Hands-On Stunning Partition Designs To Create Distinct Space

Published On: Oct 19, 2021

The interiors of a house showcase the difference between a building and a home. It’s essential that while decorating the inside of your home, the interiors do not clash against each other. There should be harmony in the colour, design as well as material used in furniture and decorations. If you’re following a theme of wooden or metal furniture, you should start by exploring the depths of modern partition for living room and dining.

Partitions have been seen since ancient times. Earlier these were made from stone. Currently, the most popular material is wood, followed closely by metal and plastic. Partitions are usually used to demarcate areas in a home where the rooms are divided by walls.

With houses getting smaller and smaller as metropolitan areas get more populated, it has become the need of the era to manage the space in their homes well. Using decorative elements like partitions, tables and cupboards allows a person to add additional storage space as well as to demarcate specific areas of the house.

Stylish Partition Designs To Radiate Modern Charm

modern partition for living room

The partition is basically a translucent or opaque barrier between two rooms. People usually prefer partitions through which the other rooms are visible. In earlier times, these were used to separate the kitchen and bathrooms from the rest of the household. In most modern homes, the living room is attached to the kitchen and the dining hall. This results in a large open space that starts from the kitchen and ends on the living room walls. 

The partition design between living dining room allows the homeowner to mark separate areas for food and lounging. It also looks very stylish and shows the thought that went into designing the home. There are countless styles of Modern partition for living room and dining available in the market at a wide range of prices. 

All you need is a simple partition design between living dining rooms to make the best use of space without clashing with the existing decor elements. Some simple living room partition elements can be just interior, while some are multipurpose partitions for smaller homes. Some designs are specially for homes that are in need of additional storage space.

Modern Partition  For Living Room and Dining Space

Sometimes creating a partition becomes extremely important and in such situations, it is best to go with wooden themes. Here is a rundown of wooden partition designs between living dining to offer a perplexing look to the home decor while creating the vital separation within the space. There exists a broad range of wooden partition walls for the living room and we have listed a few of them for your ease.

The Orthodox Style

modern partition for living room

A partition with a paisley or mandala pattern cut into a wood looks very elegant as a divider. The design allows ample light to pass through it. The design can be created on metal, wood, and even plastic. Such designs have been a part of the ancient architecture of the Indian subcontinent. These patterns are usually found in castles and are made of stone.

Crockery Storage Unit

Crockery Storage Unit as a partition

Who says the partition cannot be functional! You can rely on a wooden partition for the living room by using its large cupboard as a partition and keep your more expensive or designer crockery in it. It serves multiple functions i.e. the crockery is easily accessible in case of special guests, you don’t need extra space for crockery, the partition looks beautiful with glass or crystal utensils. This style has been very popular in the Indian subcontinent for several decades.

Carved Motifs For Partition

carved motifs as partition

Motifs can be carved onto wood, metal, or plastic sheets which are attached to the walls and floor between the living room and dining room. These motifs can be customized or the customer can use the pre-existing designs. Usually, people prefer leaves, trees, mandalas, or abstract designs to add a special feature into their homes. There is a wide variety of motifs, colour, and materials available in the market for this type of partition design.

Miniature Garden Wall As a Partition

miniature garden as partition

A bookshelf or a tall cupboard can be converted into a mini indoor garden. Instead of using the cupboard as a storage unit or the bookshelf for books, you can place flower pots on them. You can also use succulents for decoration. Since flowers and most plants require sunlight to live, it’s best to use the plants that require less amount of sunlight. Succulents and decorative plants are ideal for such a partition. This design brings a breath of fresh air to the room and makes the person live closer to nature.

Geometric Patterns

Random geometric patterns are cut into wood, metal, or plastic sheets. The design is then painted, usually with gold or silver. Geometric patterns are very pleasing to the eye and look great with bright interiors. These are versatile and give the living room a very fresh feeling. These days, the geometric patterns are cut with laser-cutters and thus these partitions are usually inexpensive.

