Fabulous Blue Paint Colours for a Beautiful Home

Published On: Nov 14, 2022

What will be your answer if we ask you what place you want to go for vacation? If any of you thought about the beach or ocean, why not bring that up in your home? 

Blue may be the most versatile colour choice for your home. Why should you believe us? Maybe the question is in your mind right now. Don’t worry, we will give you some legitimate reasons why your home requires blue paint colour. The colour blue has a psychological link to calmness and peace, the exact feeling we want from our homes. Moreover, depending on the shade o his chameleon-like colour. Where the lighter shades will make your home a vibrant ocean side, whereas the darker hues will take you to the depths of the ocean. The versatility of the blue wall paint shade is that it can adjust to any aesthetic without any trouble.

 Light and dark shades of blue paint colour can make the room appear larger and more intimate, respectively. Even the Pantone colour of the year is a shade of blue (Veri Peri)! Whether your decor is uber-traditional or contemporary, blue wall paint can swoop right into your definitive choices. 

Blue Wall Paint Shades for the Bedroom 

Source: Pinterest

This blue wall paint bedroom is a heaven on earth. Why are we calling it heaven? Because the baby blue and the dark accent furniture items look heavenly with the plain white bed topped with blue paint-shaded throw pillows. The designer has completed the look with a black chandelier to add a pop of colour to this well-ventilated and ambient bedroom. 

Source: Pinterest

Who said darker shades of blue wall paint aren’t good Feng Shui for your bedroom? This enigmatic bedroom consists of Persian blue wall paint that brings out most of your walls. It adds a sense of regalia. Doesn't this image look straight like in Buckingham Palace?  The touch of colour on the bedspread and the moulded walls gave this blue wall paint bedroom a focal point.  

Blue Paint Colours that Suit your Living Room 

Source: Pinterest

This blue paint colour living room is a reader’s favourite place. The dark blue colour walls add a sense of royalty to the walls, even though the walls are hardly visible. The bookshelf makes a great accent wall when paired with a velvet couch. Touché¨! The ceiling wallpaper is also a great addition to include the 5th wall in your decoration strike. 

Source: Pinterest

Not a fan of darker hues? Don’t worry because we’ve got you. This icy blue interior is the perfect blue colour wall living room. It acts as a marvellous replacement for any shade if you want to redecorate this Christmas season. Even Elsa wouldn’t let it go this time! 

Persian Patio 

Source: Pinterest

The patio is one of the most important places to keep on point because it is the first place for anyone to notice before they enter your house. It is advised to make a good first impression.  The blue paint colour accents used in this image will attract some glances from passers-by. With the baby blue wall paint, add a few accent pieces like an ottoman, pots and a rug to complete your look. 

Source: Pinterest

It will be unfair if we don’t provide an alternative solution for your blue paint colour ideas. This shed-like patio is a perfect replacement for your living room when you want to relax in the fresh air and still want to lounge. This is also a great way of creating a space for having a silent brunch or an after-dinner drinks scene with your guests. 

Fifty Shades of the Blue Balcony 

Source: Pinterest

We all love a balcony, don’t we? Then re-designing the space with your favourite colour is a must! Even the balcony can be painted with bright colours. This blue paint colour balcony is a dream come true. With a combination of blue and pink, you can paint a mural like this one with parakeets and toucans to add a tropical twist.  

Complete the blue wall paint shades interior with some flamingo pink furniture. Do you know what looks the best? The arch is coloured pink from the inner arc and blue from the outside. 

Blue Colour Walls for Kids' Room 

Firstly, let us clear this out; these blue wall paint kids’ bedroom ideas are gender non-conforming. Kids, beware! Your parents might not want to leave your room after this stunning design is incorporated into the bedroom. This blue paint colour is calming and also symbolises peace and balance. The lights are the focal point. 

Source: Pinterest

Paint the room blue they said! After looking at this nursery design, this is for sure that blue wall paint is an ideal colour for a bedroom. The calming vibes from the shade will make your baby have a sound sleep. The coastal theme is a great choice and will definitely grow with your child without a need to change. 

Source: Pinterest

Paint the room blue, they said! Make the most of the space, they said!  After looking at this room, it will be hard to get your kids to leave the room, is what we are guessing. This levitating bedroom design is not just attractive but is also a very good preference to foster a night of sound sleep. 

Blue Paint Colour Ideas for the Bathroom 

Using tiles in a bathroom is pretty common, but using this dark shade of blue paint will change your interiors. The glossy subway tiles add the required boldness to the contemporary style of this bathroom. To complete the interiors, you can also opt for some gold hardware. Adding colour is a huge commitment, but it is an incredible statement when used strategically in the right places.  

Source: Pinterest

What is better than using marble in the house? And when the marble is this beautiful and colourful it is like a cherry on top. The gold and white veins in the marble make it more unique than what we get in the market. 

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In a Nutshell

Following colour psychology, blue is generally one of the most favourite colours. The colour also awakens feelings of calmness and tranquillity. In contrast, it can also associate with sadness, but we aren't here to talk about Monday Blues. It also helps lower the pulse and also body temperature. Blue wall paint designs evoke a sense of excitement and elevate the interiors of a house. Get in touch with the Interior Company and create your own space with some blue paint colours. 


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    What shades of blue are best for home?

    Shades best for painting your home are ice blue, navy blue, powder blue and royal blue.

    What is a blue colour personality?

    Those with blue colour personalities often have enthusiasm, sympathy, idealism, imagination and passion.

    What does the colour blue symbolise?

    The colour blue represents both water and the sky, which is associated with freedom, space and imagination. Lue colour also represents depth, peace, trust, confidence, stability and wisdom.

    Is it okay to add different shades of blue in one room?

    Yes, it is okay to add different shades o the blue colour family in one room. The only thing one should keep in mind is to balance the patterns and textures so that the room doesn’t look cluttered.

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