Tips For Perfect Living Room Design With Style 

Published On: Oct 8, 2021

The living room is undoubtedly the place we all gather, play and laugh. It is the heart of the home and its place in between the bedroom and kitchen makes it the central place in a house. It is also the place where we can entertain guests be it in the morning or the evening. Let us see some modern living room designs and discuss tips to make the living room more inviting and interesting. Not to forget that a rug or furniture makes a lot of difference to the ambience of the living room. 

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

  • Black merges best with red and blue and using it in house design interiors gives the living room an eclectic look. Blend the furniture by using Turkish rug and wooden cube for the centerpiece. The beautiful couch with its blue and red cushions looks elegant and matches well with the stools at the counter.
  • Another beautiful combination is the cozy orange and grey. The grey walls, the grey couch with some orange cushions thrown in, the beautiful and sober wooden ceiling with LED lights showcases the great taste in living room interior design.   
Modern living room design ideas
  • A Scandinavian Settle suits well for minimalistic looks. the wooden stools go well with the light grey couch. Place a few accessories in the right place for more ambience.
  • Centering your living room with a unique rug gives a quirky look. Match the 3-D rug with three lounge sets and other accessories. A wooden staircase and glass paneling completes the scene. 
  • Speaking of rugs- a multi colored rug would do wonders to your living room. Pair it with floor lamps and teal cushions and give it a retro-look. Wood, cream furniture and a drawing on the wall evokes modern Indian design.
  • Monochrome living room colors are very much in fashion now, especially Black and white. Check out the picture of one such living room. The looks are classy and the matching black and white book shelf makes the room picture perfect.

Big Living Room Ideas

Designing a huge living room is a challenging task. Here are some ideas and tips for classy and large living room interior design ideas.

  • Place the potted plants strategically in large rooms with high ceilings. Make sure the room gets adequate lighting. Tall potted plants accentuate the high ceiling and give is a larger-than-life appearance. 
  • Painting the living with two tones gives the impression of a low ceiling. It also catches the eyes of the looker and seems much cozier. 
  • Large ottomans can be used instead of the regular coffee table for a centerpiece. The large ottoman would close the gap between the couch and at the same time give a touch of softness to the room. 
  • Make a big seating plan by throwing in a couple of X-benches. These benches can serve as a side stool or footstool and at the same time fill up the empty spaces. 
  • Using a daybed or room divider in a large room would fill up the space and become extra seating in large living rooms. 
  • You could place the sofa in the middle of the living room and place the console table behind it by dividing your huge living room. 
  • To create an area of coziness and make it more intimate and protected, decorative screens would do the magic. Placing it behind the sofa would be a great interior design idea to make the room look smaller but at the same time, it would not stop the flow of the room.
  • Placing large L-shaped sofas in the middle of two seating areas or dividing the living room and the dining area would be a great plan for making the most of large living room spaces. 
  • Another great idea for a large living room is to leave the walls bare and pull the sofa close to the centre of the room with a centre table. Place a console table against the bare wall and pair it with a couple of wooden benches.
  • A couple of chairs placed across the console table and placing a mirror or a piece of artwork is yet another idea for a surplus bare wall space. 
  • Tuck a small card table against a bare wall along with a pair of cozy chairs. This place can be your own private corner for your reading or having a cozy dinner for two. 
  • You can create a second area for seating or a nook for reading by creating a mini library or a window seat. 
  • Check out this picture of the living room for book lovers. The sober black and white bookcase is of a very unusual design. The marble fireplace and brown leather fireplace gives a cozy look to the living room.

The trend in designing the living room has evolved over the years and has shaped up the way the designing is done today. Here are some trends that have changed over the years.

