Living Room with Oceanic Designs - Enhance the Look

Published On: Feb 14, 2023

Living rooms are the life of any house. That’s mainly the first room you see when you enter the house. Even the guests you have at home are mostly seated in the living room. Hence, you need to make your living room look lively and beautiful.

Therefore, you must experiment with ideas before finalising your living room’s colours and layout. If you want your living room to give out freshness, you can try out different coastal-style-inspired living room designs. The coastal ecosystem involves a myriad of colours, and you can pick some of the colours that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house in totality.

This guide will help you design a beautiful yet functional living room to feel comfortable while you spend some time there.

Best Coastal Designs for Your Living Room

There are several living room design ideas available out there. You can choose minimalism and go with lighter shades to give warmth to your living room, or go with blue hues to add a level of freshness to the living room.

Let's check out some of the best living room ideas inspired by the coast and the colours of the oceanic ecosystem.

1. Hampton Style

Hampton Style

This is one of the most popular designs in living rooms inspired by the oceanic ecosystem. You can paint the entire room white and add pops of colour here and there. These rooms are open and airy and usually have a high ceiling. The contrast of white and blue creates a beautiful blend and enhances the appeal of your living room. You can also add blue furnishings to add touches of warmth and freshness to the living room.

2. Beach Cottage Style

Beach Cottage Style

If you want to be transported to a small beach cottage, you can add that touch to your living room. If you want to add beachy glam to your living room, you can play with jute accessories like a lampshade, a jute rug, etc. Jute accessories complement a light-coloured room quite well. You can also add to the beachy vibe by adding jute light pendants to your room. The beautiful colour combination will create a comfortable and aesthetic space in your house.

3. Beach House Inspired

Beach House Inspired

You can create a blend of all the beachy colours and add it to your living room through a variety of elements. For instance, you can paint the walls beige and add blue patterned cushions and linen to the room. You can also add ocean-themed accessories to make the room’s appeal more evident.

4. Dash of Colours

Dash of Colours

While most coastal-inspired living rooms are light in colour, you can break the monotony of the room by hanging a cool and crisp painting on the primary wall of the living room. For instance, if your room is painted cream or white, you can buy a modern art piece that uses shades of blue and green. You should let the painting stand out by choosing light-coloured furniture.

5. Add a Shiplap Detail

Add a Shiplap Detail

Wood is one of the most versatile materials used in interior design. Especially when you are working with light colours, you can add a wooden shiplap to make the living room look more elegant. Polished wood is a great accessory, and you can either have a wooden ceiling or wooden flooring based on the colour blend you want for your bedroom.

6. Go Grey

Go Grey for home interior design

Grey is an oceanic colour as it gives you an idea of the ocean’s depth. You can experiment with different shades of grey while designing your living room. You can add different grey accessories, like a light grey sofa, grey throw pillows, grey pots, etc., to your living room to give it a calm vibe. If you want the shades of grey to stand out, you can paint the wall in lighter tones.

7. Shell Wall Art

Shell Wall Art

If you want to experience the coast sitting at your home, you can add the elements of the coast to the architecture of your house in some way or another. You can have a minimalistic living room, and you can break the monotony of the room by adding shell and coral art to the background of the room. You can also add green accents and a small palm plant to add the element of the freshness of the ocean.

8. Experiment with Stripes

Experiment with Stripes home desing

Are you into architectural geometry? If the answer is yes, you should work with striped walls. However, when the living room walls have any kind of stripes or any other patterns, you should go light with your furnishings and accessories. Suppose you add blue stripes to a white-coloured wall of the Living Room, and you can keep your furnishings all blue or all white. Avoid mixing colours to ensure that at least one of the elements stands out.

9. Experiment with the Ceiling

Experiment with the Ceiling

While most people ignore the power of ceilings and how they can add a powerful tone to your living room, you can try to utilise the ceiling when you start designing your living room. You can either work with a colour inspired by the ocean, or you can get a coffered ceiling installed. When you design the ceiling, a layer of depth gets added to the living room.

10. Summer Room

Summer Room

Summer homes are fresh as they involve subtle and pop colours to add to the summery and breezy appeal of the room. Similarly, you can curate a design for your living room that makes it look like a summer house. Here, you have the window to experiment with different summery and pop colours.  However, you should try to keep the base of the room light so that the bright colours pop out well

11. Tropical Colours

Tropical Colours

If you want a living room that takes inspiration from the oceanic ecosystem, you should choose a set of tropical colours that can give you the feeling of staying in an ocean house. You can use different tropical colours via different elements like pillows, etc. You can paint the walls of the living room in any of these tropical colours. You can also add the elements of a tropical environment, like a jute ottoman or a beautiful surfboard.

12. Use Bamboo

Use Bamboo in home design

The colours of bamboo have an oceanic feel to them. These colours are warm and fresh simultaneously and can be coupled with wooden accessories to give a coastal touch to the living room. You can also use bamboo furnishings to create a tropical feel in your living room. Also, bamboo is the best option if you are keen on using sustainable products to design your living room.

13. Play with Linen

Play with Linen

Linen is a class of cloth that is inspired by the ocean. The material is thick and gives you a feeling of the beach shacks. Linen accessories are soft and add a warm hue to the living room. If you choose to paint your living room white, you can enhance the appeal of the living room by adding fancy linen curtains and a linen throw. Also, the best thing about using linen is that it is sustainable and keeps your living room away from toxins.

14. Contemporary Design

Contemporary Design ideas for home

There are several contemporary design ideas for a living room out there. Adding sand-coloured floors and natural-coloured furnishings can give your living room a flavour of a beach house. You can also keep the room open and airy to give it a tropical feel. Additionally, you can have giant glass windows with a good view outside the house. Ensure that the room is pained with light colours so that the other elements stand out.

Wrapping up!

A living room is a place in a home where the family comes together and spends time. Hence, you need to design a room in such a way that it is cosy and comfortable.

As you might be aware, the colours used in the room define the place’s vibe. Hence, you must use light and warm colours that make people feel welcome. You can draw different inspirations from the existing oceanic system and add the colours of the ocean to your living room. You should try to ensure that you don't go overboard with the theme but just try to bring an essence of it into the room. For more home decor ideas, contact the experts at Interior Company!


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    Can you go all blue with your living room?

    You can play around with shades of blue to create a comfortable living room.

    Which is the best coastal style-inspired living room idea?

    The best way to replicate a coastal style is to go all-white and add jute accessories to the room. It will give you a feel of the beach.

    What kind of linen should one use to create an oceanic feel?

    You should go with coarse linen in different shades of blue to add to the oceanic appeal of the living room.

    Are any sustainable coastal-inspired materials used in a living room?

    If you want to go all-sustainable, you can use products and furniture made from jute or bamboo.

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