Best Wall Art Ideas For Drawing Room

Published On: Oct 5, 2021

Unless you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S chauvinist or a lover of clean white canvas, finding the eye-warming, heart-stealing and feet-stopping wall art for drawing room can be morbid for your well-geared brains. But hey, we are hosting a party of the best wall art ideas for drawing room and it is high time that you tackle your way into selecting the best idea because- you deserve it. 

Creative Wall Art Designs for Living Room- The Old School, Simple and Modern Wall Art Ideas

Whether you are a nature lover or a modern art fanatic, whether your heart goes for a play of colors or you are all in for an extra-strikingly creative corner, we have got you covered on a variety of wall art designs for living room. 

Hey there, the Painting! 

The art lovers make a separate entrance as the beholder of your home interior. While you may not seriously go Van Gough, even a wall-fit photograph from your favorites on your phone will do the needful to catch the visitor and stick them to the allure. What do we suggest? Perhaps a black and white chunk of addition keeps your plain and sombre wall. If that does not feel like a suit-up, try the smirk of abstract art. 

The assemblage of Paintings (or the Photographs You Captured Last Summer?)

Don’t you just love how that one wall on your house so deceitfully hypnotizes your guests into stopping and staring at them? It is the collection of enormously varying paintings or your one memorabilia of photographs that make a classic (and not any less than a bespoke) revamping for the wall of the drawing room. 

Amuse the Damsel with a Strange Dance of Colors

If you can’t keep calm because you want to brush it up with the best wall art ideas for your drawing room then perhaps it is high time to boost your side of an explorer. Your lonely damsel of a wall might need the pop of color or an accent of a strikingly unique wallpaper to restore faith in life. Come on, do the best hunting of your life. 

Spotted! A Fabric Flaunting Itself on the Wall

If your space is more of a neutral persona, try opting for a wall hanging or tapestry to dress it up. Our best wall art ideas for the living room suggest you consider the option of accenting the space with soft fabric or any of your favorite textiles. We think that this option has no fuss taken or given when it comes to arranging it. 

Rugs Can Do It Too

And just like that, it was discovered that you could actually turn your rugs in for some wall decoration for the drawing room. All you need to do is find a beautiful rug, which you probably will with the ease, and allot them the task of keeping your living room wall happy and engaged. You can go with different shapes, sizes and designs or simply hang a bigger one. This one can be your the one if you are looking for a creative wall art idea. 

Mirrors are Not Outcasts

You can always count on a mirror- says our list of best wall design ideas for the drawing room. It is most unarguably because they project light and energy making your wall look more emblazoned and larger than ever. You can choose small decorative mirrors in clusters or go with an oversized one. 

Deploy Your Shelves

Okay, this is one of the easiest wall art design ideas for the living room we could ever surprise you with. When your clock does not allow you much time to go on design hunting, simply getting bookshelves (preferably floating) handle it all in your absence and the best part is, you get the space to lodge whatever the odds and ends you’d love to show off. 

Bring the Plates to the Wall

Drop the illusion if you have been thinking about plates as nothing more than an item that lives in the kitchen. They are more than what you keep in the proximity of your dining table or keep hidden in your trunk. Bring out those fine China babies because they will surely add a definition to your sad little wall of the drawing room and the more the design and shapes, the better style it will breathe. 

Sconces, Where Are You Hiding?

You are not alone as long as you have got sconces! They not only make up for the lost light but also mean your wall into something. Go with the design that amps up your wall with a sculpted mein and bring the liveliness back- this time more fabulously. 

Next to the sconces, we have got paper hanging lights on our best wall design ideas for the drawing room. They add an activity to your wall, a kind of functionality that goes on and illuminates your day. Not only do they make for a source of light but also add a focal point, if you get them for the best design and shape.  

Greens, Don’t You Ever Forget the Greens

Just because we have put this idea on number 9 on our list of the best wall art design ideas for the drawing room doesn’t mean that it is any less of a game-changer. In fact, it is a life bearer that will definitely lift the spirits of your wall- even if you go with a faux plant. 

Wall Hangings 

Want some wall hanging ideas for your room? You have got many. Our favorites include the beaded compositions, handmade frames with black and white wall art impact, a beautiful calendar and well, more. On top of everything, we suggest you go for wall hangings that add a pop of color to your wall and be distinctive. 

Baskets (Coz We All Love Beautiful Little Baskets)

Here's to another best wall decor idea for the living room- go get some baskets for your wall.  They are available in an array of colors and shapes and sizes. You can play with a host of one or two or three of different types and mingle them into creating one art of your own kind on the wall. 

Well Hello There, Stargazer

Bring the universe to your abode with an arrangement of constellations on the wall. While it is best recommended for a child's room, a DIY constellation is certainly an eye-stealing appeal for the wall of your living room. Wait, can you name one constellation for that matter?

Personalised Maps, You Globetrotter

It is never too late to bathe your home into your hodophile side. This is probably the best living room wall art for those who live for travelling. Add a wall-size map for the city, state or even the world in the color palette of your choice. You can thump colorful pins for the places you’ve travelled and the places that are there on your to-do list. 

Say it Loud with Planks

How about a little bit of planking? There is a separate fanbase for the appearance elevated on joining hands with planking, mostly because it adds playfulness and summery vibes. If you’d like to make it a graceful and sophisticated addition to your wall, then you can experiment with the color palette. This will certainly make a wall art decor that keeps the child and adult inside you function simultaneously. 

A Television is Evergreen 

When nothing on our list of wall art ideas for the living room works out in your good, this one does. Just mount the television on your drawing room wall. Perhaps a flat-screen will level up your wall like nothing else. You can invite a cabinet by its side or for the best, below it which goes with the color theme of your room. Little would you realize how big of an influence your television could be when it comes to the stunningly simple wall art. 

From Roads to Walls- the Journey of a Bike 

If you are trying to spruce up the wall of the living room with the wall art images or plants, then you might as well be mounting something edgy on there. You can check up on the addition with a bike. This is one of the unique wall art ideas which make a focal point in your home interior. 

Bonus Tip- You are Creative Enough to Find That Out

It is just a matter of starting with brainstorming and then the imagination is unstoppable and ideas are endless. Whether you are the edgy one or the seeker of simplicity, the idea is to resonate with your definition of creativity and peace. 

Best Wall Art Design Ideas for Living Room- Final Thought

We loved helping you gain the modern, simple and above all, creative wall designs for the drawing room. The motive is, again, to find the one that has a mix-n-match for your psyche. If you are wanderlust, you can opt for something like the map wall art that is definitely an epitome of a modern wall art. If you are looking for a simple wall design ideas then you can have a host of a few plants mounted or you can tap into the DIY headspace of yours in case nothing seems to catch your heartbeats while you are shopping.

Have fun designing the wall of your drawing room.