Abstract Metal Design

Abstract metal partition design

Solid or hollow metal pipes are bent into abstract shapes to fit into a large rectangular frame. These shapes could be anything. The design is rather funky and adds a fun element to the room. It is best to go with hollow pipes as that is quite light. On the other hand, the design made using solid metal pipes will be both very expensive and very heavy. The metal can be painted in any colour to match the interiors.

Simple Wooden Partition

Simple wooden partition

Wooden Partitions are very versatile and suit almost every type and colour of furniture and interiors. A simple wooden partition consists of wooden beams attached horizontally onto a wooden frame. These look like the shutters of a window. The design is very simple and classy. This type of partition has been used for countless years in the history of interior design. The design looks best in wood and not in metal.

Vertical Wooden Partition

Tall wooden slats are attached onto a frame and placed between the living and dining room. You can vary the length and width of the wooden beams. You can also change the colour according to your wishes. It is best to avoid using metal in this design as it appears very prison-like with metal bars. Wooden panels look very sophisticated and give a beautiful finish to the living room.

Multipurpose Bar As a Partition

multipurpose bar partition design

In modern homes, there is very little space and everything has to be adjusted. To add a partition to your home without taking up additional space, just add a bar and bar stool in the area separating the dining and living rooms. This way the area is still highly functional and you have a place to set up a bar in your own home. It looks very stylish and is a perfect fit for young adults.

Art Exhibit As Partition

It is one of the funkiest styles of partition. You can either use a shelf and place sculptures, vases, or statues or use a panel to showcase paintings. This is great for an artist as they can show off their own artwork in their home. It also acts as a great topic of conversation as it appears very interesting to anyone visiting your home.

Half-Sized Partition

The partition is small in size and acts as a barrier between the living and dining room. It can be a cupboard, shelf, or simply a panel separating only the lower part of the room. This way you can still see inside the dining room clearly but the area of the living room and dining room has been separated.

False Brick Partitions

false brick partition design

The false brick design can be made in two ways. The first style is a brick cut-out on wood or metal. It’s basically a hollow metal frame that projects a brick pattern on the floor when light is passed through it. The second style is a wall with a brick-like overlay/paint on it to make it appear like an exposed brick wall. This type of modern partition for living room brings a very rugged look.

Bookshelf As Partition

One of the most popular choices for a partition, bookshelf partitions have been in style for centuries. They’re simple, classy, and have high functionality. They also provide a very cozy feeling to the living room. Since bookshelves are multipurpose, you can keep books as well as vases and decorative items on them.

Sliding Curtain-Type Partition

curtain partition for living room and dining

A large wooden or metal frame is constructed and curtain rods are attached to it. The curtains can be customized as per the wishes of the client. The curtains can be moved according to the requirement. For maximum privacy, thick curtains are attached to the frame from top and bottom. You can also substitute with translucent designer patterned curtains that will look stylish.

Television + Fireplace Partition

modern partition for living room and dining

A very cool style, it consists of a long wooden rectangular frame. The bottom part of the frame has a fireplace built into it. It can be a real fireplace or an electric one. The upper half has a television attached which rotates 180 degrees so that it’s accessible from both sides. This partition acts as a stylish entertainment centre and provides comfort during winters as well.

Folding Doors As Partition

folding door partition for living room

A portable partition consists of 3-4 doors that can be moved according to the requirement. The doors fold into one thick door. The portable doors are made from thick wood and are very heavy. The doors can be designed as solid wood or with patterns cut into them. The solid wooden one will provide maximum privacy whereas the ones with patterns on them look very stylish.

In a Nutshell

The mentioned partition designs between living and dining are wide-ranging and encapsulate everything. These modern partition for living room are perfect for every sort of requirement from cost-saving to space-saviors. Well, it’s not an end as there is a lot more to traverse. Engage yourself with living room partition designs and give your home the perfect gaze you desire for.