Exploring 15 Turquoise Colour Palette Ideas For a Beautiful Ambience

Updated On: May 28, 2024

Turquoise, somewhere falls between blue and green with tints of yellow and carries the artistic qualities of each of these hues. This bold and refreshing colour works well in traditional decor and contemporary homes. As nature's hue, it's easy to use with neutral shades, other natural colours, wooden tones and vibrant accents. You can also use turquoise with teal for a tone-tone effect. Before you start designing, understand the atmosphere you want to create in a room and use turquoise in moderation to uplift the energy and create a calming aura. Here are inspiring colour combinations with turquoise-blue to create from subtle to striking statement in the home.

Turquoise and Pink

Turquoise Color Combination - Pink

Pink with turquoise shades lend the room a whimsical and romantic flair. Opt for lighter tones of both colours to avoid overwhelming a space. Use a soft shade of turquoise on the walls with pink accents and accessories, including throw pillows, curtains or artwork for a dreamy retreat.

Turquoise and Gold

Color Combination with Turquoise Blue - Gold

The turquoise colour combination with gold exudes a sense of opulence. This duo is hard to get wrong, as both are warm colours, creating a rich, inviting aura in the room. Implement this colour combination in the dining space with deep turquoise walls fashioned by gold elements and mix in neutral shades to anchor the whole space.

Turquoise and Grey

Turquoise Color Shades - Grey

While designing with the turquoise blue colour shades, opt for cooler tones like grey that keep the look subtle and harmonious. Here, the grey living room makes a style statement with pops of turquoise against the muted shade and lends a contemporary look.

Turquoise and Sea-Green

Turquoise Color Palette - Sea-Green

The neighbouring shades on the colour wheel, turquoise and green, are analogous colours. Balance the intensity of turquoise with lighter shades of green from mint to sea green, creating a cohesive environment. For a more subdued approach, you can use turquoise and green as accent colours in a neutral room or seek boldness while pairing the brighter shade of one colour with the muted tone of the other.

Turquoise and White

Dark Turquoise Blue Color - White

White is one of the best colours that goes with turquoise for a serene or vibrant pairing. You can easily mix and match these colours for different aesthetics, making the turquoise stand out in an all-white scheme. White cabinets with a turquoise island can create a fresh and modern look in a kitchen. Moreover, the turquoise colour combination works best in coastal-themed decor, creating a calm and inviting space

Turquoise, White and Black

Turquoise, White  Black - Turquoise Blue Color Shades

Turquoise and black are bold colours that offer a dramatic flair to any space. The trick is to blend with white hues for a cohesive and contemporary look. Start with white as a base and add these colours in details and accessories to spruce up the look. This combination with turquoise blue works in living rooms or home offices, creating a modern and dynamic flair.

Turquoise Cream and Coral

Turquoise Cream  Coral- Turquoise Paint for Walls

Turquoise can be a beautiful shade for an accent wall, giving a refreshing look to the interiors. However, this shade can be overwhelming with all walls, mix it with neutrals like cream to enhance the look. Add another vibrant hue like coral in selected artwork and accessories to add depth and character to the room. If you are aiming to create a relaxed vibe, add natural textures for an inviting atmosphere.

Turquoise and Sage

Turquoise Blue Color Combination - Sage

Do you wish to create an earthy and tranquil aura in the room? Try a turquoise blue colour combination with a sage green that suits the vibrancy of the former hue, grounding the bedroom scheme with natural serenity. A plush turquoise headboard against the sage walls with soft natural fabrics and wooden elements augments the earthiness of the space.

Turquoise and Tan

Turquoise Color Contrast - Tan

If you are looking to add colour to your tan living room, choose the fresh and lively turquoise hue that can upscale the interiors. Flip your old furniture with a statement piece that creates depth and character in the space. Like, turquoise chair and ottomans that brings freshness to the subtle and rustic appeal of tan.

Bright Red and Turquoise

Bright Red Color Scheme Turquoise

This one is a surprising colour combination with turquoise blue yet it can be fun to create. The high-energy daring duo make quite a statement in the room. If you’re ready to bold bloom, opt for these hues with soft, cool shades like greige, white, or cream to balance the brightness of the space. Choose a neutral shade as a base colour and introduce turquoise and red through distinct elements to accentuate the decor.

Light Blue and Turquoise

Light Blue Turquoise Blue Colour Shades

If you are looking for a fun yet calming combination, choose from the blue family, and light blue to create a coastal-inspired relaxing space. Pairing turquoise with natural colours, wood tones and textures can result in stunning. Consider a living room design with a turquoise colour palette, light blue accents, a wood coffee table and hints of white to embellish the space.

Brown and Turquoise

Brown Turquoise Blue Contrast Colour

Combine rich tones of brown and turquoise that lend a nice contrast with refreshing energy. Add turquoise throw pillows to a brown leather sofa to brighten the room with sophistication and a cosy feel. Consider a light turquoise hue for the walls that visually lightens the heaviness of the furniture, and accessorise with copper decor pieces to upscale the interiors.

Orange and Turquoise

Orange  Colour That Goes with Turquoise

Orange and turquoise are energetic and playful colours, pair turquoise blue shades with warm orange, to bring a lively and dynamic vibe to the room. Add understated colours, such as ivory or beige to steady the activity and creativity in the space. Incorporate geometric or tropical prints for a modern twist!

Mustard and Turquoise

Mustard Combination with Dark Turquoise Color Code

Turquoise can be calming yet playful, adding mustard accents here and there can boost the visual energy and liven up the interiors. Mustard and turquoise colour contrast

infuse a dance of vivacity and a bold statement in a home. Introduce textures and metallic finishes in lighting or decor to keep the look trending and inviting.

Turquoise Tango

Turquoise, with its range of shades, can be subtle to striking, bringing balance and serenity to the interiors. When selecting a colour combination with turquoise blue, consider the room's lighting and the aesthetic you want to create. Whether you want to infuse small doses of turquoise blue in decor pieces or go bold with the walls as a stunning backdrop, this enchanting colour can inject energy and excitement into the space.

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    What are the best ways to use turquoise colour shades in your home decor?

    Instead of using a bright shade as a single paint, opt for paler tones or a turquoise accent in rooms. For bedrooms, add in small accessories for a relaxing ambience. Use turquoise in outdoor spaces to add a fun pop of colour.

    What colours look amazing with turquoise?

    Turquoise is a green-blue hue with yellow undertones. It has a welcoming spree with a bit of energy that brightens the space. However, to introduce a turquoise colour palette in your home, balance it with other shades to avoid being overstimulating. Before you start designing with turquoise, think about how you want to play with decor and colour pairings.

    Does the turquoise colour combination go with grey?

    Yes, turquoise is such a cool and calming hue that merges well with various shades. It works well with neutral colours, like grey, cream and white, adding a pop of personality to the room. For a bold look, try pairing it with complimentary tones, such as orange and brown, maroon or mustard to jazz up a layout.

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