7 Modern Glass Dining Table Design Ideas to Enhance Your Dining Space

Published On: Jan 19, 2023

Having a balanced meal every day is very important and to have that you need a specified space that you feel comfortable in. Having a dining table in your home is a necessity, a place where the whole family gathers to eat and make memories. A glass dining table, however, is an excellent, modern choice to give your room a pinch of sophistication and a nip of class that will help create your visionary dreamland. 

Without further ado, let’s get down to choosing from the array of glass dining table designs below. 

1. Bring the Sunset To Your Dining

Source: Pinterest

This neo-contemporary dining table is a unique way of allowing some sunshine into your room even if the room doesn’t have a window. This tinted glass dining table design ushers an accent in the plain white room making an avant-garde setting. The simplicity of the design and the quirk in the chairs added with this setting will definitely make some heads turn. 

2. All Glass Finish

Source: Pinterest

The all-glass look of this dining room is captivating yet a dangerous sign for most audiences. As much as we would love to have this in our own home the only thing that will keep bothering us will be what if something breaks? Well, that’s a risk we are willing to take my friend. The glass used in making the seats is a tempered piece which is not easily breakable. And sometimes a shiny piece of plastic is used to make it more durable. 

3. Mid-Century Furnishing

Source: Pinterest

A mid-century glass design dining room is ideal if you prefer a neutral colour palette that is pleasing to the eye and easy to decorate and maintain. To add a little texture, instead of a wooden table, we suggest choosing a modern rectangular glass dining table design with a solid decorative wooden base. In the colour of your choice, pair it with a muted wooden or puff chair set. If you’ve opted for a neutral shade, add a rug or pendant lights to add a little colour. For a warm, natural look, choose consistent warm tones and choose darker wood tones. 

4. Decor Parisien

Source: Pinterest

Straight from Paré­, this dining room is a dream come true. 

This might become a museum in your home where food is strictly prohibited to maintain the essence

The use of bold colours in this room makes it stand out completely from the rest of the house.

The oval-shaped glass dining table design is enough to seat a bunch of people. To enhance the interior, even more, the key is to add some pattern under the feet and a bug chandelier overhead.

5. Round Dining Tables

Source: Pinterest

A Modern dining table is the key to style if you are looking to save space. This sleek design is simple and elegant and fits to adjust with all styles and taste palettes. The use of the oak base is one of the most coveted high-quality furniture varieties. 

6. Classic Wood Framed

Source: Pinterest

If you are a fan of your simple and old designs, then this wooden glass dining table design is an option we would suggest. A simple laid-back design with a wooden structure helps provide a stable and comfortable base for the glass to sit on. Wooden and neutral tones bring a sombre feel to your home. 

7. A Luxurious 10 Seater

Source: Pinterest

When hosting a big party of people, the basic 4-seater doesn’t help. That’s when this 10-seater glass dining table design comes in handy. The luxurious appeal of this table is spellbinding, along with the gold paired with fur accent and emerald green backrest. This regal collection of high-quality furniture is a great way to amp up your dining space. Add some paintings and gold pendant lighting and you are good to go. 

How Can You Decorate Your Glass Design Dining Table? 

Decorating the dining table isn't as difficult as one might think it is. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep it simple so that there is enough space for you to place your cutlery. 

You must be thinking, is there even a need to decorate your dining table? 

Well, when you are eating not only is it vital to sit in a clean environment but also in a space that makes you feel happy. These embellishments will help create a lively and embracing atmosphere. 

Create a simple set-up using your salt and pepper shakers or go a little over the top in using seasonal decor. One can also use candles, coaters, table placements, planters or flowers and table runners. 

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Make A Choice 

Glass dining tables are a classy option to set your dining room with. They add glamour and style to the space making it an ideal setting for a peaceful meal. We hope this blog came in handy with your research to find the furniture for your home. For more information contact Interior Company or log on to www.interiorcompany.com.


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    How do you manage a glass dining table?

    There are some simple steps that can assist you in taking care of your table- 

    • Use coasters and table placements whenever possible
    • Bypass placing any heavy item on the table.
    • Wipe the surface of the table every once in a while with soapy water and a microfiber cloth.
    • Wipe the table after each meal to avoid staining the glass.
    What should you avoid putting on a glass table?

    Items like toys or any sharp objects should be sidestepped from placing on the glass table to keep it scratch free and safe.

    Are glass dining tables a durable choice?

    Glass tables are a good choice as they hold superior mechanical properties, lustre, and a smooth finish which is a big reason why people choose them. Glass dining table designs do require attention and regular maintenance.