  • In the 1960s designers experimented with materials like plastic and bright colors. Different shapes and styles were also experimented during that period. 
  • The 1970s saw houses designed with bold hues, patterns and print and some new styles. Vibrant colors and bold floral motifs were in style.
  • The 1980 were the days when color living room design was in style. Vibrant colors were used extensively. Flamboyant styles were trendy with striking primary colors. Those were one of the most colorful decades of the century.
  •  Natural colors like orange-stained oak, pine wood and rustic hues were used during the 1990s. Less flamboyant colors and styles were the designer's favourite. 
  • In the 2000s, antiques, brighter and bolder designs were brought in to decorate the interiors of the home, especially the living room. 
  • 2010 saw compact house design interiors and the idea was to declutter for more living space. To make the interiors look more spacious, walls became light colored or white with practical furniture with storage spaces in them.

In this current decade, more modular and sober designs are in style. Check this picture of Image:

A modern living room with pastel colors with a splash of brown and lovely indoor plants The laddered book case and the pink lamp shade is too modern a design to handle. 


Small Living Room Ideas

  • Using pale wooden flooring and an accent shade on the walls would make small rooms look bigger. Growing a couple of potted plants also would do the trick.
  • Symmetry in interior design for living rooms creates an impression of calmness and balance. Painting the walls with light colors and placing some accessories in brass in the right place would distract the attention from the small size of the room.
  • De-cluttering and keeping the things organized will make the room bigger immediately. Leaving the floor neat and rug free will also make small spaces look spacious. Furniture with storage 
  • Accessories that are eye-catching and sophisticated artwork can be included in the interiors. They enhance the ambience of the room as well as make it appear more spacious. 
  • Natural light streaming into the living room lights up the whole room. Dark corners make the room appear smaller in size and also cramped. Placing a floor lamp or table lamp will also enhance the room's appearance.
  • Using mirrors can make a small room appear much larger. Hanging a mirror right opposite to the window reflect the outdoor scenes making it look bigger.
  • A small room can be visually widened by painting the two walls in dark color and other two walls with a lighter shade. 
  • Long thin rooms can be made more homely by zoning the room. Laying a carpet or rug usually gives the room focus and comfort.  

Ways To Cozy Up Your Living Room

Here are some ways to cozy up your living room as it is the most used areas in your home where the family spends quality time and entertain guests:

  • Using luxe textures like velvet and fur for sofa and couch cozies up the home. Rich textures can completely alter the look of the living room. This is one of the best modern living room ideas that you can choose for your new home.
  • Taking a holistic approach by incorporating natural materials promotes good healthy atmosphere. Using eco-friendly furniture, organic textiles and raw fibers gives a cozy look to the living room. 
  • Placing large ottomans in the center of the room instead of a center table makes the living room more comfortable and livable. It serves a multi-purpose: can be used for entertaining and to keep our feet up and relax.
  • Arrange your furniture in a conversation circle. This is an age-old method of making the living room look cozier. Using 4 large upholstered swivel chairs offers a comfortable conversation circle while keeping the room appear polished and neat. 
  • If you have the space for a fireplace, keep it as the star of the living room. Accessorizing the room with personal pictures and including pieces of art around the fireplace give the living room a cozy touch.
  • Using large and bold photos on the wall of your living room can create intimacy, especially when black and white pictures are used. 
  • Make your living room a place that everyone wants to spend more time in by arranging a lot of pillows. It brings texture, color and pattern to your living room.
  • Don't want a stark look? Make it cozier with white and wooden walls, a fluffy rug and monochrome abstract ' and token living wall, naturally. A whiskey decanter or two invites us further in.
  • Include a bookshelf in the living room and fill it up with your favorite books, some pieces of art and give a personal touch to your living room. 

Lighting For Your Living Room

Lighting is a very important aspect for your modern living room design. There are a number of living room lighting fixtures available. First decide which part of the room needs special lighting and choose the appropriate fixture. Let us see some beautiful lighting tricks for your living room.

