Leaving a Room for Affinity- Best Living Room Focal Point Ideas

Published On: Jan 6, 2022

When creativity is in exile or you don’t have an interior designer to back you, it can be a daunting task to carve out a focal point in the living room. However, don’t worry, Square Yards is here with a blog that is wholeheartedly dedicated to the best living room focal point ideas.

But what is the focal point in interiors?

A focal point in interior design is the first thing that compels the glance of visitors when they enter a space. It is something that defines a room to the tangent of attraction, making it stand out. 

Without further ado, let's check out the list to create a focal point in the living room.

Best Focal Point Ideas for Living Room- Patterns, Texture, and an Orchestra of Art

We all love to host our guests in a way that they feel welcomed. While this can be done by pacing up their taste or amusing them with witty jokes over their favourite wine. However, how can we dodge the decor factor of pleasing them?

We can't.

This is where  the focal point comes into play. Instead of going for multiple focal points, go for a single one that instantaneously grabs the attention of guests and elevates the interiors of the living room.

Now let's just discuss the different ways to create a focal point. 

Shake It Up With Artwork


Sometimes trusting a painting to do the job for a stunning living room is all that you need. The best thing here is that you can use this idea for almost any wall of the room. Whether you hang it over a fireplace or on the wall facing the entryway, it is certainly a must-consider option. Then, you can use colours for this room that complement the ones in the painting.

Don't forget to treat yourself to a brownie if you can come up with an artwork of your own.

That One Red Brick Wall


It sounds a bit common but you can rock the focal point by having one red brick wall in the room. Make sure that it goes well with the color of the other brick walls. That's it, you are ready to let it become the accent wall of your living room.

Steal the Show with Patterned Tile Fireplace


A fireplace facing the entrance is perhaps one of the best ways to create a focal point for the living room. Different textures including trellis, damask, and geometric shapes used in the fireplace walls will further accentuate the focal point decor. While a stone wall adds an old-school and rustic charm to the design, you should try touching on the glint of modernity with contemporary patterned tiles. Have faith, it will not disappoint you.

Pretty Little Window


Give that small window in your living room a try, and it may turn out to be the most surprising element of your home. You must not underestimate the power-rich facet of the windows of your home, as they give you the platform to play with interior designs. You can hang up curtains high to create a regal appeal in the room. Furthermore, you can also use a classic wooden cabinet or a flowery galore by the window to steal the attention.

A  Place for Chit-Chats


One of the most effortless ways to create a focal point in a living room is the seating arrangement. As visitors enter your living room, they generally look out for the seating area. While it may not sound like an alluring idea to you, if you devote time to hand-pick a good-looking set of sofas and place it right in the centre, it will turn out to be favorable.

Play with Reflections


You can always count on the mirror to make your visitors stop and stare. No, don't even doubt it even for a second because who doesn't love the art of reflection? If you look closely, you will find a myriad of options for unique, bold, and dramatic mirror designs that can add an edge to your living room. Hang a mirror at the front of your room's main entrance or behind the couch.

The Giant Potted Plant


Use a collection of small potted plants to add a dash of greenery. Whichever way you want to use plants, a green living focal point idea is unparalleled. You can create a focal point in the living room with a big and sizable tree, as it will be super impactful in drawing a visitor's gaze. There are many things which you can implement in order to create a perfect plant-sight for your living room, and our favourite one is lighting. What about you?

A Wall Full of Memories


You can never go wrong with a gallery wall when it comes to grabbing eyeballs. Most of the time, that's all your living room desires. All you have to do here is just mount the artwork or your beloved photographs on one of the walls in your living room that is visible from the main entrance of the room. You will fall in love with the way that wall is capable of captivating the sight of the beholder, igniting their curiosity to go through the photos over and again. If you want to make a win-win from all corners then give this wall the background of black paint and that's it, you are all set to be the host to remember.

Wallpapers are Love


Need a charmer to create a focal point in your living room? How about a bold wallpaper? You can take a hand from an abstract or a vibrant wallpaper to create a desired focal point in your living room. You can top it off with an antique mirror too.

Armoire Can be the Game Changer


One of the best focal points for the living room comes in the guise of an armoire, only if you use it wisely. You can opt for a cabinet that matches the vibe of your living room or a counter which further enhances its appearance. It can turn out to either be a wonder or blunder, depending on how you implement this design for a focal point.

Handy Tips on Creating a Focal Point for Living Room

Now that you have some best ideas on giving your living room the focal point makeover, it is time that we share a checklist of all the rules. If you keep them in mind, it will only save your efforts from going in vain.

Here are the tips to create a focal point for your living room in the most justified way possible.

Don't Overdo It

Make sure you do not use more than one focal point in your living room. Since multiple focal points will clutter the design of the living room, it is best to choose that one nook that makes this room look all decked up.

Frame the Point

Have a highlight around the focal point to make it more enticing. For instance, merely installing a fireplace may not be as catchy as lodging a certain pattern surrounding it. You have to make sure that the focal point which you are using is being highlighted by the add-ons, be it in the form of a texture, paint, or an antique.

Don't Ditch the Light

Just because you have found a focal point, it doesn't put your job at ease. For a final touch, ensure that there's sufficient room for light to scatter across the focal point.

A Living Room Focal Point that Speaks Your Heart

These are the best ways to create focal points in your living room, and we hope you have realized what will fit the best. Make sure that the chosen focal point isn't overdone, cluttered, or goes against the vibe of your room.

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