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9 Amazing Ideas of Modern Partition for Living Room

Published On: Oct 26, 2021

Over the recent years, the style and interiors of Indian homes have changed to a great extent. Huge mansions are now being reduced in size not because space is scarce but because the maintenance of these massive houses becomes daunting. Though this one is surely a hard pass, the modern designs compensate for it to every bit. And with modern designs comes along the idea of segregation without breaking the harmony of the interiors. If you are a person with a common space for the living room, kitchen, and dining room then we are here with the partition design for the living room to your rescue.

Partitions are no longer regarded as a separation diving two rooms. The partition for the living room is now a crucial part of the home interiors. The partition designs between living dining or kitchen should also be blended with the other home interiors to make them look a fine part of your home and not just a stand-alone partition. And there is a way more complex thought process and creativity involved in this than you could imagine. Hence, here is a list of 10 modern partitions for living room that are sure to make you and your visitors sway off your feet

G for glow and G for glass is all that you need

When you have a space crunch, it is still possible to make your living room and dining room separate with some exquisite simple partition design for living room and dining hall that is made of glass. And you will not believe your eyes when you see how a single piece of glass can do wonders for your small apartment. If your apartment has a white background and wooden flooring then nothing could be better than a glass partition. The combination of glass and white backdrop will make your apartment look larger and well-ventilated. To add a little more, white drapes are glass separators' best friend and complements them to the fullest.

You will love to go behind these jail bars

Another appealing hall partition design between living dining is a vertically placed wooden lattice design which is a sure shot to add warmth to the ambience of your house. You can either go for a sliding separator or one that covers only half of the entrance which gives you the vibes of a rustic cottage while adding a statement to your apartment.

Glass partitions with framing will be your favourite

Are you a little skeptical about placing a large glass piece as a separator in your house or do you find it to be too plain? If yes, then the glass separators with rectangular or square wooden or iron frames around them will be your answer. These are some of the best modern hall partition designs because these can make your hall look effortlessly done while separating your living and dining area. This idea of partition can rightly be compared with a set of glasses that have been framed right

Your aura reveals through wooden brick walls

For every vintage lover out there, the home interiors are incomplete without the addition of raw-looking bricks as an element. And wooden partition walls for living room giving the appearance of raw brick bring home the much-needed boho vibe. Undoubtedly, these walls look stunning, but they are also an easy maintenance option when it comes to the category of modern partition wall designs living room. A great tip to make it look livelier is to add greens around these wooden brick wall partitions. And who does not want to enjoy the vibe of being outdoors while sitting comfortably in the proximity of your home?

With partitions, all that glitters is surely gold

Lattice patterns as separators in the shade of gold instantly adds a royal and intriguing vibe to your home. Designs carved on the sheets will not take up much space in your home but will give your area the required makeover. The modern partition for the living room as a beautifully crafted golden lattice pattern will give a posh-looking separation to your living and kitchen area. And when a partition is as radiant as this one, the need for extra embellishments stays only at the back of your mind.

Believe it or not partitions in shapes are quite in

If your living rooms have tall windows, then know that there will be a flow of light in every corner of the house. Having a huge partition to block the light from entering the area of the kitchen is not the best fir but using partitions in shapes of heptagons, circles, squares, or an entire honeycomb design will make the area appear breezy and airy without blocking the complete light. The addition of partitions consisting of circles, heptagons, and other shapes will make your separator look anything but a simple living room partition

Basic yet not so basic wooden partition walls

In studio apartments or houses with a space crunch, even the walls serve multiple purposes. Almost every element comes with the idea of using it as furniture and every corner comes with the idea of storage. And wooden partitions that are neat can be used in varied ways to serve the purpose. Using wooden partitions horizontally as dining tables will serve you two purposes one of being an amazing separator and the other of being a dining table. You will realize that only with a single element you created a partition and dining table for your home without succumbing to the space scarcity of your home

Go all creative with some fun carvings

Every house should have a natural light penetrating through its windows but the light should not be blinding for the inhabitants. Go for partition design for hall that has some quirky carvings in it. These partitions work as filters by letting in only the right amount of light and blocking the excess light penetrating inside the house. Besides serving the purpose of separating your living room and kitchen these modern designs give a complete modular look to your house. Hence, the elegance and abstractness of your house remain well-balanced

One can never have enough greens in the house

The best wooden partition design between living dining is a carved-out wooden frame whose carvings can be utilized to grow some indoor plants. The combination of green leaves with your home’s existing accent is sure to make you go gaga over the ambience that it brings to your abode. Nothing beats the charm of adding greens to the wooden cutouts of your area partition and go all-natural with the vibe of your home. Make sure that you eat your greens but only after growing them.

With such an amazing modern partition for living room ideas, you are sure to get your home a vibe that suits your personality. So, go bold, go simple, or go all quirky when it comes to living room partition ideas because these elements will let your abode do the talking!