Innovative and Modern Double-Decker Bed Designs 

Published On: Oct 21, 2022

The interior design of a space has a crucial role to play in the development and growth of a child. Since they are at the peak of their receptivity at that particular time, it is vital to surround them with an ambience that helps them to learn and play. Children pick up a lot from their surroundings which are embedded in their brains for a long time. Bunk bed designs are one solution to the lack of outdoor space and activities in this modern-day living.

Bunk beds are innovative, save space, and designs like these help build your child’s personality and character. Double-decker beds also render a room with a clutter-free look. It also inculcates space for an indoor play area or a study desk. Let's look at the various bunk bed designs and their characteristics. 

Types of Double Deck Beds

Numerous bunk bed designs can completely transform the aesthetic of the space you are designing. Choose the ideal type for your home's internal structure to make the most of your area. 

Standard/Classic Bunk Bed

Standard/Classic Bunk Bed

One of the most simple and traditional choices of bunk beds you can choose one in wrought iron or wood. The bed frames should be arranged vertically. A short ladder has to be installed to access the upper bed. 

Trundle Bunk Bed

Trundle Bunk Bed

The 'hidden design' trend inspires this bunk bed design. The third bed in the trundle bunk bed, which will be placed under the lower bunk, can be hidden when it is not utilised. It can accommodate guests when you do not have a spare room. 

Loft Bunk Bed

Loft Bunk Bed

The top space of this kind of bunk bedroom design is reserved for the bed, and the bottom part can be utilised as a sitting area, workstation, and storage. The loft bed is perfect for a couple or a nuclear family with a spare bedroom. That additional room or space can be best-made use of a loft bunk bed. 

Triple Bunk Bed 

Triple Bunk Bed 

A triple bunk bed is ideal for those who have high roofs. The design is perfect for those who have an independent home with few rooms in the space. One bed is at the bottom-most part, with two beds placed above it. Triple bunk bed designs are also great for large families. 

Advantages of Double Decker Beds

  • Double-decker beds free up a lot of space for essential decor items and furniture if you have a small space. 
  • Various bunk bed designs have workstations, attached storage space, and even play areas to remove the hassle of adding furniture that might take up room.
  • It offers more space as another person can sleep without discomfort.
  • It saves the money that would be used to modify the home for another bedroom.
  • It's a flexible design as you can dismantle the bunk beds into two individual beds when not required.  
  • It is a creative alternative for kids and lets them have fun. 

Drawbacks of Bunk Beds

  • The double deck beds can also be used for a few years. Since the bunk beds are usually designed as kid's room furniture, their utility is limited to a few years. They would not be useable once the children grow up. 
  • The double-decker beds might end up hurting the kids. They can incur injuries while climbing the stairs or might fall because of their height. However, most double-decker beds are designed to avoid all chances of accidents. 

How to Organise a Kid's Room with Bunk Beds?

If the room has plenty of space, then the bunk beds are a gift in the kid's rooms. Bunk beds help the vertical utilisation of space in a bedroom and free up the floor space for other things. If you strategically plan out the kid's room design with a bunk bed, you can make use of every inch of the room. 

Arrangement of Bed

The bunk bed designs work most efficiently against a single wall rather than being kitty-cornered. Placing the bunk bed against one wall renders a lot of free space in the centre of the room and provides an opportunity to use the wall for shelving or other storage options. Ensure that you do not place the bed near the walls with windows, as blocking windows would make the space feel smaller. You can position the bed on the wall opposite the window, making it a focal point without creating clutter. 

Arrangement of Bed

Under Bed Storage

For families with only one child, the space below the top bunk can be used for storage. The under-bed area can be used to hide away a bureau that could otherwise clutter the room. You can also make the space kid-friendly by swapping out the traditional bureau for colourful cloth bins and cube-style storage units. A desk can be placed for older kids to create a homework space, but appropriate desk lighting would be required to reduce eye strain. A curtain can be placed from the top bunk for more privacy and a work-friendly environment.  

Shared Rooms

If multiple kids share the room, then bunk beds are the only solution. You can be creative with the bunk designs in scenarios where the second child uses the bottom space. In these cases, an l-shaped bunk bed is the most viable option. So, instead of a traditional bunk bed, opt for an l shaped bunk bed room design in which the bottom bed is placed at a right angle to the top bed. Another option is to choose a tuck-away bed on the bottom; these bunk bed designs allow the bottom bed to slide underneath the top bunk when it is not utilised. 

Shared Rooms


If you have planned the bedroom beforehand, you should consider getting a built-in bunk bed design. Built-in bunks are crafted to give the demeanour of alcoves cut directly into the wall. This gives the illusion of beds being completely away, creating free space in the middle of the room, free from any obstructions. These built-in beds can be designed and given a personalised touch with recessed lighting or a customised painting design. 


Bunk Bed Room Design Ideas

The modern bunk bed designs are usually made of wood or metal, no matter the style, shape, or size. These designs render enough free space for the kids to enjoy their education and rejuvenation periods. It also helps them learn the importance of a clutter-free environment from a very young age. 

These unique home interiors display some of the most contemporary double deck bed design ideas. The most prominent types of designs come under two categories:

Wooden Bunk Bed Designs 

Wood is one of the most popular materials for curating bunk beds. Wood offers a lot of versatility in style, colour, and shape. Wood ensures a sturdy and rich construction that provides a stable structure that elongates the life of these bunk beds.  

Wooden Bunk Bed Designs 
Wooden Bunk Bed Designs 2

Metal Double Decker Beds

The second most famous type of material used for bunk beds is metal. In comparison to its stronger wooden counterpart, metal offers a more airy and open structure to the bed. This makes the assembly and moving of the bed easier. 

Metal Double Decker Beds

Bunk it Up!

Bunk bed designs have been a timeless solution to the problem of managing space with style for a long time. With an array of design choices, you can choose a double-decker bed that suits your aesthetic and overall home decor. You can also manage shelving and storage issues with the bunk bed designs. A small room can be easily decorated with bunk beds, saving you time, effort, and money. Bunk beds render a contemporary, trendy and quirky demeanour to the bedroom.


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    What are double-decker beds called?

    Double-decker beds are also popularly known as bunk beds.

    Do bunk beds make a room look smaller?

    No, bunk beds use the vertical space available to you without covering up the extra square footage. It also does not make the room look cramped.

    Can you put a bunk bed in front of a window?

    Double deck beds should not be placed in front of a window because of the various safety concerns involved.

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