The Modern Day Ecstasy of Brown Living Room Curtains

Published On: Aug 24, 2022

“ Once you go brown, all the other colours let you down” The season of fall might slip away like a memory, but the colours sustain and stain the sheath of your homes. If you are someone whose aesthetic is stuck on fall colours, this mood board is here to take you for a warm stroll. There are multiple ways to appreciate brown tones in your room, but if your head is all tainted with autumn colours, let us help you take a step forward. A brown living room with curtains is what we are looking at here.

Don't you like when sunlight flirts with the fabric by the bay, just for you to get the sun-romance you need? We all love the Tyndall-ing sunlight, right? Here are some ideas to tickle those thoughts and make you feel comfortable and warm in the brown and cream curtains in your living room. 

The Love Affair of Brown Textures and Sheer Curtains 

Playing with contrasts is like playing with a visual weighing scale. While you have chosen a textured or patterned wallpaper for your living room, you can let it take the stage by using sheer curtains. The subtle patterns not only add a subdued visual volume but also add a contemporary aesthetic to your interior story. 

The Love Affair of Brown Textures and Sheer Curtains 

This brown living room curtain shall fade into the walls, giving space to brown furniture and deeper colours to focus on. 

The Love Affair of Brown Textures and Sheer Curtains 2

Thinking of brown living rooms doesn't have to revolve around a monochromatic or single-themed aesthetic. While playing around with modern themes, you can induce a sheer curtain that can change stories with its subtle and balanced visual comfort. Installing some warm lighting would escalate the entire theme and structure the interior frame. 

The Not-so-basic Beige Living Room 

The Not-so-basic Beige Living Room 

With a beige living room, the dynamics of using curtains changes completely. With a beige-themed room and curtains to match the brown sofa, one can use curtains in a warm colour palette. Depending upon your mood board, you can go from white or off-white to mahogany. 

In order to balance the visual volume of your interior palette, you can go with linen curtains in light or neutral shades like grey, beige, white, off-white,etc. While you are opting for beige panels or wall textures, adding brown curtains near the window brings more structure to the interior frame. Don’t forget the pampas! 

Rich Contrasts

Rich Contrasts

Does your mind tell you to be contrasting, but make it rich? Maybe we can help you with that. There can be multiple facets to explore in this genre of interiors including going for a green backdrop along with curtains for dark brown furniture. Your living room can be all rich and green, but the art of subtlety will only step into the frame with parallel-themed curtains. 

The combination of brown and green is no hidden treasure since it is inspired from the earthy tones of mother nature. This brown living room with curtains takes over the theme with decor items, fabric layering, living room decor, etc. If this is the aesthetic that makes you feel at home, then we say go for it! 

Depending upon the mood you are looking out for in your living room, you can choose from layered curtains to fabrics like velvet, linen, cotton, etc. 

Vintage Browns

Vintage Browns

Brown is the new evergreen and as much as our love for browns has been observed and sustained, we sure should see sides of the colour palette. While you pick curtains for dark brown furniture, you must explore more fabrics and textures before you dive into a complete interior story. 

Beginning from putting up textured curtains in velvet to layering them up with the sheers, you might find your in-between that makes your living room appear perfect! While working with such warm tones, do not look away from monochromes and features like carpets, dark-tone furniture, accent elements and accent lighting. With the correct amalgamation of tones, you will get closer to home. 

Not Necessarily Brown 

Not Necessarily Brown 

For a theme that circles around a colour palette devoid of browns, you can envelop your head around cool colour tones. The tones include greens, blues, greys, whites, etc. You can either be monochromatic with the living room curtains for brown furniture or play in contrasts. 

Going in with a favourable curtain fabric along with a backdrop that coincides with it, we can draw more focus towards the brown furniture. Adding some final touches in the form of accent lighting and greens can conclude the interior story. 

There are many permutations and combinations to put together while you are planning a brown living room. With them, comes understanding the pros and cons of incorporating brown curtains for dark brown furniture: 

While the aesthetic of this colour is original and decedent, it also allows you to pin multiple choices. Using brown curtains can be a subjective interior element.  Here are the pros and cons: 

Pros of Brown Living Room Curtains

  1. Lux and Leur: From the looks of it, brown curtains scream expensive and when used with a rich gradient and fabric, brown curtains are free to take the stage. 
  1. Versatility: Brown living room curtains are neutral enough to be combined with more than one colour palette. 
  1. Combinations and Colour Palettes: Brown curtains go well with browns too. Be it a wooden floor or a ceiling, an interior section, or a coffee table corner, brown curtains are the showstopper. 
  1. Comfort: Catering to a list of warm shades, browns near the windows induce a sense of warmth, comfort and security. 
  1. Feeling of Home: Creating homely corners along with some warm lighting is something brown curtains are naturally good at. 

We all are aware of the pros. These are the reasons, why browns have been consistent for a long time. Not neglecting or particularly ignoring the brown living room curtains' aesthetic, here are the cons: 

Cons of Brown Living Room Curtains 

  1. It Gets Dark: The room might feel extremely dark at one point. Using too many dark colours all around the room might be perceived negatively after one point. 
  1. Visually Smaller Spaces: Using dark colours also makes the room appear small in visual volume. 
  1. Unsuited for Cooking Spaces: It is also important to note that any curtain with a cold colour scale should be avoided in rooms except office spaces because that's where it can adjust to working moods. However, using them in the kitchen must be avoided because coffee takes your appetite away. But, in the living room, it can result in unreasonable aggression. 

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Embracing shades and tints of browns, we melt into the warmer shades. From beiges to browns, every colour combination communicates a living room tale. With these ideas for curtains for dark brown furniture, you can embrace the tiniest bit of your home and make every corner, you style statement.


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    How do I choose curtains for a dark-coloured living room?

    By the default concept of contrasts, light-coloured curtains are best suited for dark-coloured living rooms. However, this is completely subjective and you can opt for a curtain according to the theme you are looking forward to.

    Which curtain goes well with brown coloured sofa?

    Colours like beige, white, off-white, blue, grey, etc go best with a brown-coloured sofa.

    Which colour curtains are good for living room?

    According to Vastu, red is a preferred colour for the living rooms.

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