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Inspiring Tiles & Marbles looks for living room floors

Published On: Sep 06, 2022

It is very important for us to decorate our homes, but decorating is not only confined to choosing the best wall paint or matching the furniture and decor but it also includes the floor. In the hustle and bustle of choosing everything else, we forget what goes under our feet. The living room serves as a window to family get-togethers and also a room that you see as soon as you enter the house. Hence, it should be a representation of your style. 

Tiles design and flooring constitute a big part of the living room interior design as it provides a solid base for the overall design quotient. The six most popular types of tiles that can be best for your home arrangement are:

  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Granite Tiles
  • Marble Tiles
  • Glass Tiles

Selecting a unique and durable tile for your home isn’t that difficult a task. With a myriad of options available in the market with and without customisations, it becomes interesting! With the Interior Company by your side, you need not worry. 

Let us explore some tile options before you take your forever step!

What are the Benefits of Tile Flooring?

Need another home improvement project? When you think about how old and rusty the flooring has become, it is time to replace it! In quick improvements, redoing the floor can change a lot. 

And installation of good quality floor tiles that you can rely on for a longer period of time. 

Whether you need to add some colour in your living room or need to water-proof in your walk in shower. Tiles designs will enhance the beauty of your home, as well as prevent any moisture and unwanted substances from damaging your flooring system. 

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile(s) are the most commonly found and most popular kind of tiles found in the market. They are made from sand, natural elements and red-white clay which in the end is fired in a kiln. One can find two types of ceramic tile in the market which is glazed and unglazed 

As the name suggests, the Glazed ceramic tile is glossy or glass-like in finish. They are also a more popular choice. Whereas, on the other hand unglazed ceramic tile have more texture with a matte finish or we can say it mimics stone finish. 

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile are more durable, and repels any kind of stain, odour and bacteria  which makes it an all-rounder floor and wall tiles choice. 

It is not only the perfect choice for the living room but also your bathroom, patio, laundry room, balconies, kitchen and the mudroom. It is best for a heavy foot traffic area due to its resistance power and its ability to remain cool during the hot season. 

There is one major difference between the two ceramic tile, which is the price. The glazed one tends to be an expensive choice amongst the two (depending on the size) but also the most promising and stable. The unglazed ceramic tile is a pocket saver.

These types of ceramic come with a heavy life span and will last longer than 20 years. 

The only con with it is the  process of installation which might include cementing the floor, glueing down the tile, and filling grout in gaps but in the end it is a totally worthy installation.  

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles

There are some similarities between ceramic tile and Porcelain tiles. It is also composed of clay and natural substances which are then fired in the kiln. 

Porcelain tiles are much stronger, harder and less porous because they are made with the use of finer particles which settle with firing at higher temperatures.  These tiles are generally found in white, extremely dense and translucent state that helps elevate any room  and also comes in a variety of designs to choose from. 

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles have high water resistance and are an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and galleries. It is best for a high foot traffic area, it is easy to maintain and clean and is scratch-resistance. These types of tiles are generally expensive but one of the most popular choices in the market. 

Granite Tiles

Granite Tiles

Granite is an igneous rock, a natural produce of the earth which is formed from lava. The stone has a naturally shiny surface and a sparkly appearance because it is made up of quartz and feldspar. Granite is the best choice as kitchen counters, lobbies, hallways as well as living rooms. It is a popular choice due to the shine and colour that granite comes in. It has good resistance power and does not show wear and tear even after extensive use. As granite tiles design is very slippery due to the shine, generally people get it coated with anti-slip grit to protect people from slipping and falling. 

Granite Tiles

Granite is a mid ranged tile choice, and can be a little difficult to install as it is a heavy 

Laying it involves a cumbersome procedure, cleaning of the floor beforehand, installing the heavy granite tile, applying mortar and then grouting all the gaps. 

Marble Tiles 

Marble is another naturally formed stone, extracted from the mountainous regions around the globe. Marble tiles are found in either huge slabs or in small slates for easier installation. 

One can easily differentiate marble by its beautiful wavy veined patterns which gives it its luxurious factor. Nowadays you can find marble effects printed on other types of tiles, stone and even wallpapers due to its high demand. People tend to opt for marble design items because getting a marble slab installed is much more expensive but the difference is that the real one lasts longer and doesn't look like its charm. 

Marble Tiles 

Marble design can fit perfectly into any room or area of the house like the patio, living room, foyer, bathroom, kitchen and even on the wall as a backdrop. The textures will bring out the beauty in your living room wall making it a focal point of your house. Marble tiles tend to have air pockets in its structure and it is not very durable, it can break, chip and crack more easily as compared to any other tile.When installing marble tiles make sure to lay out the pattern befor to grout it together so that they match. 

Glass Tiles 

Glass Tiles 

Glass tiles are created with the use of tiny pieces of glass that hold a translucent glaze which are laid on the back of the tile before firing it into the kiln. Glass tiles come in a wide variety of colours to choose from. Mosaic is a common technique used in creating tiles designs. Mosaic glass tiles are a unique and one of a kind pattern that dates back in time from Morocco. 

Glass tiles are generally used in more moisture prone areas like bathrooms and swimming pools as they are completely waterproof.  But noaways with the huge variety they are also being used in the kitchen and living rooms as backsplash. They beautifully reflect light  and colour creating a rendering surrounding, they are also very easy to clean. 

Glass Tiles 

Glass tiles designs are a mid ranged tile, it is also more delicate in nature. They are prone to scratches and chipping when they exceed  over a period of time. Similar to ceramic tiles, glass tiles can be complicated to install as they are not perfectly smoothed out. 

The main and most important factor of such glass tiles is that they are environment friendly as most mosaic and glass tiles are made by using recycled glass materials that take less energy in formation as compared to any other tile type. 

Tile it Together

One might wonder, when we walk it doesn't seem to be so complicated, But the process of finding the right tile for your home is! That’s only because it is better to have multiple tile designs because every step that leads to the the right flooring matters. After going through several types of tiles you may be able to find what is best for your living room.

Whether you choose a stylish mosaic or a ceramic tile, Interior Company will give a hand in to provide the best. 

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What type of tiles is best to be used in the living room?

Living room is the most important room of the house, as it is constantly on show with high foot traffic. Tiles like granite and ceramic are two best options for a living room as they are easy to maintain and clean alongside they hold a subtle and beautiful design to make your living space more appealing.

What is the best tile colour for a contemporary room setting?

Colours like black, grey and white in marble  are evergreen. These colours work with every interior style and are also easy to match with.

What type of tile will be best as a backsplash?

Slabs and tiles of marble, mosaic or glass tiles are best when you want to add a backsplash into your living room. Mosaic glass tiles will add texture as well as colour to your room making it a complete focal point of the house. Marble on the other hand is more subtle and luxurious with the classic veinied patterns. Marble never goes out of style.