44 Unique Feature and Accent Wall Ideas To Make The Most Out Of Your Bedroom

Published On: Aug 05, 2021

An accent wall is an inside wall whose plan varies from that of different dividers in the room. The intonation wall's tone can essentially be an alternate shade of the shade of different walls or have an alternate plan as far as the shading and material inflexion. Accent walls are ordinarily planned to separate the example made by different walls, particularly when the walls are painted a solitary level tone.

1.Colourful Dividers With Texture

Colourful Dividers With Texture

Finished dividers can change level dividers into completion that adds interest and mirrors light in a room. Finished dividers are an extraordinary and simple approach to make measurements in a room and improve the general style of a space. There are various sorts of surfaces you can consolidate into an emphasized divider. This precious stone example gives this beforehand level divider an additional increase in style and truly pops (plainly). This inflexion divider is an incredible method to add show and a point of convergence to your room. It's additionally an inventive method to feature your style and mirror your character with a great design bedroom.

2.Solid Block Colour

Solid Block Colour

A block is a simple method to make the atmosphere, set the temperament or make a point of convergence for your bedroom wall design. There are a few unique ways you can fuse a block highlight divider. Browse genuine block, artificial framing, a strip and stick finished glue or some other block decorating to accomplish this search for your own room highlight divider.

3. Wood Accent Wall

Wood Accent Wall

Wood dividers add warmth, profundity, surface and a delightful highlight to any space. This should handily be possible on any spending plan.

4. Upgrade your Bedroom With Hexagon Wall Design


Searching for astute and imaginative painted divider thoughts? Offer an intense expression in your teen's room with this brilliant hexagon highlight divider. This is a fun conversational piece that lights up the room design.

5. Chalkboard Accent wall Design for Bedroom

Chalkboard Accent wall

At this point, you have presumably seen various pictures of insides including blackboard dividers. They're so natural and flexible and accompany huge loads of benefits. They're extraordinary for a youngster's room to communicate their thoughts through exploratory writing, drawing, or jotting. They're practical for working out records, schoolwork, or dates of forthcoming occasions for bedroom decoration.

6. Rusty Wooden Walls

Rusty Wooden Walls

Make a wonderful, tasteful room complement divider with gold paint and stencils beautiful new wallpaper. This metallic pattern has been a famous inside plan decision that genuinely says something.

7. Bedroom Wall Design with Grey Smudge Waves

Grey Smudge Waves

There are many classy bedroom wallpaper designs. But utilizing different shades of one shading like dim for instance combined with a splendid fly of shading like this yellow is a spectacular method to significantly upgrade the general look and feel of a room.

8. Bedroom Wall decorated with DIY Palette

Wall decorated with DIY Palette

The room wall background must be beautiful. The least difficult approach to add style and energy to a room is to make a highlight divider. This wooden bed divider is so warm, ameliorating and welcoming. It radiates a rural appeal without feeling excessively manly. Beds are utilized in so numerous DIY projects nowadays and it's not difficult to perceive any reason why.

9. Unaligned Brown Accent Wall

Unaligned Brown Accent Wall

There are countless innovative approaches to utilize wood around your home. You can undoubtedly make a dazzling wooden highlight divider with scrap pieces, beds, boards and then some. This excellently emphasized divider in the main room highlights different shades of wood making it a novel look that is both stylish and provincial.

10. Match Bedroom Wall Decor and Color With Pillows or Sheets

Match Bedroom Wall With Pillows

Assuming a full redo isn't on the cards, consider hanging up an effectively alterable work of art all things being equal. In this plan by Margaret Ash of Margaret Ash Design and Home, the fashioner mirrors the shade of the casings on the drapes, pads and toss for a brought together, firm look.

11. Grey Hues

Grey Hues

'Size and extent are significant with regards to divider workmanship as a rule,' informs Deborah Heath concerning Design by Deborah. 'Preferably you would adorn one divider, gathering things with the goal that they cooperate and not as an irregular assortment.

 12. Butterfly Adorned Wall


'Intense and social butterfly divider adornments look extraordinary against a contemporary foundation. In any case, a mass of striking tone would overwhelm a watercolour and an oil painting may look dull and forcing on the little gently designed backdrop.

