14 Modern Dining Table Design Ideas for Your Eating Space

Published On: Feb 8, 2023

Apicius rightly said, “We eat first with our eyes”.

In today’s fast-paced life, arranging that one family meal together has become a more tedious task than ever. An uninspiring dining space that does not create a spark makes it even more difficult. Modern dining table designs not only make for an attractive focal point but also help in igniting interesting conversations.

A contemporary dining table design that offers ample space, seating, and comfort are ideal for both utilitarian and functional purposes. We have enumerated some of the most unique dining table designs, a little something for every budget and design. So, without further ado, let's get styling!

Dining Table Design Ideas

Daring and delightful, these modern dining table designs are for the win!

1. Contemporary Setting

Source: Pinterest

Exquisite and unique, this dining table design is an epitome of a contemporary look. The sleek marble benchtop, standing on the metallic centre has been replicated from the modernist era. The chairs match the contemporary theme made out of plush fabric and metal. The chairs serve dual purposes with a stylish look and relaxed seating. This is an irresistible addition to your home thanks to the combination of black, gold, and white!

2. Rustic Charm

Source: Pinterest

If you are looking to give your dining space a rustic touch, then this farmhouse style could do the trick. A medium-sized table, two seats, and a side bench usually come in a set. This is the base model, but additional expensive variations feature plush cushions, marble benchtops, and opulent upholstery to lend a stylish touch. The versatile bench can be utilised as a comfortable place to sit and catch up on some chats. 

3. Foldable Fashion

Source: Pinterest

This cutting-edge foldable dining table is made to be a fantastic space saver for your home! Without obstructing the walkway, the wall-mounted table offers you a display showcase or a minibar. These tables have a simple folding and an expanding mechanism that requires minimal practice to use. The table may be securely “packed” inside the wall mount slot to simulate a faux wooden wall when not in use.

4. Resin Reign

Source: Pinterest

Embellished with a stunning resin look, this is one of the most trendy modern wooden dining table designs. A beautiful epoxy river was created on the tabletop utilising unique materials. The room has a natural appearance thanks to the use of wood and the cold blue “frozen river,” which transports us to the peaceful countryside. The river’s hues and shape can be altered as per your personal style. 

5. Regal Renaissance 

Source: Pinterest

Your home will have exclusivity and individuality thanks to this modern dining table design. The sturdy dining table is constructed of teak wood and has a light-reflecting glossy surface polishing. Choose this 8-seater table for an open kitchen design or a large home with plenty of room for it to stand out. The intricate seats are built with a sleek and artistic style to complement the table’s splendour.

6. Stunning Steel 

Source: Pinterest

Steel is a better alternative than wood or glass for a dining table that requires less maintenance. The shiny metal body is robust and fairly easy to clean. The surface has a powder coating to prevent rust or corrosion brought on by weather changes. Leather and foam seats can be used as an alternative to traditional wooden seats for added comfort. These dining table design ideas work wonders in tiny houses with constrained space. 

7. Glass Glory

Source: Pinterest

This gorgeous glass dining table is the one for you if simplicity is your style! The edgy design includes a special leg configuration that enhances the table’s strength and appearance. The legs of the table are securely fastened, and the rounded corners complete the look. This attractive design gives your space a contemporary feel and works well with practically any home design concept. The chairs have a straightforward construction with leather cushions.

8. Intelligent Italian 

Source: Pinterest

This dining table design is a fantastic complement to your lovely home thanks to its luxury workmanship. The table has a magnificent design with a tabletop made of marble and a linked metal base that takes its appearance to the next level. To increase the style aspect, the statement chairs are built with high-end fabric and quilted leather. This magnificent piece of furniture combines undeniable charm and excellent usefulness.

9. Captivating Copper 

Source: Pinterest

Eye-catching legs fashioned out of HDF carry this copper-based unique dining table design. It is ideal for family and friends to perch on comfortably and in the utmost style. The combination of chairs with sleek legs and bench makes it easy to interchange seating and add a sense of expanse as per the number of guests and occasion. The table also fits in tight spaces and has no sharp corners to bump into.

10. Melodious Medley

Source: Pinterest

Medley is one of the latest wooden dining table designs. It has a wooden top and a metal tube frame. With its brilliant colours and simple accessibility, this design exudes the freshness of a wonderful day. Medley guarantees a cosy dining experience regardless of the shape of your area. Alternately, mix and match various styles within the area to create a more harmonious atmosphere.

11. Tangle Table

Source: Pinterest

This gorgeous custom dining, which features a hardwood round leg base with a walnut stain finish, was inspired by sophisticated mid-century designs. Its brown top adds a stylish finishing touch. This bespoke and unique dining table design can be decked up in any room aesthetic. Include this in the new dining room to add a stylish punch thanks to the brown glass top. Tangle makes the little eating area beautiful and cosy while saving space. To accommodate a greater number of guests, a few soft-seat chairs can be added.

12. Vanessa Dining Tables

Source: Pinterest

Any dining space can benefit from the inclusion of the Vanessa dining table set. High-quality HDF and a glass top are combined to create this beautifully crafted table. This six-seat table’s heavy-duty V-shaped legs guarantee comfortable seating. Furthermore, the spotless glass top gives it an effortless, approachable style. In this dining room, the fusion of wood panelling and modern decor components cannot be understated. A variety of chic chairs can be added to the table for a cosy, intimate dining experience.

13. Double Pedestal 

Source: Pinterest

This double pedestal unique dining table design is a mixed-wood piece with a modern silhouette. The off-white pedestal base renders a mesmerising neutral tone. This elegant dining table will fit in well with minimalist interiors and contemporary laconic decor. 

14. Whimsical White

Source: Pinterest

This French bistro-style table is a stylish foundation for modern dining rooms and eat-in kitchens alike. It is appropriately proportioned for private coffee mornings or family dinners for four. An appealing stem of white lacquered engineered hardwood, divided into three, sits on a grey-veined marble surface to produce a stylish, contemporary look.

Dine 'In' Like a Pro!

From traditional wooden to marvellous marble, the list of unique table design ideas is extensively beautiful. We are sure that every homemaker will be able to find a style that suits their personal style and fits their budget. For more captivating dining space blueprints, contact our experts at Interior Company.


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    Q 1. What shape of modern dining table design saves the most space?

    Ans. A round modern dining table design is suitable for smaller spaces than a rectangle or square one. Since round tables have no corners, it has a smaller footprint, and hence requires the least space.

    Q 2. What unique dining table design makes rooms look bigger?

    Ans. Glass tables accompanied with lucite chairs are perfect for giving an illusion of a larger space. They make a room look bigger.

    Q 3. Which dining table design ideas are in trend in 2022?

    Ans. In 2022, the focus is on modern dining table designs with bold table legs apart from smoked glass table tops.

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