Tips to Achieve an Eclectic Living Room Design

Published On: Oct 7, 2021

What if we ask you to imagine your ideal living room? You must be thinking about various different ideas and styles because that is how we humans are designed to think. Also, today, our styles are greatly influenced by social media which is an amalgamation of different elements. But is it possible to have numerous elements combined together in a balanced way so that it does not look chaotic? 

The answer is yes, and it is called the eclectic style. The eclectic style of designing the interiors is in trend today and the top interior designers recommend it too. But before going into the depth of how to incorporate this style into your home let us talk about what eclectic really means. In its real sense eclectic means to select and combine the best elements of various systems together in a harmonious manner. 

So, the eclectic design is a perfect match for those who like a little of everything in creating a cohesive space. The eclectic style leaves room for individual creativity and if you want to try your hands at creating an eclectic living room we have got a few ideas for you. 

Mix And Match Different Furniture Styles

If you want to have an eclectic style living room you should combine furniture which belongs to different time periods and varies in aesthetics. Combine traditional pieces with modern ones to curate a perfect eclectic design. For example, you can throw in a boho-style rug, a traditional coffee table, a sofa that is transitional and modern & minimal chairs to create a perfectly balanced eclectic decor. 

Opt For a High Contrast Colour Palette

If you do not want your living space to look chaotic then you should consider choosing a high contrasting combination of colours. If your colour scheme is strong and simple, it will definitely shine through. So combine different textures, modern and traditional furniture but make sure to choose the right contrasting colour palette to highlight your interior. Also, decide on your core colour beforehand which should be neutral and accent. It will create a harmonious look instead of a wild one. Always keep the walls plain and neutral so that your thoughtfully curated interior is able to shine through.

Inculcate Different Patterns

Do not shy away from using patterns if you want an eclectic interior design style. Patterns like polka dots, geometric shapes, zig-zag patterns, and others bring a touch of freshness and playfulness to the room. The mixed visuals of different patterns create a light atmosphere and are fun for the eyes. Play with both large & small patterns. 

If you have always wanted a gallery wall in your living room, your dream has come true. A gallery wall is an essential element of the eclectic style. A gallery wall is a place where you can let your imagination run wild. It showcases one's personality and character. You can put up the quirky and crazy wall art or decorative pieces or create a simple look through minimalistic walls. Showcasing artwork through different paintings would be a perfect idea. 

Love Textures

If you want a quick fix for your eclectic themed interior design then you should play with textures. So, combine smooth and soft pillows and rugs with steel or wooden sofas. Go for marble or smooth leather and try to inculcate different textures in your living room so that you are able to achieve the perfect level of eclecticism. 

Combine Modern With Traditional

If you love the easy and comfortable modern designs but also want to include the formal look of the traditional items then an eclectic bedroom is your canvas to paint. Mix traditional baskets with modern lined sofas, wall art with boho style decorative pieces, and more to achieve the combination of modern and traditional. You can also throw in modern (gold or silver) decorative pieces to spice things up. 

Layer It Up

If you layer different textures and shapes together, it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Do not worry, it is not rocket science. You can add traditional rugs or hang hand-woven articles on the wall rather than paintings to give that effect. Give the layer effect by adding prints and colours in the form of wall paints or pillows. But this does not mean that you lose control of the balance. Your arrangement should not look chaotic and for that choose a single colour of the wall and let your furniture shine. Opt for a neutral colour palette so that all the accessories and patterns do not clutter the room. 

Keep a Casual Layout

Yes, the eclectic style is basically a way to showcase your personality and imagination but the ultimate goal is to achieve comfort. One should feel relaxed and comfortable when one enters an eclectic living room. Ditch the symmetry and opt for a casual layout of the room so that you are able to relax in the room where you spend most of your time. Experiment with non traditional furniture and unexpected layouts and let your creativity flow. 

