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Creative Book Shelves Ideas for Kid's Room

Published On: Nov 3, 2022

Don't be surprised if you are inundated with children's literature as soon as you announce your pregnancy because story books are one of the best aspects of the early years. However, it is  crucial to designate a location to showcase these unique tales to declutter your kid’s room or nursery. This is where these bookshelves for kids step in. Kids bookrack can be a crucial component of the kid's room or nursery design in addition to providing much-needed storage space.

Here are some of our favourite children’s bookshelf ideas, from themed bookcases, and floating bookshelves to DIY bookshelves ideas!

A Tree Bookcase – Floating Book Shelves

Source: Pinterest

Designing your kid's room with a statement piece for a bookshelf is creating an ideal aesthetic. The majestic tree that acts as a wall-mounted bookshelf design offers parents countless opportunities to artistically store their books in its branches. This kid’s room bookshelf

creates a earthy theme. Assortment can be done as per genres or colour to create a striking visual appeal. 

Dollhouse Bookcase 

Source: Pinterest

Eventhough dollhouse has been a traditional marker of social status, interior designers have turned them into home decor. The dollhouse bookshelf for kids' rooms is currently a popular trend. There are multiple renditions of this dollhouse bookcase – right from rom wooden bookshelves design to a more contemporary interpretation, gives us all the feels. In either case, a miniature bookcase is a fantastic transitional piece for a kid’s room or nursery. It can be used for early years book and trinket storage and later for play with dolls.

This bookrack design for kids can completely be gender neutral. It acts as a useful storage space for books, toys, cars, planes, or little animal figures. You can change it to a Minion, Peppa Pig, or Toy Story theme, depending on your kid's growing preferences! 

Space-Themed Bookshelves for Kid's Room

Source: Pinterest

You want to give your kids the whole world, don't you? How about the whole galaxy? Well, a space-themed bookrack design for kid's room is ideal. It creates a fun and exciting space for your kids especially if they are into space-oriented books and comics. A simple wooden bookshelves design would suffice, all you need is space-related accents such as stickers, decorative elements, and more. The book display stand needs less space and looks neat in a kid's room. Your kid can easily pick out the book they want without making clutter. 

Floating Bookshelves

Source: Pinterest

In your kid’s room, floating bookshelves can be a wonderful way to display books.  Myridas of options are  available for floating bookshelves including acrylic, metal, and wood. Add colour, texture and accents to make the bookshelves stand out in your kid's room. With a little online assistance, you can even get creative and design a bookshelf for the kids’ room.

Floating bookshelves are an excellent method to increase storage space in a room without occupying significant space. Additionally, you can use them to produce a distinctive design component. You can install the bookshelf for kids in a corner and let the kids have a reading spot to themselves. 

Block Storage Bookshelf for Kid’s Room

Source: Pinterest

An interesting yet simple DIY bookshelves idea for your kid's room is to create wooden blocks. Use wooden crates and stack them together in the shape you like and decorate them as per the colour of your kid's room. This acts as perfect bookshelves for kids and storage space. 

A plethora of ideas can be used such as sorting the books into groups, starting at the bottom with the white covers and working your way up the rainbow palette. Add plush toys, alphabet initials, stationery items, and decorative elements.  

Space-Saving Bookshelves for Kid's Room

Source: Pinterest

A wall-mounted bookshelf design for your kid's room in colourful accents creates a bright and vibrant mood and appeal. You can choose the colour of the floating shelves depending on the room. It could be in contrast to the wall colour or a tone darker. Have fun with placing the bookshelves, it does not need to be boring. Just like in the picture, create a zig-zag pattern or a vertical-horizontal look to add books and toys. This will interest your kid's in reading more and keep the space clutter-free. 

Book Bin – A Modern Bookshelf Design for Kid's Room

Source: Pinterest

Kids’ bookshelves with storage are a blessing for parents. It keeps the room tidy and occupies minimal space. Book bins are a cute way of storing books and easy for the little ones to pick a book every time they want to read. These modern bookshelves for kids can be displayed in different patterns, colours and designs. To make it interesting, paint your kid's name or initials on the book bin and call it your kid's little library. Keep it simple and easy for your kids. 

A Caddy for a Bookshelf for Kid's Room

Source: Pinterest

Arranging your children’s books can take a considerable of time. You’re in luck because book caddy is a creative kid's bookshelf design option for you to consider. Book caddies are super adorable especially if you have a toddler in the house. Caddies are ideal bookshelves for kids’ rooms with minimal space required. They come in different shapes and colours such as clouds, a ball, ice cream, and much more. Design a book caddy as per your kid’s preference matching their room. These kinds of bookshelves for kids are handmade and can store books as well as toys. It’s durable, solid, practical, and the ideal size. 

Book caddies are hassle-free and keep organisational stress at bay. Caddies allow kids to easily book browse and dump books after reading. 

Final Thoughts

We hope the children’s bookshelf ideas help you create an interesting and fun interior that inspires our little ones. Create a bookshelf for kids’ rooms utilising designs inspired by nature, space-themed bookracks, wooden floating shelves, book bins, and a wide range of other alternatives. Create statement pieces with bookshelves for kids’ rooms to enhance their space.

Seeking further suggestions for enhancing your child’s room? For custom home décor, get in touch with Interior Company’s professionals. Like these designs? Shop from the vast range of kids’ room accessories and furniture from Pinch of Pretty.


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    How do I get more storage in my kid's room?

    To get more storage in your kid’s room, add floating shelves, book bins for both toys and books, and book display stands that occupies less space in the room.

    How do you style a bookshelf for a kids' room?

    There are numerous options and ways to style a bookshelf for a kid’s room. For a smaller space, add floating shelves for books. This will require less space and avoid clutter. One can install wall-mounted bookshelves in the kid’s room for visual appeal and storage space. Theme-based bookshelves are a great way to enhance your kid’s room as well.

    How high should floating shelves be in the nursery?

    A floating bookshelf in a nursery should be at a height of 16 inches from the floor, however, it can range from 8 to 16 inches depending on the design and style.

    How do you make a homemade shelf for kids?

    A DIY bookshelf for kids is an exciting process. One has the freedom to use different materials and can style and design as per preferences. Use old items such as wooden crates and blocks or second-hand furniture pieces to make bookshelves for kids.

    How do I make a nursery bookcase?

    A nursery bookcase can be made of different materials such as wood, metal, and acrylic. They can be of various styles and designs. From floating bookshelves, display bookstands, bookracks, and book bins.

    How far apart should kids' bookshelves be?

    A kid’s bookshelf spacing should be between 8 to 12 inches. Customize your kid’s bookshelf space to incorporate other accessories such as toys and more.

    What to put on kids floating shelves?

    One can put numerous items on a floating shelf in a kid’s room such as books, toys, photo frames, and decorative items.

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