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A Guide to Curtain Designs for Living Room

Updated On: Oct 31, 2023

Decided your living room’s mood board? While you are juggling themes and living room ideas, implementing curtain designs for living room is one of the key features you don’t want to miss out on. While you scribble in your head, gazing at views from windows, curtains envelop them together in a corner. Enclosing your safe spaces, with the perfect intensity, we bring to you living room curtain ideas that will feed your aesthetic. 

Before you read further, we want you to grab a pen and paper, think about your colour palette a little bit more and then bullet list some curtain design ideas. In the endless fabric silhouettes, you can narrow down your choices on the variety and prices of window curtain designs. 

From sheer to velvet to linen, goblet pleats and botanic drapery, you might find your next soulfave, overlooking to that pricepoint view. Take a quick stroll around these curtain designs for living room, before you paint that final picture in your head. 

Choosing the Fabric to Implement Your Curtain Design Ideas

The selection of fabric depends on a lot of factors including the theme, core function, the weather and the interior temperature. If you are bending towards a breezy and airy theme for your living room, then going with sheer fabrics can be an optimistic option for you. Similarly, you have a vintage theme along with maintaining a warm interior temperature, you can go with velvet or linen fabrics. 

Choosing the Curtain Design for Living Room 

Coming to the prints and patterns in a curtain, make sure that you sense the vibe and aesthetic of your living room. Pertaining to the visual interior graphics you are willing to establish, you can pick your curtain design for living room. From playing in contrasting textures and prints to making it completely monochrome, you can add your style statements in the living room. 

Choosing the Curtain Design for Living Room 

Note: Do not forget 'BALANCE' between patterns and colours. The entire interior frame should end up looking balanced. 

The Art of Layering for Living Room Curtain Ideas 

While layering is an important part of bringing an interior space together, blending curtains is also something that adds a gradient of texture. 

For example: Adding a layer of fabric over sheer curtains. Say, linen, you are free to experiment with curtain types and installation styles. 

The Art of Layering for Living Room Curtain Ideas 2

Here are some types of curtains for your aesthetic. You can pick these according to your interior style quotient. 

Sheer Goblet Pleat Curtains

Sheer Goblet Pleat Curtains

Sheer curtains brings breeze into your interior space in the most versatile way. Made with thin, gossamer fabric that lets in natural light, sheer curtains make up for a sleek sheet separation. Usually, the fabric of sheer curtains are made of chiffon or voile fabric and can also be a mix of two, including polyester and cotton. 

One of the biggest advantages of using sheer curtains is their transparent ability to allow some natural light to pass through, still maintaining the privacy of your living room. From choosing your favourite colour, texture and fabric, to layering them with other curtain fabrics, you can use sheer curtains in multiple ways. 

Lastly, make sure your curtains are clean and can withstand the wear and tears.

Outdoor Living Room Curtain Ideas

Outdoor Living Room Curtain Ideas

If you think that curtains can only be used indoors, then let us tell you that you migh be just living under a rock! Using curtains with the correct fabric are a method of separation in porches or semi-open spaces. With the parallel fabric, texture and colour, you can opt for an outdoor curtain that will separate spaces in your living space, even during rainy days. 

It is important to understand that outdoor fabric is a little different from the indoor curtain fabric and is often thicker, more durable and made of a heavy cotton fabric. So, while shopping, make sure you fixate upon outdoor curtain fabrics. 

Like any other outdoor material, these fabrics have a certain coating that sheaths  the curtain. This in turn ends up in repelling water, mold and mildew. It is also interesting to acknowledge that the fabric is also sun resistant and the colours that you opt for are not going to change after the sunlight hits them. 

Note: If you live in an area that is prone to climate change, you must make sure to remove the outdoor fabric curtains during winters in order to protect them from snow and ice damage. 

Energy Efficient Curtains 

This living room curtain idea of energy efficient curtains or insulated/thermal curtains are primarily thick curtains that come with the provision of additional insulation. This insulation keeps your room from air, heat and cold from escaping or entering your windows. 

