colour scheme which is elegant as well as inviting.

There is a psychology behind choosing the colour for your walls. Darker shades can create a feeling of sadness and make you feel gloomy. Black is supposed to be associated with aggression and anger. In some countries, blue is supposed to ward off evil, so it is used on front doors. Dark green can make a person feel sad or indifferent. 

After the room has been painted with the right colour, it immediately creates an atmosphere to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. So, choose wisely the colour for your bedroom that will make you feel cosy and comfortable.