Merge Antique And Vintage

Having an antique or vintage-designed piece of furniture or decor is a true winner. Not only does it reveal the collector in you but also defines your classy taste. If you are not a fan of collecting antique items then you can simply go for a copy of such pieces. Choose the right pieces and no one will be able to guess that you are faking them. Select the pieces that are vintage-inspired and speak of those ancient times. It could be a lamp, piece of furniture, wooden finished articles, or even leather pieces. A vintage mirror will also help you with that historic look. 

Splash of Eclectic Style

If you do not want to go overboard with the eclectic design then try to incorporate eclectic styling instead. One way you can do that is by not hanging the wall art and just keeping them on a console. Opt for a wall full of funky and casual art or decor. This way it becomes less formal and becomes a perfect contender for an eclectic design without doing it too much. Convert even the most formal spaces of your living room by trying this hack. 

Mix And Match Styles

So the point here is to merge different styles so that your living room can be used for more than one purpose. If you mix a classy table with a handwoven chair and a leather sofa it would feel like a meeting room for your VIP guests. But, if you add an abstract painting at the back of the sofa then the same room would also give fresh energy and a party vibe. So by incorporating different styles you can make your living room multipurpose. 

Indulge In Various Lighting

The eclectic way of lighting up a room is to throw in lights from different eras and movements. So google the most famous styles of lamps over different centuries and pick what matches your vibe the most. Keep it simple, classy, and sleek or fun, cheerful and casual. Just let your personality come forward and let your interior highlight by whatever lights you choose. 

Eclecticism Is Not Maximalism

Quite often eclecticism is considered in line with maximalism but this has no truth to it. As we have discussed before, the eclectic design does not mean crowding it with different styles without it making any sense. Just a few unique and defining items will be able to make your living room stand out. Keep the walls of a neutral and single colour and throw in some antique pieces along with modern rugs or pillows and let the magic happen. 

Let Your Imagination Loose

Okay, till now you must have understood the meaning and essence of the eclectic design. And the essence is to not behold yourself and to let your creativity run wild. Eclectic style supports a mixture of different styles so you do not need to stick to a particular regime, tradition, or look. If you think that the pieces you have chosen define you and your personality then go with them and display them with honour. Just make sure that in the end, it is able to create a balance in the room. 

Use Your Space

Feel lucky if you have ample space in your living room because then you will be able to showcase the best. If you have huge windows, natural light will amplify your interior design. Beautiful antique chandeliers will be a perfect complement to your modern sofa if you have tall ceilings. Pair it up with a jute rug or coral decor for a chic look.

Judiciously Use Pink

'Pink' here signifies a single bold colour that is matched with other neutral colours. So, if you keep the entire living room in a similar colour palette and then place a contrasting element with a bold colour, it will make your living room look stunning and eclectic. This is one of the basic principles of eclecticism and if you follow it correctly, you will be able to achieve the desired results. 

Complete It With Contemporary

You need not necessarily include traditional items in your living room if you are all in for modernism. Keep a single colour as an anchor and then place the other items like the furniture, curtains, art pieces, cushions, rugs, etc in harmony with the base colour. Contemporary designing is in trend and if you play your cards right you can achieve the eclectic living room that you are looking for. 

White Wash The Walls

We have had enough conversations about keeping a single colour as an anchor to suit the eclectic decor and painting your walls white is the epitome of it. With white as a background colour, you can achieve any look that you desire. For instance, place rustic and chic decorations, armchairs, plants, and boho style artwork for a contemporary yet rustic look. 

Blend Casual And Formal 

Last but not least, one of the best ways to attain an eclectic interior design is to mingle the casual and formal items to produce a blended style of both. A relaxed room that has a comfortable sofa, modern coffee table, modern style rug, and modern wall art looks casual. Inculcate the formal elements by adding a leather sofa, silver or gold accessories, etc. The mixture of elements totally depends on your creativity and personality. 

On a Final Note

Eclectic style is neither a piece of cake nor a nightmare to achieve and that is why you need to hit the right chord. By following the above-explained principles and guidelines you can easily pull off the balance of an eclectic themed interior design. Just make sure that you have fun and let your personality be the winner while designing your living room in an eclectic style.


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