Beautiful Décor Ideas to Elevate Your Small White Living Room

Published On: Jun 22, 2022

It is no secret that colours can alter the perception of interior spaces. So if maximising space is your goal, the easiest way is to go for the colour white. Apart from its light and space-enhancing ability, this colour's versatility makes white living room a classic choice for many. Whether your taste is minimalist or modern, white walls lend themselves to a variety of styles, both chic and functional. Below are some inspirations to help you make a statement with small white living rooms.

1. Pair White with Grey

The pairing of grey and white is a match made in heaven for smaller living rooms. Cool-toned greys combined with brilliant white can give your living room a fresh and sophisticated feel. So bring in layers of grey in the furnishings to create a cosy grey and white living room.

pair watch with grey

You can choose a base layer of grey that you love and add other layers through soft furnishings and accessories. These include grey cushions, rugs or ottomans. You can also include large grey murals to add more texture to the room and break the monotony of white walls.

2. Warm-up with Brown Tones


Brown colour tones were especially popular in the 70s and are now slowly making a comeback in interior décor. The warm colour can cosy up your grey and white living room when done right. Add some brown in the form of leather armchairs, coffee tables or other small accessories to balance the dark grey colours. You can also go with statement rattan pieces to bring a timeless and classic feel to your grey and white room.

3. Go for Wooden Floors

go for wooden floor

Wooden floors are classic additions to white living rooms. They come in different finishes, which you can choose based on your taste and the amount of natural daylight that your room gets. Go for a darker tone if you want to give your white drawing room a more traditional or formal feel. The lighter shades are more laid back, perfect for a relaxing space after a long day's work.

4. Opt for a Standout Sofa

Opt for a Standout Sofa

A bright or patterned sofa can be an excellent contrast to a white-walled living room. Apart from the burst of colour, bold sofas will also strike a fine balance between simple and sophisticated and will instantly elevate your living room.

5. Go for Black and White

If picking a colour for the living room feels overwhelming, simply go black and white. The elegant, sophisticated and modern combination never fails to capture attention. A black and white living room lends an effortlessly stylish vibe perfect for a contemporary setting.

Go for Black and White

The first trick to creating a sophisticated black and white living room is to keep the walls light. White walls form a remarkable backdrop for black shelves, sofa sets and other art pieces. If you don't want your black and white living room to look dull, consider adding patterns such as checks or stripes.

Black and white also combine well with artefacts in other colours such as gold or silver that you would like to introduce in the room. You can also use rugs, pillows, bookcases or picture frames to enhance your modern white drawing room.

6. Make Noise with Statement Furniture

Make Noise with Statement Furniture

With the rest of the room simple and minimalistic, let quirky furniture make a statement. Use furniture pieces that match your sense of style to create a personality-packed atmosphere. It could be a statement art piece, a funky side table or colourful accents – anything that can uplift the room. These pieces can be the focal point of the room, drawing the attention away from its small size or neutral colour.

7. Paint Exposed Brick Wall White

Paint Exposed Brick Wall White

Wondering what to do with the exposed brick wall in your room? Simply paint it white and witness it transform the look of the space. The white-painted brick walls will add a laid-back feel to your room while creating an understated texture.

Make Noise with Statement Furniture

A white living room wall will form a perfect backdrop to show off an assortment of artwork and family photographs. Go for mismatched frames of different shapes and sizes, clocks and other wall art to create a unique gallery and add a lot of texture to your modern white living room.

9. Add Colour with Books

Add Colour with Books

Another piece of furniture that can immediately brighten a living room is a classic bookshelf. Nothing is more satisfying to a book lover than a shelf full of books. Not only does it serve a purpose, but it also acts as great décor. The colourful book covers can provide the right amount of colour to an otherwise plain white living room.

Even if your collection of books is not huge, you can use the shelf to hold an oversized piece of art in the centre to create an eye-catching effect. To further enhance the shelf, try adding a gallery-style light mounted above it to cast a spotlight on your collection.

10. Add Interest with an Oversized Light

Add Interest with an Oversized Light

Oversized light is one of the latest trends in interior décor. It adds a dramatic quality and creates a stylish focal point in a white living room. A low overhead pendant or a chandelier is best for small living rooms as they do not occupy floor space. However, you must be extra careful with the bulb colour in a white-walled living room. While a warm-toned bulb will make the room more welcoming, a cold white light will give it a cooler feel.

11. Go Coastal with Pops of Blue

Go Coastal with Pops of Blue

We've already talked of the charm of a grey and white living room and the glamour of a black and white living room. But another colour that's equally appealing on a white background is coastal blue.

If you're a fan of the ocean, why not bring the coastal vibe to your living room? Get the serene and breezy atmosphere of the coast by adding nautical stripes, cushions and coastal motifs in an all-white living room.

Many people prefer blue couches and club chairs in their living room. However, if you don't want to go overboard with blue, you can start with a few accessories or wall art.

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In Conclusion

With so many styling and décor options, a white living room is anything but boring. All you need is a bit of creativity and a keen eye for detail. And that's what we are here to help with. By bringing your design choices to life, Interior Company enables you to realise the dream of beautiful living space.


Q. Is white suitable for the living room?

White living rooms feel open, clean and spacious and provide endless potential for interior design. This makes modern white living rooms a popular choice among homeowners.

Q. How to brighten up a white living room?

You can brighten up a white living room by adding colourful furniture, texture, art and other statement décor items.

Q. Can white walls make a room look bigger?

The reflective quality of the white colour can make a room appear light, airy and more spacious. Hence it is an optimum choice for small living rooms.


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