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Celebrate in Style | Holi Decoration Outdoor Ideas 2024

Published On: Feb 27, 2023

Holi is one of the most prominent festivals in India, celebrated in the month of March or Phalguna for two days. It marks the beginning of the spring season and signifies the triumph of good over evil. During Holi, people are smearing each other with colours and shouting Bura Na Mano Holi Hai!! (A message of unity and diversity, forgetting and forgiving all resentments while embracing warmth and affection)

The festival of colours and joy is celebrated usually in open areas, including streets, terraces, patios, or gardens, enhancing the appeal of the occasion with food, music, and enthusiasm. From string lights to paper hangings and poppers to festoons, there are plenty of holi decoration outdoor ideas to liven up your festivity. Fill pots of gulal, spread flowers and add quirky props to elevate the memorable experience. 

Holy Invitations

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Start with the digital invites for your holi celebrations among the guests and ensure to include the dress code and any specific instructions as attachments. Holy invites are in trend as they bring a touch of personalisation. Whether you're planning an enlarged gathering, or a small inclusive get-together, below are some party invites for your guests:

  • Colourful Dance Extravaganza

          Show off your best dance moves in a Holi-themed dance-off! 

  • Holi Bonfire Glow

Join us for a cosy bonfire with melodies and bask in the glow of the night before Holi. 

Holi Decorations

There are a bunch of holi decor ideas that can match the vibe and essence of this beautiful festival.

Colourful Rangoli

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Rangoli is a traditional art form that induces a warm and inviting spree to your decorations. Make a lush rangoli design with a myriad of colours or flowers in your garden or patio for an eye-catching look during the festival.

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Festive Lanterns and Streamers

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For holi party ideas outdoors, choose bright hues and fiery shades to amplify the celebrations. Create a welcoming entrance with colourful paper lanterns and streamers to create a playful and festive atmosphere. However, you can do DIY holi crafts like paper flowers and pinwheels, adding spark to the feast.  

Garlands and Drapes

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To lend a simple yet elegant atmosphere for holi party ideas outdoors, use flowers and colourful drapes for a refreshing festive touch. Flower hangings entice the ethnic aspect to decorations, along with placing some earthen pots filled with herbal colours near the entry gate ties the look together. 

Balcony Wali Holi 

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Give your balcony a bright makeover to set an enchanting ambience this Holi. Decorate it with colourful drapes, wall hangings, tassels and fragrant flowers for a cheerful vibe. Adorn the space with peppy cushions and place some intriguing props to liven up the celebrations that exude a laid back relaxing style. Additionally, make it more appealing with delightful treats and cold beverages to admire holi decorations outdoors

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Holi Photo Backdrop 

Photo booths are the 'It' trends that bring zeal and drama to your photos. From playful props to floral wreath backdrops and some quirky touches, include these latest ideas for holi decoration outdoors to capture the magical moments with your friends and family. 

DIY Instagram-worthy Backdrop

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What’s better than cascading decor elements like mirrors, kites, and paper umbrellas? These eccentric items induce charm and liveliness to your party occasion. 

Eco-friendly Holi

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Celebrated with pomp and show, Holi, the festival of colours spreads cheer and happiness. Although, it often causes harm to the environment while using chemical-based coloured powders and wasting water. How about celebrating a safe and eco-friendly Holi this year? Use organic colours and reusable embellishments for holi decoration outdoors. In addition, avoid using plastic bags and balloons to save our precious environment. 

Holi Special Music

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Music enhances the celebrations and makes everyone groove to their favourite beats. From modern tastes to DJs, or Punjabi pop, curate your playlist and play them at full blast. Moreover, you can also go for live music with a band or an artist or let your guests play the dhol. The combination of songs and live drumming is unbeatable. 

Holi Party Games 

Looking for holi outdoor game ideas? We have got you covered. Let’s bask in the spring sun and welcome the festivity with compassion and love. 

Water Games for Kids

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Nothing can beat water games when it comes to Holi! Fill the inflatable water tubs with organic colours and softballs, and switch on the music to let kids enjoy slipping, falling, and splashing water. 

Stomping Balloons 

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Get ready to have a blast with holi party ideas outdoors! Two participants will battle it out to see who can burst the most water balloons in 30 or 45 seconds. Whoever has the least number of balloons remaining at the end is the winner. 

Holi-inspired Tableware

Source: Pinterest

Holi is synonymous with Gujiya and Thandai! No celebration is complete without these sweet treats and drinks. Set up an exquisite Welcome table with vibrant gulal, cold beverages and hot snacks for your guests to enjoy this cheerful fiesta. Add fresh flowers and scented candles to enliven the mood whilst elevating the Holi decorations in the garden. 

Surprise Gift Box

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Before the Holi festivities come to an end, shower your guests with goodies and hampers filled with colours, cards, delectable cookies, and living collections as a token of love to etch this occasion in their memory.

Holi Hai!

We hope these creative and remarkable ideas will come handy, lift your Holi party mood and offer you an enjoyable experience. From food and decorations to a water balloon game and a photo booth, embrace the zest of the festival with your family and friends. . 

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    When is Holi?

    This year it will be celebrated on the evening of the 7th of March (Holika Dahan) and the day of the 8th of March, 2024 (Badi Holi or Dulandi).

    How is Holi Celebrated in India?

    The festival of colours is celebrated everywhere around the country, with people smearing coloured powder and throwing water balloons at each other while playing and dancing under water sprinklers. Moreover, events like matki phod, holi mela, and holi bingo are associated with festivals that enliven vibrance and enthusiasm.

    What are some traditional holi foods?

    Holi is one of the most anticipated festivals in India that comes loaded with its signature delicacies. 

    • Gujiya
    • Chat
    • Thandai
    • Bhang
    • Malpua
    • Rasmalai
    • Puran Poli
    What are some outdoor Holi celebration ideas?
    • Holi party ideas outdoors include hosting a traditional Holi bonfire or having a dance party with a Bollywood theme
    •  Playing traditional Holi games such as matki phod.
    • Adding vibrant decorations with balloons, flowers, paper lanterns, and lights to spruce up your celebrations.

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