  • Ambient lights are general diffused lighting in the background that fills the room and elevates the overall lighting through the whole room. Ambient light may fill the room but may be insufficient for activities like reading. Ambient lights include chandeliers, pendant lights, wall scones, close to ceiling or flush lights and ceiling fan with light.
  • Task lights are used for shining bright light for specific tasks and highlight specific areas. They can be placed near a chair, over the table, in cozy corners etc. These lamps help you in performing certain tasks that require brighter light. Table lamp, reading lamp, desk lamp, task lamp, full spectrum lamp, swag lights, swing-arm lamps and banker's lamps or piano lamps are some task lamps.
  • Accent lamps are more decorative and add touches of subtleness to your living room. They add a soft glow to the room and showcase certain features in your room. Accent lamps, up-lights, picture lights and spot lights are some accent lamps. 
Lighting for your living room

Living Room Accessories To Shop

You need more ideas to decorate your new living room with beautiful and appropriate accessories and essentials. Here are some tips to buy the necessary accessories so that your living room that is envied by everyone.

  • Furniture is the most important essential accessory. Sofa is the most important amongst furniture. There are different types, styles and textures in sofa and couches that you can choose from. Most sofas last for more than 10 years and this fact should be remembered while selection one for your living room.
  • Diwans 
  • Coffee table- center table  
  • Clocks, 
  • Rugs
  • Candle holders
  • Flower vase, 
  • Photo frames,
  • Wall art pieces
  • Storage baskets
  • Book shelves
  • Table and wall lamps
  • String lights
  • In house plants
  • Wall stickers etc.

Check out this picture of a living room that has been transformed with all the greenery:


This picture of a living room with many accessories has a perfect ambiance and class that one could ask for. 


What Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Your Living Room?

We decorate our home according to our taste and blend it with the latest trend. Yet some mistakes happen while we choose the interior design for living room.  

Here are some common mistakes that we do while decorating our living room. 

  • Don't select a small rug. 

All the furniture should be placed on the rug. At least the front two legs of the furniture should be on the rug while it is okay for the back legs to be on the floor. 

  • Do not choose the paint color first.

There are many shades of paint available and can be changes whenever you want. It is wise choose the accessories first and then select the color of the paint to go with it.

  • Do not hang the chandelier too high

Hanging the chandelier too high will light up the ceiling but not the room. It will limit the spread of light and make the room appear darker.

  • Do not hang the Artwork too high

Artwork must be hung at eye level. This height varies from person to person. So, it is better to be lower than higher.

  • Do not choose short drapes or curtains.

Drapes and curtains should always skim the floor. It is better if they puddle a little bit, but they must not be shorter. Short curtains make the wall look shorter than it is. 

  • Do not use too many throw pillows.

Throw pillows are very good decorative accents to use in the living room. Using too many of them becomes a trouble as they occupy more space and they need to be moved when you like to sit or lie on the couch. 

  • Do not use tiny pillows for accent.

The size of the throw pillows should correspond to the size of your furniture. 

  • Do not create a theme room

Theme rooms are fun to design but they become out dated and out of fashion very quickly. This has you spending more money for replacing the items that are no longer wanted. Instead, you can add elements of a theme that you like into a living room. For example, if you like jungle themes, use animal prints in your ottoman, cushion or rug. 

  • Don't choose style over comfort

Before you buy a piece of furniture, think how you are going to use it. There are many extraordinary things that are great looking but may not be very comfortable to sit on.

  • Do not push the furniture against the wall

To create more intimate areas for conversation try pulling the furniture away from the walls. This may always not work but, it is important in living rooms designing. 

  • Do not rely completely on overhead lighting

Overhead lighting is a great idea, but they do not offer adequate illumination and they are not really flattering. It will be a great idea to have a combination of ambient lights and task lights like table lamps, floor lamps and wall scones. This will provide more lighting and also makes sure that room and everyone in it look better. 

Designing a living room is a fun and adventurous task. The ideas and suggestions in this article will help you create a great and classy looking living room for your brand-new home. 


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