13. Plus Wall Accent to Complement Your Bedroom

Plus Wall Accent to Complement Your Bedroom

Add character with divider framing in the fundamental room. An ideal method to present engineering interest and wow factor, framing can give extra protection, cover lopsided dividers, and even shroud unattractive radiators.

14. Wall Mural Does Wonders

Wall Mural Does Wonders

Numerous painting plans are currently accessible as backdrops, making them simpler to accomplish. Take a stab at painting the encompassing dividers in a reciprocal tone taken from the painting. There are many 3d wallpapers available on the market for an accent wall.

15. Brick Style Wall

Brick Style Wall

While picking which divider to uncover, consider that it tends to be a beautiful intense assertion so it attempts to adhere to one divider or a segment of a divider. For example, behind a bed – to bring rich warmth and a mechanical gesture to the style.

16. Solid Colour Accent Wall Design for bedroom

Solid Colour Accent Wall

Paint one divider and alternate shade to change the disposition of your room and infuse character. Go strong and pick a high-sway tone to say something in the room. A component divider is not difficult to repaint when you extravagant a change, so you can be bold with your shading decision.

17. Splash of Grey and White

Splash of Grey and White

Room complements divider thoughts with divider decal. Removable divider stickers, decals, and workmanship painted straightforwardly onto a divider likewise say something. When a helpful apparatus in adding character to a kid's room, ongoing plan progresses make them ideal for grown-up plans as well.

18. Make the Unusual Window the Focal Point


An articulation divider doesn't need to be simply beautifying. Here, the first windows in this 1905 Craftsman house communicate everything. Planned by Jamie Haller, the principal thing you embrace as you enter this room is the view.

19. Aesthetic Decor walls for Bedroom

Aesthetic Decor

The room divider contains wonderful artworks in white and dark. Albeit the created part possesses four sub-fragments, they get the job done for making the room divider a tasteful one. The rest is left plain in white. The technique makes the room glancing reasonable in embellishment.

20. Purple Bedroom With White Accent Wall

Purple Bedroom With White Accent

There can't be a superior to the purplish backdrop for a purple room. The model shows how the backdrop model wraps the room into a complete purple one. The backdrop uses the designed theme to offset the roof. The backdrop turns into another purplish flavour thought for the room.

21. Sea-Kissed Bedroom Accent Wall


A seashore picture, yet additionally dark lumber sheets that become the mass of the room. The two draw motivation from seashore fundamentals that produce solid seashore tones in this advanced room.

22. Accent Wall of Grey Bricks for Bedroom

Accent Wall of Grey Bricks

The model welcomes us by picking a grey backdrop that compares with the bed blanket. We can likewise see the bloom model picking yellow and white.

23. Flimsy Accent Wall

Flimsy Accent Wall

Lumber sheets regularly become a room divider. As the model applies a nautical room style, the room picks the specific wood type. The lumber subsequently appears to be light and new.

24. Assembled Bedroom Accent Wall Design

Assembled Bedroom Accent Wall

Make your room divider looking and enjoyable. Taking a gander at the room divider cautiously, you can see that the room divider really uses a backdrop.

25. Fence Style Bedroom Accent Wall

Fence Style Bedroom Accent Wall

From the room divider, we can detect a solid mechanical tone that helps us to remember the early modern time. The vintage and common flavours support the modern tone, here. Another modern room model looks exceptional from the outfitting and improvement.

26. Road Style Smudge Accent Wall

Road Style Smudge Accent Wall

The last model really comes from the mechanical room model. It sets up the white-painted blocks as the room divider.

27. Square Pattern Accent Wall

Square Pattern Accent Wall

Your main room ought to be a space that is loaded with rest and unwinding. It ought to be a glad spot that you feel good and comfortable in. By adding a straightforward highlight divider.

28. Dreamy Ombre Accent Wall

Dreamy Ombre Accent Wall

A simple method to establish the vibe and state of mind for your main room is by adding an emphasize divider. Hazier tones will in general emit bolder and sensational energy to your space and lighter.

