10 Maroon Colour Combination Ideas for Your Home Decor

Published On: Apr 5, 2023

Whether you're thinking of sprucing up the paint walls or accessorise with pigmented trinkets, finding the right hue that can bring life to your abode can be tricky. Why not explore a darker shade of Maroon?

The colour evokes intense, passionate emotions and creative thoughts and enhances the autumnal essence of the Thanksgiving festival

Be it snuggly living rooms to romantic bedrooms or even moody bathrooms and kitchens, Maroon is a versatile hue that marries form and function and brings a unique edge to any space. This reddish-brown shade has a profound presence that can complement a range of design styles and be paired with other colours to enliven your space into a luxurious and inviting haven. 

Below are some gorgeous maroon colour combination ideas that can inspire you to select the perfect match. 

Maroon Combination Colour Ideas

Maroon is a deep hue of the red colour that brings warmth and passion to a space while adding an inviting touch of energy. Below are the eccentric pairings that enkindle a distinctive vibe to your home.

1. Maroon and White Combination- Calming

Source: Pinterest

White is a neutral colour that gives off an impression of open and wide spaces whilst brightening the interiors. Maroon, on the other hand, is a dark shade that induces an intimate vibe. The classic white and maroon combination complements beautifully, lending a harmonious balance. Breathe life into your white kitchen with burgundy cabinets that pops the space and amp up the drama in the room. 

2. Charcoal Grey and Maroon Combination- Impactful

Source: Pinterest

Maroon is a rich hue that screams luxury in luscious fabrics like velvet and silk, curating a high-end decorating style. The trendy grey maroon combination adds depth and character to the room. It is a perfect mix of soft and dark tones that lends an inviting atmosphere. The plum-coloured headboard makes a statement in the room without overwhelming the space. 

3. Maroon and Navy Blue Combination- Powerful

Source: Pinterest

The maroon and blue combination is a unique pairing that is surprisingly sophisticated and undeniably trendy. With gold accents, these stylish hues work well in eclectic living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms, creating an impactful look. The different range and shades of maroon, like crimson red, scarlet, or burgundy, provides the perfect opportunity to customise the vibe and feel of the room.

4. Maroon and Mustard Yellow- Positive

Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking to create a cosy atmosphere in combination with maroon colour, choose warm yellow tones such as mustard or ochre that incite character and a touch of playfulness to the room. The yellow and maroon combination is surprisingly versatile that creates an earthy autumn look, intensifying the aesthetics of the space.

5. Maroon and Cream Combination- Understated Elegance

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to maroon colour combination ideas, cream is the popular choice that makes a perfect backdrop to the living space. Incorporate marron as an accent colour in furniture and furnishings, such as ottomans, throws, or rugs, to bring an instant life and personality to the room. Edge towards deeper shades of maroon to create an enveloping atmosphere in your social space. 

6. Maroon and Teal Blue Combination- Vibrant

Source: Pinterest

Daring and unconventional, this type of pairing is for maximalists that stimulate the senses and fetch a statement in the room. The deep, decadent hue of burgundy is complemented by the equally rich and lustrous teal that creates a striking combination. Teal emphasises metallic accents like silver and gold to add a luxe factor. 

7. Maroon And Gold Combination- Premium

Source: Pinterest

A colour pairing that is timeless yet elegant is the rich and warm maroon and gold. Use neutrals like white or grey as a cool backdrop and furnish the room with a sumptuous maroon couch and add gold in accessories, lighting, and details for a pleasing and welcoming look. Layer it with throws and blankets to bring the textural element into the space and reckon it with style. 

8. Green And Maroon Combination- Lustrous

Source: Pinterest

Maroon and green are captivating colours that can be used to add vibrancy and intrigue to any setting, whether traditional or modern. When infused together, this dynamic duo can bring life to any room with complementary hues. Just look at this spectacular dining area with rich velvet fabrics and a sparkling chandelier that draws the eye while sumptuous mid century modern furniture in jewel tones creates the perfect setting for a delectable meal. Glam your dining area with the green maroon combination. 

9. Pink and Maroon Combination- Soothing

Source: Pinterest

If you are confident with colour, why not embrace it in the bedroom to create an enveloping feel for hibernating? Use a maroon colour combination across the wall and the ceilings that invite a cocooning feeling inside the room. However, to balance the hue, use blush pink in accessories, bedding, and details and add the wow factor to the living space. 

10. Black Maroon Combination- Dramatic

Source: Pinterest

Black and red is a perennial combination that has been rediscovered in interior fashion for its modern and glamorous look. Here, the moody burgundy tone is accentuated with black pendant lights and a sleek cabinet whilst oozing a chic and minimalist vibe. Further, as both are strong colours, use a neutral hue for the foundation to break the monotony. 

Maroon and Its Magnificence!

Embrace this deep and complex hue to create appealing interiors. From statement kitchen cabinetry ideas to gleaming living areas and mystique bedrooms. We hope the above mentioned maroon colour combination ideas encourage you to craft a poignant look in the home. 

For more information on room colour combination ideas, contact the experts at Interior Company.


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    What colours go well with maroon?

    Maroon is a warming hue that brings out the comfort and beauty in any space. Neutrals like beige, cream, or grey, give an understated vibe, while brights like teal, orange, or mustard yellow create a bold and punchy look.

    How can you use maroon in minimalist decor?

    Pair maroon with neutral shades, including grey, white, and beige and use it as an accent colour on walls, furniture, accessories, and other decor items to add a pop of colour to the space. For example, hang a maroon abstract painting on a neutral wall, or spruce up a grey room with maroon throws or rugs to enliven the interiors.

    What style of decor does maroon work best with?

    Maroon is a passionate colour that can easily uplift the space with a cosy and moody look. If used in a balanced way, it can make a real impact and works well with a variety of decor styles, including traditional, modern, bohemian, rustic, and glam.