Top 10 Curtain Designs that are Trending in 2022

Published On: Mar 23, 2022

Curtains often go unnoticed in the world of interiors. When it comes to makeovers, homeowners usually focus on elements like a new paint job, flooring or furnishing. While all these factors are undoubtedly important, curtains are what pull together a cohesive space. If used right, they can help elongate the ceiling visually, create an impression of cosiness or grandeur and act as a stand out feature. We recommend spending a little time choosing your dream curtains right before you finish up your space. And if you're stuck for ideas, we've got a list of 10 modern curtain designs for your living room that will positively inspire you. Read on.

1. Regal Velvet

If you have a formal living room that is reserved for special occasions, velvet curtains are an easy way to add luxury to the space. Velvet is also a remarkably timeless choice when it boils down to modern luxury curtains for your living room. The texture, weight and style of velvet curtains instantly create a regal ambience. And best of all, thick velvet curtains help block out the light too.

Regal Velvet

Pro Tip- When choosing velvet curtains, keep in mind the season and location of your home. Velvet curtains will look entirely out of place if your home enjoys a tropical climate. If you must use them anyway, consider rotating them during cooler months.

2. Country-Chic

Cottage core is a design trend that started around 2019 and became popular during the pandemic. This trend is focused on being inspired by country ideas. In the world of interiors, you can see the patterns showcased in delicate floral styles, lace patterns and vintage colours using natural and cotton fabrics. If you love old fashioned, cosy interiors, trendy country-chic curtain designs are worth looking into.


Pro Tip- The country-chic style is so popular that you could easily risk others having a similar curtain style in their living room. Get your curtains customised with an experienced interior designer's assistance to avoid the same.

3. Minimalism All the Way

Minimalism is a trend that's been popular across interiors and geographies. Whether you are in LA or Mumbai, you must have seen references to this trend in some shape or form. Characterised by neutral shades, natural, earthy textures and minimal embellishments, choosing a minimalist curtain designs for your ultra-modern living room is the easiest way to get your space looking on-trend.

Minimalism All the Way

4. Calming Sage Green

Sage green is indisputably the colour of choice for 2022. You may have seen this colour represented in wall paints, sofas, cushions, and not to mention, drapes. The calm shade is the perfect contemporary curtain for a feminine living space. If you follow Feng Shui or other Eastern decor philosophies, do note that green is an extremely popular colour choice for modern living rooms. Greens, along with blues, are colours that represent growth and new beginnings.

Calming Sage Green

Pro Tip-When it comes to styling, pair sage green curtains with warm-toned furniture and fixtures. As sage green falls on the cooler side of the colour spectrum, metallics like rose gold and natural textures like hardwood wood, jute and rustic stone are ideal.

5. Nature Prints

Want to bring in a little bit of the outdoors to your living room? Curtains with nature prints are the way to go. If your living room faces a garden or green balcony, this is an incredibly effective choice. Use natural print curtains to frame a beautiful outdoor panorama. You can choose more traditional nature prints like birds, flowers and leaves, or go for daring tropical patterns like palms, flowing waves, oversized wild animals and safari-inspired motifs. 

Nature Prints

Pro Trip- If you are choosing nature-inspired prints, make sure you avoid clashing or overstuffing your room. Bold designs can overwhelm your space when accompanied by overstuffed interiors that distract the eye. Highlight a few elements like the curtains or paintings and wall colours, and keep the furniture and soft furnishings reasonably neutral.

6. Sheer Brilliance

Living rooms are the perfect place to experiment with sheer drapings as they require less privacy than bedrooms. The interplay of light through these curtains helps add an extra dimension to your ultra-modern living room. Sheer curtains are particularly great if your living room is facing the south, as it’s bound to get a ton of natural light.

Sheer Brilliance

Pro-Tip- If you're concerned about your room getting too hot with just sheer curtains, it is easy to resolve this by pairing sheers with blackout blinds. You can pull up the blinds when the sun is not at its hottest and pull them down halfway or all the way during midday.

7. Layering is Key

Layering is not just something that works great in fashion. Just as how an outfit is not complete without the addition of accessories and shoes, interiors need layering to really pop. When it comes to curtains, consider layering two different contemporary curtains in similar shades or patterns for an especially vibrant effect on your trendy living room decor.

Layering is Key

Pro-Tip-Think outside of your interior design box when it comes to layering curtains. Pair sheers with heavier curtains, pair patterns with neutrals or use two different shades. This curtain designs works particularly well with mid-century living room decor.

8. Jewel Tones

When you think of modern luxury curtains for your living room, you must immediately think of jewel-toned curtains. Formal living spaces look extra luxe when you add in emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blues. If you have a room facing the north, you can use dark curtains to enhance and embrace the moody look. Instead of trying to get more light in, lean into the dark, den style.

Jewel Tones

Pro Tip- To add sophistication to jewel tone curtains, choose longer than standard-sized curtains that puddle elegantly on the floor.

9. Puddle to the Floor

When choosing curtains, don't only focus on patterns or fabrics but also the curtains' height, length and width. An otherwise elegant design can look quite unsightly if it's too short or not wide enough. Most interior design experts agree that a great way to add height to your space is by using floor-length curtains and placing them as high as possible near the ceiling. You can even raise them higher than the length of your windows. If you have an ornate window style, long and high curtains will enhance their beauty even more. 

Puddle to the Floor

Pro-Tip: If you are lucky enough to have a living room with high ceilings, embrace the luxury by adding accessories. When it comes to curtains, accessories refer to the pelmet, curtain rod, curtain tie etc. Use painted rods to match the curtains, upholster the pelmet with a similar or contrasting pattern and use luxurious curtain ties to add layers to the curtains.

10. Sustainable Curtains

As more people spend time indoors, sustainability becomes a favoured topic. Sustainability is a big trend when it comes to interiors and, specifically, contemporary curtain designs. Organic, all-natural, vegan and eco-friendly fabrics like hemp, bamboo, organic cotton and linen are some examples of modern curtain fabrics that will lend a refreshingly earthy appeal to your living space. Fabric choices like hemp are particularly great if you live in a hot climate as they are thermodynamic and help keep the room cool.

Sustainable Curtains

Pro Tip- Make sure your interiors don't clash with organic curtains. Amplify the calm textures of organic materials by incorporating similar fabrics in your decor - terracotta walls, stone floors and natural fibre rugs are some examples.

In a Nutshell

We hope these modern curtain ideas for your living room have inspired you. While we love the DIY aesthetic, it's best to get professional help when it comes to curtains. Once you have a little guidance, you can experiment with ideas to create your own unique curtain designs. For discovering more such design elements, follow the Interior Company.

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Q. What curtain style is best for low-ceiling rooms?

Floor-length curtains can make your ceiling seem higher. You can even hang the curtains above the window for a greater height illusion.

Q. Which curtain fabric is best to block out light?

Thick velvet curtains are an excellent choice if you want to block out light. Polyester, nylon, suede and tweed are other fabrics you may consider.

Q. What are some common curtain styles?

The types and styles of curtains are infinite. But some standard options include Grommet curtains, tie top curtains, box pleat curtains, tab top curtains, pinch pleat curtains, apron curtains and cafe curtains.