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White Delight: 8 Small White Living Room Ideas that Bring in Peace and Elegance

Published On: Oct 13, 2021

The colour “white” is meant to bring purity and cleanliness to any decor along with injecting a twist of sophistication and versatility. Not just that, the white colour scheme is also capable of infusing light into a room and making it look bigger. If you are planning to play with the interior of your small living room, we would suggest considering beautifying it with white delight and see how it feels like a cool calming breath of fresh air.

Most of us deal with the cramped and cluttered living room spaces due to their compact sizes and keep seeking tricks of designing them in a way that they look huge, clutter-free, full of light and stylish at the same time. Have you ever thought of painting them white rather than colouring them up in various shades and trying the rainbow game? If not, think now because there is no other colour as restful and peaceful as white and beyond that, it never goes out of style. 

White colour schemes are known for maximising a room space by lending it an ideal blend of form and functionality. Be it a living room or a bedroom, white interiors suffuse minimalism and a modern country rustic feel in the milieu and are one of the most popular and easiest ways to create a beautiful modern decor that works well with varying styles. 

However, it is quite important to pick the right white tone to match up with the furniture and decorative accessories of your place. Therefore, we have compiled here a list of white living room  design ideas that will grab your attention in an instant. So gear up to jazz up your abode the way you have seen in interior design magazines with our interesting ideas. Read on:

1. Throw splashes of grey on white

White and grey living room design ideas

Furnishings are the essence of room decors and there is no denying it. Our first living room idea has a grey settee that calls all the attention and is a perfect complement to those subtle white walls. Festoon it up with some nature wall painting in monochrome hues and a minimalistic, sleek floor lamp to complete the look. Besides, you can play around with some versatile shelves in white and grey curtains to amp up the sophisticated feel of your cosy grey and white living room. 

2. Work with some green sheen

white and green living room

Greens add a sense of calmness, positivity and elegance to any decor and your modern white living room design is going to get all the glam with the magic of greens. Bring some fresh potted plants to decorate in the lifeless corners and turn that bare wall into a gallery wall throwing some plants onto it. You can also play with hanging pots to bring in more natural light and create a perfectly white and green theme. 

3. Bring in some monochrome magic

white and black small living room

You have seen that luxury black and white living room design in your favourite celebrity’s home and always dreamed of owning one. Well, get one taking inspiration from this idea where this monochrome vibe instantly catches the eyes. While white sofas with black cushions, white chairs and contemporary black and white rug become the centre of attraction in this room, the white flooring and black pendant light add a dose of extra monochromatic touch.

4. Play with pops of blue

white and blue colour living room design

Blue is an all-year-round hue to play with while decorating living rooms. It adds bright splashes of colour to white settings and injects a sense of happiness, positivity and quietude. Paint the accent wall in blue and complement your white floor with blue club chairs and a settee for a glamorous look without going overboard. You can also try to include a small colourful wall painting to add a more classic feel to your blue and white living room. 

5. Mirror Mirror on the wall

white living room design

Plain, white walls are a great way to showcase your classic accessories, especially mirrors. Give the walls of your all-white living room design a dramatic and luxurious appeal with the inclusion of a classic mirror. Choose to flaunt it on the accent wall and jazz up the aura with some rattan furniture and splashes of grey for a balanced look. Besides, mirrors are always a perfect way to make a room appear open and bigger. 

6. Mix neutrals with whites

white small living room decor

It’s always easy to recreate a simple, minimal white living room decor with the inclusion of a mix of neutrals. Infuse hues of brown, beige, creams and greys to bring a sense of cosiness, versatility and elegance to your compact white living area. Combine crisp whites with glamorous browns thrown on the pillows and cushions and see how your room turns out into a joyful and harmonious space.

7. White and wood go hand in hand

white small living room design

It is no surprise that white and wood make a great combination, and can amp up any decor in an instant bring in peace and serenity. You can add a dose of elegance and glamour to your simple white room with a wooden floor and a classic floor lamp with a wooden stand. The rich and rustic wooden accents coupled with white furniture will add to the cosiness of your interior and lend it a perfect country feel.

8. Bring in some bricks

small white living room design with bricks decor

Brick walls are known for creating a smart background in living room spaces lending them an ideal Mediterranean, farmhouse and rustic feel. Complement your minimalistic flooring, walls and furniture in white with the brick accent wall to infuse the gamut of style and structure ensuring creativity and functionality in the milieu. You can add a more welcoming approach to the style with some greens and metallic decorative accessories.

The Bottom Line

There is something magical about white decors that we get to see in lavish hotels as well as celebrities’ homes adorned in white bliss. The beauty of this subtle and calming hue is that it goes perfectly well with anything and everything. And the key selling point of the white living room design is it is timeless and versatile and acts as a blank canvas enabling colourful splashes and a mix of furniture materials to be incorporated. Pick your style and turn the basic interior of your living room into an intriguing paradise.