29. Dark Themed Accent Wall

Dark Themed Accent Wall

The blended utilization of wood, metal and cowhide all cause this space to feel comfortable and warm with every one of the normal components fused all through.

30. Gray Stained Walls

Gray Stained Walls

Regardless of whether you keep it crude or decide to paint or colour it, a wooden emphasize divider can carry huge loads of warmth and interest to any space. It's a cutting-edge plan that fits almost any stylistic theme style.

31. Cozy Bohemian Wall


This dull blue dim divider absolutely looks green, yet glances unfathomable in this expert suite. This strong shading is generally found on an outside front entryway, yet is great in this bohemian-propelled room.

32. Hot Air Balloon Wall Mural

Hot Air Balloon Wall Mural

This exquisite plan highlights pastel tourist balloons with a canine inside everyone skimming in the mists close to the trees and birds. It's such a wonderful nature scene that adds a perky touch making it the ideal complement divider to any kid's room.

33. Gallectic Wall Accent With Zodiac Constellation

Gallectic Wall Accent With Zodiac

This handcrafted divider decal is joined to a divider for beautiful purposes and is an incredible method to communicate a person's character. This would glance so extraordinary in a youngster kid's room who has an adoration for space and everything groups of stars.

34. Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper


The backdrop can be utilized on any surface whether it's wood, drywall, glass or even concrete. This plan was hand-tailored by craftsmen and visual originators for an exceptional complement divider that will make your room sparkle.

35. Minimalist Black Grids Accent Wall

Minimalist Black Grids Accent Wall

This moderate plan is produced using premium quality and is estimated reasonably. These little divider stickers are not difficult to apply, reposition and will not harm your dividers which is enormous in addition. 

36. Tropical Themed Bedroom Accent Wall

Tropical Themed Bedroom Accent Wall

The tropical leaves are in different tones like dull purple, dim green, yellow and unobtrusive shades of pink. It's a shocking wall painting that fits any current room stylistic theme style.

37. Wall Accent with Leaf Design

Wall Accent with Leaf Design

They can be applied to both smooth and finished surfaces and are produced using a non-glue solid Mylar stencil material. Directions are incorporated with this posting so you can undoubtedly accomplish a dazzling palm leaf highlight divider for your sere.

38. Rainbow Designed Wall Accent for Bedroom

Rainbow Wall Accent

Pastel rainbows aren't just for the children's room. This mathematical divider serves as a headboard, while a delicate lilac cover, beige hued draperies and striking mathematical plant racks total the look.

39. Rainforest Themed Bedroom Accent Wall design


Introduce a genuine rainforest inside your room. This overwhelming backdrop compares with a monochrome report, plaid bed cloth and hanging confined light.

40. Brick Wall Fused With Artistic Designs

Brick Wall Fused With Artistic Designs

Make your room supercurrent. This divider makes vertical lines over a long bedside table, an ideal counterpart for a white bed outline. A moon work of art and Vibia Cosmos Cluster Pendants add a bit of the round.

41. Asymmetric Wall Accent

Asymmetric Wall Accent

Make finishing your focal topic with this asymmetric wallpaper. This dark and gold divider embeds sparkle and furrow in surprising spots, making a centerpiece that shocks over a dark wood floor.

42. Accent Wall to Fit Your Books

Accent Wall to Fit Your Books

For some additional space to store your books in your bedroom background, this dark highlight divider is the ideal fit. Utilizing the standard of 66%, it's dark glass covers until the edge of the bed, leaving a shelf in mushroom to coordinate with the bed's header.

43. Beehive Themed Accent Wall

.Beehive Themed Accent Wall

Draw in honey bees to your component divider plan in-room background. This dull dim colony of bee’s flies in and out to make its surface, managing the cost of warmth by two pendants on either side.

44. Bold Hue to Complement Bedroom Design

Bold Hue to Complement Bedroom Design

This room divider makes exceptional areas to stamp the bed and exhibit better things. Customary porcelain plates play with an open closet and scarf-loaded for room decoration.


Regardless of what your financial plan is, you can change your room into a show-halting accent wall utilizing an assortment of items and materials. Paint, tile, wood, and even tape are incredible approaches to add tone, surface, or both to your room space.