Latest Window Blinds Design Ideas for Homes

Published On: Dec 13, 2022

If you think that fabric curtains are passé and your windows deserve a more modernised treatment, you are looking in the right direction. Curtains have been every homeowner’s favourite accessory for a long time now. However, blinds designs have taken over the market with their versatility and better control of shade and light. Further, it also helps in enabling greater privacy than other curtains. 

With a plethora of patterns, materials, and designs available to personalise your home, there is no need to compromise on your decor style. 

What are Blinds? 

Blinds are covers of windows that are made from non-coated and coated fabric, light metal, and wood. These are usually supported with wooden, aluminium, and other robust components. These window shades are closed for privacy, tilt-adjusted to control light, block the light, and can be easily opened for an unhindered view of your stunning outdoors. 

Types of Latest Blinds Design

Explore these styles to choose the blind that would suit your aesthetic the most. 

1. Roller Blinds

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Roller blind’s designs blend practicality with charm, making a perfect home accessory. These styles range from traditional to contemporary making it a great fit for every room. Roller shades, as the name suggests, are window coverings that are made using natural or synthetic fabrics. They can be rolled up and down around a railing at the window's top. They are not just easy to install but economical as well. You can also consider double roller blinds which are available and suited with various window designs that embed valances and cornices. 

Best Suited For: Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office. 

2. Duplex Blinds

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Extremely stylish yet simple to utilise, duplex window blind designs let light enter a room in a double-phase system that transforms from sheer to opaque. These blinds work via a system of chains. Alternate strips of sheer and dim-out fabrics are aligned to curate a full dim-out blind, a full sheer blind, or a blend of the two. The duplex blind aces the look in any given environment. You are also spoilt for choice to choose from ample colour options. 

Best Suited For: Living Rooms

3. Wooden Blinds

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If you are looking to adorn your windows with earth, and natural tones, Wooden Venetian blinds are it. Available in numerous shades of wood colours and finishes, wooden blinds offer excellent light control. They are operated by synchronising control cords, controlling the inflow of light with the tilt-turn mechanism. A headrail system makes sure it runs smoothly and the matching pelmets ace the look. 

Best Suited For: Passageway or balcony

4. Sheer Horizon Blinds

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Sheer horizon blinds blend the style of a roller blind with the versatility of Venetian blinds. Sheer Horizon blind makes use of the tilt function to transform from dim out function to sheer that allows maximum light control. The availability in different colours offers an attractive and stylish substitute for Venetian blinds. 

5. Honeycomb Blinds

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This blinds interior design is an energy-centric option for offices or homes. The unique honeycomb construction ensures that the room is cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This results in saving up on energy of up to 25% in the majority of cases. Combined with a range of avant-garde designs and colours, the Honeycomb blind category is the ideal choice for any office or room. 

6. Pleated Blinds

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One of the most trendy blinds for windows design, pleated blinds provide both style and versatility to your window space. It is available in different patterns and colours to blend with all categories of interiors. The categories include night and day blinds, a combination of two pleated fabrics, or the Bottom Up, Top Down collection, rendering the freedom of positioning exactly where you require on the window. 

7. Panel Blinds

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Perfect for large windows, panel blinds utilise a gliding system to ensure convenient operation, methodically stacking various panels to one side of the window when in an open position. You can also slide it over the entire width of any window to curate a spectacle in your living room. Hop on to this window coverage accelerated with a contemporary twist, available in both hard and soft fabric.  

8. Cladded Blinds

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Cladded blinds offer systematic light control in a refreshing and unique way. Cladded blinds also offer the adaptability of a Venetian blind, available in a wide range of fabrics. It makes regulating light with a turn and tilt mechanism a piece of cake, owing to the coordinating ladder tapes and control cords. 

9. Vertical Blinds

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Operating vertical blinds is simple and smooth, owing to the suave slim-line system. These blinds designs can turn, tilt, or stack to any side of the window, so that you can completely control the flow of light. These window blind ideas are available in a variety of textures and colours that blend with every type of environment. 

10. Aluminium Venetian Blinds

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The turnkey aluminium Venetian blinds designs can be availed in a wide range of fashionable colours. These light-controlling devices are operated by coordinating control cords, and the tilt-turn system. A colour-coordinated and sleek head rail system makes sure that there is a smooth operation, while also resulting in an elegant yet simple blind. 

11. Romex Blinds

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Romex blind design helps curate a stunning focal point in any room. These window blind designs are available in sheer, standard, or blackout fabric options. The Romex blinds are the ideal modern alternative to curtains or soft Roman blinds. However, they offer the highest level of practicality and immense beauty. 

How to Choose the Right Blind Design

  • Buy blinds as per how it controls the flow of light entering your room. The blinds designs that filter light are ideal for dining and drawing rooms. Choose duplex or sheer horizon blinds to let a comfortable amount of light seep in. 
  • Blackout blinds are the perfect blind window design that blocks all or majority of the light entering a room. It is ideal for bedrooms so that you can sleep or binge-watch your favourite series peacefully. 
  • From natural subtle tones to bright splashes, you should be decisive about how you want the blinds to blend with your room's interior decor. You should also be clear about the visual impact you want the blinds to make. 
  • The material of the blinds should be chosen carefully, depending on your room. For instance, wet zones like kitchens or bathrooms should be adorned with water-resistant blinds that are easy to maintain and clean. Aluminium venetian blinds are the ideal choice for such spaces. 

Latest Blinds Design Ideas

It's time to give your home a contemporary makeover!

1. Window Zebra Blinds

Source: Pinterest

Vision blinds or zebra blinds consist of two layers of opaque or translucent horizontal slats, rendering a contrasting look. They offer the same value as Venetian blinds as they are opened by twisting the slats. This classic vertical blinds design makes the room look elegant and upscale. 

2. Floral Patterned Blinds

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Spruce up your room's decor by installing blinds that have decorative patterns. Floral patterns are in trend for your home's interiors. Besides floral blinds designs, you can even opt for geometric shapes or quirky designs for a dramatic and contemporary effect. 

3. Window Blind Design with Curtains

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Layering your bedroom curtains with blinds will help achieve a blackout effect. Roman blinds for the bedroom would result in elegant interiors. When you are planning out the design theme of your room, opt for matching colours of the blinds and drapes. Complement this overall look with wallpapers for a designer touch. 

4. Bathroom Window Blind Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Instead of opting for curtains that block the light completely, shutters or blinds with subtle shades would match your bathroom's decor. Minimalist design is the key here. You can also embellish your modern bathroom with decorative valance.  

Let the Blinds Shine!

Window blinds designs will work wonders to make your abode a smart home. Choosing a blind design is not an easy task, as it requires extensive deliberation into the one which would suit your kitchen interior the best. The style, size, shape, design, and colours must complement your personal taste while accentuating the other decor elements. For more window blind design ideas contact Interior Company. 

*Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    What types of blind designs are in style in 2022?

    Automated shades and blinds, roller shades, Roman shades, cellular shades, silhouette shades, and banded shades are the trending window blinds designs for 2022.

    What is the most popular blind window design in 2022?

    Owing to their minimalist design, roller shades are the latest blinds design that has taken the world of kitchen interior decor by storm.

    Which blinds designs are most fashionable?

    Wooden blinds are the most fashionable blinds for window design in 2022. These roller blinds are an excellent alternative to using fabric. They are mostly executed in the classic horizontal panels and impress with their aesthetics.