9 Innovative Small Balcony Garden Ideas for Your Apartment

Published On: Feb 14, 2023

If the pandemic has taught us something, it is the importance of nature and good health. Do you know what promotes good health? Spending time in nature; it is scientifically proven to treat mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Ecotherapy is a formal treatment that involves doing exercises and meditation in nature. It reduces stress, improves attention, uplifts one's mood and also reduces the risks of certain disorders. 

If being new and around plants helps, why take a step and create your own tiny garden at home? 

We have gathered some beautiful, creative, easy-to-achieve balcony garden ideas to solve this situation. Without any further ado, let’s find the best match for your small balcony garden idea. 

1. In The Lap Of Nature

Source: Pinterest

Who doesn't love comfortable seating in between plants and greenery? 

We can feel the calm just through this picture! 

Comfortable seating on the balcony is sometimes what we need. A tiny place to connect with your plants and have a moment of relaxation sounds much more fun than a day out. 

Are all introverts listening? 

Choose simple decorative leafy babies to make your small and big balcony decoration idea with plants an ideal place to be. Don't forget to add some overhead lights to set the right mood even when you want to enjoy the calm at night. 

2. An Enclosed Balcony Plantation

Source: Pinterest

Let us keep in mind that not all apartments come with an open balcony! But worry not; we are here to help create your enclosed balcony as airy and fresh as possible. The idea is to go bonkers with plants and cover the space with a balcony hanging decor, floor pots, green walls and whatnot. Hanging some plants from your balcony will create an illusion of having an open space. The best thing about having an enclosed balcony is that this will make your home cooler in the summer and enjoyable even in winter when it is too cold to step out. 

3. A Backsplash of Bamboo

Source: Pinterest

Want an exciting backsplash for your walls without repainting it? 

This could be a balcony garden idea that can come in handy with your research. Using plants like Bamboo or Palm and placing them by the edges or on a plain wall of your balcony will instantly change its look. Create a natural wall behind your comfortable sofa seating and enjoy the breeze of fresh air with a book and a cup of coffee. 

4. Overhead Creeper Canopy

Source: Pinterest

This balcony garden idea is here to declare that having a small balcony doesn’t limit you to pots and trays, but you can create whatever you like. When working with small spaces, the most important thing that a designer has to keep in mind is to leave as much foot space for moving as possible. And our designers at Interior Company are here to make what will suit your budget and your lifestyle. 

Using a canopy in this small balcony garden idea will help create a roof and an element that all will cherish. A canopy can be created easily with either bamboo sticks or aluminium rods for a more lasting finish. Place some creeper and climber plants on the structure to make it more garden friendly. This picture shows us the possibility of upscaling your limited space to a limited edition balcony. 

5. Potted Flower Plantation

Source: Pinterest

Using pots for plants is the oldest and most ideal way of a plantation. They are easy to take care of, easy to grow and also easy to re-position. Pots come in different varieties and size variations that can suit your needs and the space available. Use hook pots and flat planters that can be hung from the railing, making more foot space. Include some patio chairs and a table to create your breakfast niche. This beautiful pink flower set-up is ready to make any balcony garden design more romantic. 

6. Green Wall

Source: Pinterest

Living garden walls are the new modern way of incorporating gardens in your homes when working with petite spaces. A living wall helps add structure to your space without utilising any floor space. Plants with shallow roots, like ferns, spider plants and some flowering plants, like pansies, work wonders in a living wall outlet. The only thing that you need to keep in mind when getting a live wall is to use a spray bottle to water your plants to avoid washing away any soil. 

7. Sunshine Spot

Source: Pinterest

Create a comfortable spot in your small balcony garden idea with a pinch of sunshine added with the modern yellow elements. This design is mess-free and allows you to have a moment or two with yourself or your special someone in the serenity. The white screen in the back helps maintain privacy, whereas the plants make the space more outdoorsy and comfortable. And yes! Let us not forget the yellow watering pan and lanterns that have brought the whole balcony garden design together.

8. Juliet Balcony

Source: Pinterest

It seems like Juliet will come out running anytime soon, but the only problem is that we aren't Romeo! 

While flowers are a way to add colour to your balcony, many of them are seasonal! Shuffling between different varieties of flowering plants and choosing ones that can manage slight sunlight is a task. To create a picturesque appeal with this balcony garden idea, it is essential to take care of the plants for consistent flowering during the season.

9. Hanging Drop Pots

Source: Pinterest

Opt for a balcony garden design that is beautiful to look at and a space saver. Using these suspended planters adds the much-required drama and character to your space and leaves space for you to move around freely. The best plants that will suit this balcony hanging decor of yours are Turtle vine, Boston Fern, Pothos, Spider plant, Strings of Pearls and Hearts, Mistletoe Cactus, English Ivy and Heartleaf Philodendron. 


Living in a polluted environment, we have come to understand how important it is to have plants around. A source that helps us breathe better and feel more connected to nature. With affordable living solutions nowadays, there is hardly enough space to maintain. We hope this blog with creative small balcony garden ideas came in handy. Bring home your balcony garden design today with Interior Company and help us create a space that makes you feel grounded and tranquil.


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    What plants can thrive in a balcony garden?

    Turtle vine, Boston Fern, Pothos, Spider plant, Strings of Pearls and String of Hearts, Mistletoe Cactus, Palm, English Ivy, Pansy, Roses, Marigold, Lily, Aloe Vera, Cactus, and Heartleaf Philodendron are considered suitable to grow on a balcony.

    Can we grow vegetables on a balcony?

    Some vegetables and fruits can be easily grown on a balcony. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is to take care of them by trimming, watering, and giving enough sunlight and shade are necessary.

    What herbs can be grown on a balcony?

    Herbs like thyme, rosemary, basil, holy basil, coriander, dill, mint and more can be easily grown in pots on a balcony.

    What kind of seating arrangement is ideal for a balcony?

    To know more about the seating arrangement for balcony consult; Balcony Seating Ideas 

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