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Contemporary Living Room Curtain Designs for Your Next Home Makeover

Published On: Sep 06, 2022

Curtains certainly can make or break the room scheme. They add warmth, personality, colour and pattern to your living room. Curtains have the magical ability to elevate the space, whether it's creating the illusion of the height of a room, making a space feel bigger, drawing the eye across, or framing views of stunning vistas just outside. Pick a striking new pattern for a bold look, or a neutral shade with subtle texture for a minimalist appearance or modern curtains with valance, the choices are abundant! Three major key elements for dressing your windows include - Privacy, Practicality, and Personal style.

Style your windows to perfection with dazzling drapes, vibrant valances, and other living room curtain ideas. 

Sheer Curtains for Softer Look

Sheers are a perfect way to add a soft moment into your space while allowing natural daylight to subtly filter through. It also helps to visually expand a small living room as you're not blocking off the exterior and provide much-needed privacy. 

Sheer Curtains for Softer Look

Modern sheer curtains in white lend the perfect feel to the living room making it light and airy with a minimalistic appearance. These stunning curtains merge well with any design aesthetic of the room. As a timeless window dressing solution, sheers create a calming ambience. 

Elegant Layered Style

Create an elegant look by doubling up on your contemporary living room window treatments. Combining a Roman blind finished with full-length dress curtains and crown it with a pelmet at the top to create a neat and tidy finish. Roman blinds create a tailored look and feel relaxed as it filters the sun without completely blocking it.

Elegant Layered Style

Layering window treatments and curtains add depth and interest to the space. The Roman blind for privacy in the evenings, with draperies on either side to frame the window. For multiple windows keep the look consistent and dress each window using the same curtain style. 

Formal Look with Pelmets

A pelmet is a decorative, often upholstered headboard, fixed above a window to conceal the curtain rod or hardware fixtures. It frames and adds structure and style to the drapes. Pelmets primarily functioned to trap unwanted heat or cold from coming into the homes. Pemets are resurging with a different approach and a modernised design. 

Formal Look with Pelmets

For contemporary living room curtains, choose a wooden or plain design with a cool trim, or slimline pelmet to get the best of both worlds. In addition, you can also opt for upholstered variants for a more vintage vibe and added elegance to your home.

The Pattern Punch

Curtains are a brilliant way of bringing colour and texture to a room scheme, without taking up as much visual space. The patterned curtains infuse character and personality into a living room. Go bold with your colour choice, a yellow or blue, or purple will really make a standout feature and brighten up a space. 

The Pattern Punch

The use of a rich fabric like velvet adds a regal touch to the living space. 

There are an array of print designs available hand-painted elephants, botanical prints, and multi-tonal abstracts. Make sure you plan your contemporary living room curtain choice carefully, opt for a shade or pattern that blends well with other textures in the room and creates a seamless look. 

Add Drama with Curtains

Adding curtains to a contemporary living room brings a level of luxury and softness making a statement in your interior design. Choose a shade that contrasts with your wall colour, so if your palette is neutral, go for a bold colour to create a drama. This living room features stand-out curtains in vibrant red colour, paired with soft furnishings that packs a subtle punch. 

Add Drama with Curtains

Charming Valances

The valance is a short curtain panel framing only the top part of the window. Originally, valance was used to hide all the mounting and fixtures. Today, however, curtains with window valances complete the overall look of the room and create a unique style. This versatile window treatment can be used in a variety of ways: with cafe curtains, sheer curtain panels, blinds, shades, or solo.

Charming Valances

What Does a Valance Curtain Do?

Full and opulent, modern curtains with valance have a grandeur that gives a sense of occasion to windows, adding a splash of fashion to your room’s style. It dates back to the Victorian era which was all about richness, ornate patterns and flourishes, heavy tapestries, lush wall coverings, and dramatic window treatments. 

Valances have primarily been an aesthetic feature that hides curtain rods and other hardware mounted on top of the window. Valences dress a window top by themselves or layered with other window coverings, like curtains, shutters, or cellular shades. When layering, amalgamate your valances with the furnishings or throw pillows for a cohesive look.  

What Does a Valance Curtain Do?

Choosing Curtains with Window Valances for your Living Room.


When choosing living room valances, consider the shape and size of the windows. Determine how much privacy you need in that space that will help hang your valances. 

  1. For a contemporary look, hang the curtains ‘high and wide” outside of the window trim and makes the most of the spectacular view it offers. However, if you want to minimise the view outside of the window, you can certainly mount the valance inside the trim. 
Choosing Curtains with Window Valances for your Living Room.

2. Window valances are made from cotton, silk, linen, satin, velvet, jacquards, woven polyester, and many feature linters to protect the fabric from harmful UV rays

Choosing Curtains with Window Valances for your Living Room 2

3. In addition, modern curtains with valance add a sense of height and can balance particularly tall windows. The proportion is a key, narrow valances look shabby, whereas wide ones look heavy and block too much light. Streamlined valances and fringe trims are the current trends in the modern living room.

Choosing Curtains with Window Valances for your Living Room 3

4. Tie the look together of your new valance curtains to the rest of your living room decor. Look how gorgeous these curtains with valance and tiebacks enhance the room's look. 

Choosing Curtains with Window Valances for your Living Room 4

5. If you have an enlarged window then a valance is an ideal option for bridging the expanse between your drapes. Choose fancy curtains with valance whilst adding colour and pattern to the room 

Pick Your Style

Living rooms usually have larger windows like bay windows, modern picture windows or classic French doors so you have the opportunity to create a focal point in your room. Dress your windows with style, colours, and patterns that bring an intriguing element into the room. Pick a design that really going to add to your living space. These curtain ideas will inspire you for your next home makeover. For more design ideas contact our experts at Interior Company. 

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What type of curtain is best for living rooms?

For modern or contemporary living room curtains tend to be crisper, more tailored with striking patterns, stripes, retro prints, or textured plains. Choose a style that suits your space and personality. 

Are valances out of style?

No,  valances are still in style but in a more simple and streamlined way. Light and airy with striking colours and patterns, valances feature delicate hand beaded trim and authentic, original block print designs. using the heritage-rich craft of block printing.

What Is the difference between a pelmet and a valance?

Valances and pelmets have a similar function of hiding poles and tracks. Pelmet is usually a flat upholstery fabric over a wood frame, whereas valence is soft covering with ruffles and frills.

Which colour curtain is good for living rooms?

It entirely depends on the colour scheme of the room. Curtains make a style statement so choosing an interesting pattern, colour, or texture will draw the eye immediately.

Do curtains need to provide privacy?

For privacy, consider creating a luxurious, layered look matching your curtains with sheer panels, blinds, or shutters to enjoy the best of both worlds.