10 Pooja Room and Home Decor Ideas for Gudi Padwa

Updated On: Oct 31, 2023

People who are religious, often dream of a temple inside their homes. It is said that your corner of worship at home often translates to the kind of energy you welcome inside the house. There is no time better than the new year to spruce up your pooja room. Gudi Padwa marks the new year and the reaping of the Rabi crops. It falls on the first day of the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar. The festival is celebrated in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Goa and Maharashtra. Since it's a spring festival, decorate your home with flowers, lights and many colours. 

1. The Gudi Padwa Flag 

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Gudi Padwa is incomplete without the flag. A verdant silk or a muslin cloth is tied to a bamboo stick with a bronze kalash on the top. This denotes the coronation of lord Ram after 14 years in exile. You can add motifs or paint the flag according to your wish. The flag is hung at the entrance of the door. It is said that the flag brings good fortune to whoever enters the house. 

2. Rangoli on the Doorstep 

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Drawing a rangoli in front of your house or your pooja room if you have enough space is the fastest way to add colour to your home. You can even draw both. Rangoli can be made with colours or even flowers. If you are making a rangoli this Gudi Padwa, make sure that you use sustainable colours like those made of coloured rice, flour paper quills or paint. You can also make rangoli using flowers and leaves.

3. Hang Torans 

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Torans are hangings that are placed right at the entrance of a house. Torans not only add beauty to your home entrances but also an auspicious element to add in order to attract the Goddess of Wealth Lakshmi into your homes. You can buy ready-made torans or even make them with flowers and Ashoka or mango tree leaves. If you are looking for an activity to engage your kids in the Gudi Padwa celebrations, you can ask them to make a paper toran which you can hang on the entrance door of your pooja room. 

4. Flowers Everywhere 

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Since Gudi Padwa falls in the spring season, you get a plethora of flowers. You can decorate the background of your gudi flag by taping flower garlands to a wall of your house. This also makes a good photo booth for festive albums. You can use flowers to decorate the pooja room. Use fresh flower garlands to decorate the gates of your house. You can spruce up the entrance of the house with a large decorative pot with water and flowers in it. 

5. New Year, New Vibes 

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Welcome this new year with new upholstery, sheets, table runners and curtains. The new year is the best time to set your goals for the whole year. You can select the colour of the fabric as per your intention for the whole year. Invest in colourful fabric for your home. A colourful house gives off a positive energy within the house. Add a new centrepiece to your centre table, or maybe a wooden side table.

6. Invest in New Furniture

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The new year is the ideal opportunity to invest in some new furniture. If you have the budget, buy a new sofa set or bed. You can revamp your pooja room with a new temple set-up. Add a seating area in the pooja room for prolonged prayer sessions. Add bright upholstery to these seatings. Incorporate vibrant curtains at the entrance of your temple space. If you are in a money crunch, invest in small decor pieces which make big changes like mirrors, table centrepieces, vases and so on. If you have the time, spare it to make decor pieces on your own. You can make a bowl or a vase to fill it up with potpourri. 

7. Wall Hangings 

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Wall hangings are a great idea for enhancing the interior of your home without investing a lot of money. They instantly brighten up a dull and empty wall. On the occasion of Gudi Padwa, you can use floral wall hangings, big macrame art or beads and streamers as supportive decoration for the Gudi flag. 

8. Dining Table Decor

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Gudi Padwa is known for various delicacies like aamrakhand with puri, puran poli, Amt fruits and other sweets. To make this spread of food even more delectable, use the finest china. You can even decorate the plates kept for pooja with beads, mirrors, ribbons and flowers. Use transparent glasses as a centrepiece. Half fill the glasses with water and put flowers or flower petals inside the glasses to give an illusion of floating flowers. 

9. Paintings

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Paintings are a good way to add colour to any room. Buy new paintings which are vastu friendly to bring balance and prosperity into your homes. One of the most popular paintings to bring success in all endeavours is the painting of horses in odd numbers. If you are not sure about buying a painting, you can even make one, maybe directly on the wall. You can decide the kind of painting you want which translates the aesthetic of your home better. 

10. Indoor Plants 

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Indoor plants add beauty to your home. Gudi Padwa is the best time to sow seeds with specific intentions for your goals for the new year. Indoor plants reduce stress and have air-cleansing properties. Starting a new hobby is also a great way to welcome the new year. Gardening is said to be a therapeutic activity and reduces stress and anxiety. 


Gudi Padwa is a special occasion for all Indians and is a great opportunity for the entire family to come together and celebrate. Home decoration is an integral part of Gudi Padwa and the pooja room plays a very important role in it. From wall hangings to idols, flowers to diyas, the pooja room should be decorated in a way that reflects the festive spirit of Gudi Padwa. Home decor ideas like traditional rangoli, brass lamps, and marigold garlands will enhance the beauty of the pooja room. Furthermore, one can also use colourful curtains, scented candles, and flowers to create a festive ambience in the pooja room. Gudi Padwa is a beautiful festival that brings friends and families together. With the right home and pooja room decor, one can easily create a festive atmosphere in and around the house. The decorations, the rituals, and the prayers will create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. 

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    When is Gudi Padwa in 2024?

    Gudi Padwa is on March 22, 2024

    Is the Gudi flag an important part of Gudi Padwa?

    Yes, the Gudi flag commemorates the coronation of Lord Ram as the King of Ayodhya after 14 years in exile.

    Does the Gudi flag bring luck?

    It is said that if you place the Gudi flag outside your house, it will bring luck and prosperity to your home.

    How can I make environmentally friendly rangoli?

    You can use flowers, coloured rice or non-toxic paint to make rangolis.