Where Should We Use Them: 

These energy efficient curtains are useful in regulating the interior temperature of your home. For example: If you are living in a cold climate or maybe an extremely warm one, these curtains can envelop comfort in fabrics, i.e. Keep you warm during winters and cold in the summers. 

Silk Curtains

Silk Curtains

When we think of silk fabrics in general, we instantly think of fabrics that quote luxury, intimacy and the era of vintage. So, if you are looking for something along the same lines, then silk fabric curtains are actually what you should be installing in your living room. This fabric with outspoken luxury, is durable, is available in different patterns and colours, which are made from spider silk. The patterns you might see knitted into this fabric are intricately handwoven patterns and adds that final oomph of detail to the otherwise sleepy curtain piece. 

One of the biggest benefits of using silk fabric curtains has to be the weight and the durability that this fabric offers. Silk is a heavy fabric that lays like butterspread, each pleat just melting into each other's silhouettes, yet holding together the entire fabric. 

This fabric also blocks out light and are thick enough to keep the house warmer during the winters. With multiple other benefits that come along with the fabric, there are also some drawbacks to pin. Since, silk is a natural fabric that takes its time and energy to come through, the time and energy needed in it's production can be costly. From producing to maintaining, installing silk curtains sure comes with a price! 

Cotton Curtains

Cotton Curtains

If you are looking for something that can go from sheers to solid curtains, we must come back to our comforting cottons. Not only do they form economic window curtain designs for living room, but they can also take many shapes, forms and are all-rounders for sure! Available in different thicknesses, weights and care levels, you must choose your cotton fabric curtain meticulously. 

Usually these cotton curtains are canvas thick because the weight of the fabric helps in better hanging and pleating. These draping canvases can be dipped in the colour of your choice, and you can go all out with creating your aesthetic in a living space. 

Another bullet point that makes cotton fabrics one of the most desirable fabrics is the affordability. These curtains are cost effective and you can paint your house in the they way you want, while keeping your pockets alive. And let's all just accept how forgiving, caring and comforting, cotton is. 

From the liberty of usage, to affordability to easy to clean, these curtains are definitely something you should look forward to if it fits the aesthetic of your interior palette. Concluding about cotton curtains, these are thick and help with blocking light, keeping your home warm and private. 

Executing Curtain Fabrics: Curtain Designs for Living Room 

Here's how you can implement curtain design for living room ideas - 

Getting the Fabric Right 

Getting the Fabric Right 

Getting the fabric on point becomes important, if your are looking forward to bringing a certain picture to life. 

Play with Patterns

Play with Patterns

From juggling patterns and designs, you can play with their scale and can navigate the same on the basis of the aesthetic you have opted for. For a warm and cosy space, you can go around bigger patterns and intricate ones, on the contrary. This window curtain design is sure fun to frolic with.

Disappearing into Monochromes

Disappearing into Monochromes

This curtain design for living room quotes the monogamy in colour palettes. The curtain blends in seamlessly with the walls, that it not only amps up the visual scale of the room, but also adds a fabric character to it. 

Playing against It

Playing against It

The art of playing with contrasts does not come easy. While playing with colour palettes, you need to make sure what pattern and colour brings out the perfect contrast and still makes it appear concluded and refined. 

Portions for Proportions: Novel Curtain Design Ideas

You must be bored reading and looking at bland and straight lines of colours right? Well, this time we are talking about couples! As in, two colours that can be used together in order to create interest. Breaking the monotony of pattern, curtains with bands can induce a interesting sense of proportion in the living room. 

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There are a wide range of options to consider when you are picking out modern curtain designs for living room. Designing a curtain in an interior space is a completely subjective thought and can emerge from personal thoughts. This is a basic idea on how fabrics can be used in outlining multiple interior spaces and aesthetics. Make sure to pin your favourites with Interior Company.

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What is the best colour for a living room curtain?

Dark coloured curtains work best against light coloured walls. For example: White and brown/tan, Grey and Dark Blue, etc. 

Do curtains have to touch the floor?

Yes, the curtains should be long enough to touch the floor. 

Which curtain length looks best?

Remember the number 10. The curtain should be 10 inches above the trim and 10 inches wider than your window on either sides.