Stunning Wallpaper Designs Ideas To Take Your Space To The Next Level

Published On: Feb 23, 2022

In our constantly changing world, it is hard to catch up with the latest trends when it comes to wallpaper designs. It is difficult to choose from several beautiful designs that are available in the market for each mood and setting. Wallpaper designs can instantly change the mood of any room by adding colours and patterns like a painting on an empty canvas. Wall paints and enamels are  compelling options but nothing can beat a stunning wallpaper by design. As they say, your room tells a lot about you, wallpapers come in varieties of textures, colours and prints that reflect a person's taste. 

Here is a guide to finding your perfect wall-mate!


The trends repeat themselves with time and that's how we will describe the trends for 2022. 


In the 1930s, making art more public with the popularisation of modern art became a trend. Murals can be easily understood by what we call graffiti. Mural wallpapers can have different themes.  For instance, nature-inspired murals depict growth and greenery, a cityscape or any other scenery. The reason why murals are so popular is because they act like a window to another setting that one might want to see, a glimpse of sanity from the chaos.


Art Deco

Originated from France in 1910 and matured during the 1920s, Art Deco majorly portrays clean designs, simplicity or a streamlined look promoting the modernity of the machinery. Art Deco can also include 3D textures, it attaches tangibility in between the art and its admirer. It can be a great option for those who want to experiment with different textures and to add something that is bold and expressive. 

Art Deco  


 A favourite of the then upper-middle class and a design that features a unique pattern on every inch. It can be easily understood by saying Western or European aesthetics inspired by East Asian artistic traditions; a collection of whimsical patterns and pastel shades. 


Spring it up!

Chinoiserie Incorporating a spring palette is a hot trend, including a combination of several colours and prints along with flora and fauna. Like spring symbolises growth and rejuvenation,a reconnection that we lack from today’s hustlesome environment, the room should spark joy in the hearts of the inhabitants. Chinoiserie 2 Spring wallpapers come in several designs such as florals, ferns as well as botanicals. Whether you choose teal tones, pistachio green or a wallpaper that is filled with beautiful colourful flowers all over it.  spring it up Including some colour in the children's bedroom with beautiful pink flower motifs and contrasting lenin spreads along with wooden furniture brings the whole room together and gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. 

Textured Wallpaper Designs

Textured Wallpapers   Textured wallpaper designs add depth and definition to any wall. They are much easier to install as compared to plastered and painted accent walls. It is an eccentric way to amp up any space where you don’t want bold colours or prints. The options range from rustic to luxurious. There are various types of textured for different settings, offering rich and intricate designs as well as simple and minimalistic.  Textured Wallpapers The soothing tones of greys and orange fill up the room with a cosy mood. Here the minimalistic wall is perfectly complementing the light coloured bed with the rust orange throw pillows and carpet.  Textured Wallpapers 2 Whether you enjoy a visual texture or wish to inculcate a tactile feel or hide imperfections on any wall, textured wallpapers are the perfect choice.

Wallpaper Designs for Ceiling

  The fifth wall is the new accent wall, why confine the textures and decorations upto 4 walls only? One can also put wallpapers on the ceiling to match all five walls which creates an illusion of height. Adding prints or textures to the ceiling can give a visual interest, it is recommended for installation in a nursery which will expose the child to recognise different colours, patterns and textures even when inside a room.  Wallpaper for Ceiling

Subtle Heritage Wallpaper

The wallpaper in the intricate traditional print and uniform pattern works nicely with a neutral toned bedroom. The addition of wooden drawers not only gives the decor a vintage look but also concludes the entire layout.  Subtle Heritage Wallpaper

Bold Coloured Wallpapers 

How  captivating would it be to walk into a room full of your favourite colours? Bold Coloured Wallpapers Don't shy away from the bold choice of pop colour for wallpapers, you can choose what goes on your walls after keeping in consideration the materials and decorations.  Many homeowners think the wall colours should be the centre of attraction, whereas, an extremely bold wall can look good behind large pieces of furniture when arranged with a keen eye of mindful organisation.  Bold Coloured Wallpapers 2 Using bold colours as backdrops can leave a great impression just like this mesmerising yellow hued room, which makes you happy just by looking at it. The accent wall with a geometrically designed wall.

Final Thoughts

While catching up with the trends, it is always important to keep in mind which colour of wallpaper design caters to your taste.The history repeated itself and murals, Chinoiserie and Art Deco have come back to trend after the 20th century. With the spring flourishing has brought some botanical favourites for the homeowners to choose from this season. Incorporating these tips while choosing a wallpaper for your hood will definitely come in handy. For more such interior decor ideas, reach out to the Interior Company.

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Q. How much does wallpaper cost?

The cost of one wallpaper roll could range anywhere between Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000, depending on the variety and texture of choice. The installation charge can vary between Rs 200 to Rs 500 per roll, depending on the company or workers one is hiring.

Q. Is wallpaper better than paint?

Wallpaper has been utilised as a decorative feature in interior spaces since the 18th century. Used to cover the stone walls, keeping heat out and making their apartments colourful.

Q. Is painting walls more economical than using wallpaper?

It's actually cheaper to paint a room than it is to  apply a wallpaper, but wallpapers have a longer life-span so the costs even out over time. 

Q. Where can I buy cheap but beautiful wallpaper options?

Shop from top companies such as Marchell’s , D’Decor, Elementto, Patton Norwal, Artworks, Advanta and Antonina Vella, to buy inexpensive wallpapers.