How to Grow and Care for Bougainvillea

Published On: Sep 17, 2021

Hello there bougainvillea lovers! In case you are searching for the most motherly tips on keeping up with the new bougainvillea plant in the house then here you are. Roll on to this section and you will uncover how to grow and care for bougainvillea and make this pretty little child of tropics the stunner of your abode. 

If you are planning to host newbies to the gala of striking hues of your garden, then count bougainvillea in. This flowery little plant is color-powerful enough to elevate the spirits of your garden-ish feat. Grow it as a bonsai, a hedge or maybe a ground cover. What if it could make an inviting appearance tugged against the fences or building or over an arbour? There are plentiful ways to spark the tropical gestures in your colored land of the house.

No matter the place you lodge this climber, it is essential that you give it the best care and training in order to make blooms aggrandize the exterior of your home. If you are truly and wholeheartedly into it then let us cut to the chase. 

How to Grow Bougainvillea

Here are the tips on growing bougainvillea plant-

Soil that Powers

The soil for bougainvillea plants has to be well-drained and moist (not soggy). When you are planting it in a well-drained pot mix, make sure the mixture is minimally acidic (ideally between the pH level of 5.5 to 6.0). You can enhance the mix with compost in order to make sure the soil is enriched with nutrients. Also, ensure that the pot features a drainage hole (at least one) to dismiss the risk of root rot. 

The Water it Relishes

When it comes to the water quantity for bougainvillea, you have to make sure that your plant is moist in even distribution throughout the time of summer, fall and spring months. It should be slightly dry during the winter months as it blooms well in the keeping of dry winter conditions. You need to water it to the level of saturation. Then let its first inch dry out before you water it again. Do not overwater it as too much water can transform it into a plant with root rot, making it wilt and sad. 

The Light it Loves

Bougainvillea plants love, just mint on sunlight like a forever summertime love. So yes, you have to have them the sunlight if you really wish growth for them. In case you grow bougainvillea in pots indoors, then perhaps it is best to get those pots out under the sky during the summer months. This will help confirm that they are getting the best of the sun's charm. 

When it calls for winter months or you opt to keep the plant indoors all the time, go for a spot dashed with sunlight. You can place it in the sunlit area next to the window and regulate it across different areas in order to let it consume enough sun rays. Note that the amount of sunlight also determines the color of your bougainvillea. 

The Right Temperature and Humidity for Your Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a sturdy plant that can stand different facets of temperature, from tropical to subtropical. It can go well from extremes of 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 40 degrees Fahrenheit without a hitch. So if you even if you are wondering how to take care of bougainvillea in pots indoors, you can do it by keeping the temperature about 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Care tips for Bougainvillea

Now that you have brought this plant home and established a ground for it, it is time to meditate on all the scope which you can cover to care for bougainvilleas. 

Here is how to take care of the bougainvillea plant-

  • This plant is not much of an attention seeker from the maintenance vantage point. It typically flowers thrice a year after getting accustomed to the surroundings. Not to forget, it sheds its leaves, turning drowsy and blooms in the months of winters. So, you have to keep in mind to water it a lot and pamper it with enough sunlight, whether you plant bougainvilleas indoor or outdoor. 
  • You must make sure that the plant is trimmed sincerely in order to keep it in the shape. 
  • If you would like to revel in multi-colored bougainvillea plant then it is best that you do not overdo on the pruning part. Excessive pruning can make your plant get to dim its color, especially when it is new. 
  • The best time to prune this plant is during the fall after it has grown well. This will help it bloom in the next season with fresh growth. 

How to Grow Bougainvilleas in Pot

While you choose a container to plant the bougainvillea in, you should opt for the one with a larger size than you have planned to pick. Bougainvillea is very fast when it comes to sprawling, and it can grow fleet-footed into large shrubs or small trees to the height of several feet. You should also focus on keeping the grip over its growth to keep things safe and sound in the pots. To do that, opt for repotting every year. Besides that, take some time out for the pruning of its root in the time of spring. You can raise the frequency of pruning to twice a year once the plant has grown large enough. 

How to Fertilize Bougainvilleas

When it comes to the fertilization of the bougainvillea plant, there is a lot of attention to pay to nutrition. This plant loves to be cradled with a lot of nutrition so that it can bloom throughout the season. This is certain especially when you have bougainvillea plants indoors as they are less likely to thrive there frequently. 

If you want to make the most of this plant for the fullest of its growth, then you should feed it every 7 to 10 days with a weak liquid fertilizer. You will find a number of options for  fertilizer blends that are specifically accentuated for the bougainvillea plant out there. There is no harm in choosing the one that is geared for other tropical species too. 

How to Protect Bougainvilleas

Bougainvilleas tend to attract different types of pests including, especially, caterpillars. It relishes in the leaves of this plant in case you have it outdoors. When it comes to the indoor bougainvilleas, you may find your plant surrounded by mealybugs, the one that takes shade inside the house. 

These pets draw themselves mostly on the leaves and stems of the plant. If you spot a white fuzzy element gathering over the leaves and stems of your bougainvilleas, it is time to get your troops together. Mealybugs eat up from the new growth, resulting in the tainting and demolishing the leaves which makes them turn pale yellow and eventually, die. To dismiss the chance of this mishap, you can treat the plant with neem oil once a week. 

Bougainvillea Plant Guide- The Display of Tropical Vines

Now you cannot say that you know nothing of the care tips for your newly welcomed bougainvilea plant. Your decision to make this one come to your home is going to emanate delicate and all-colors feels if you ensure the best cradle for them. Sufficiency in water, on-time pruning, optimum nourishment and the magic of sun is what you need more than anything to keep the plant crackling into beauty. 


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