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Light Up Your Pooja Room Using these Ingenious Ways

Published On: Feb 8, 2023

There are many reasons why Indian homes have pooja rooms. One of these reasons is that the pooja room is our gateway to everything spiritual. The best way to harness this positive energy and spread it through your home is by using the appropriate pooja room lights. This is why we have compiled an extensive guide on the 13 best types of pooja room lights you can opt for in the sections below. 

1. Floor & Ceiling Lights for Special Effects

 Source: Pinterest

In the image above, the pooja room lights illuminate the space from top to bottom.

They also cast an ethereal and comforting look while simultaneously casting a spotlight on the divine idols.

These pooja room lights would be ideal for a medium-sized room with a sitting area. If your pooja room is outdoors, adding a tulsi plant or some trees would also bring about a feeling of being close to nature. 

2. Warm Glow Using Wooden Panels 

Source: Pinterest

Your pooja room doesn’t need to be big to be impactful.

Additionally, the pooja room lights in this picture show exactly what a small space can do to bring positivity into your home. The wooden panels separate this room from the rest of the house without looking imposing.Each empty panel has a light hanging from the top that looks like a temple bell, which adds to the spiritual aura of the space.

You can include some comfy meditation cushions on the wooden floor to ensure ease of praying or meditating in the space.

3. Mandala Lampshade

Source: Pinterest

Mandalas are significant to the spiritual side of any sacred space. The Mandala in the above image is illuminated via lampshade pooja room lights created using a combination of materials and POP to carve out the design.

This lighting also gives a halo effect to the idols. When you combine these pooja room lights with a wooden structure, you will have a winning combination.

4. Glorious Wall-Mounted Lights 

Source: Pinterest

Utilising the wall to generate more lighting in your pooja room is an ingenious way of maximising your space. The walls are adorned with lamps and make space for more statues.

The wall-mounted pooja room lights cast a warm glow all over the room and illuminate it without being too hard on the eyes. 

5. Designer Oil Lamps

Source: Pinterest

Oil lamps will never go out of fashion. These reusable pooja room lights are made of brass, durable and easy to maintain. You can refill them with oil and place these cotton wicks for long-lasting illumination in your pooja room.

However, you must be careful with oil lamps since an open flame can be dangerous if left unattended. On the other hand, these metallic lamps can also become family heirlooms.

6. Gorgeous & Calming Lamp Shades

Source: Pinterest

This is the perfect example of a magnificent pooja room in a stylish and modern home. The wooden flooring, Japanese-style panelled structure and brass hanging lights for pooja room give it a peaceful and stylish opulence.

You can also add a small spotlight in the centre of the room if you don’t have enough natural light. Using yellow lamp bulbs as pooja room lights is a great way to illuminate the pooja room. 

7. Warm Glow Behind a Wooden Panel

Source: Pinterest

This is another pooja room lighting design that creates a halo effect around your statues. You can add oil lamps for additional lights in the evening or during special occasions. The simple wooden design is elegant and beautiful.

It evokes a calm feeling, exactly what you need from a pooja room. The hanging temple bells, which add to the room’s theme, can also be used like lampshades, which will help you have extra pooja room lights if needed.

8. Warm Glow with Hooded Lights

Source: Pinterest

There are two elements to notice in this pooja room lighting idea. One is the elongated designer lampshade which provides the bulk of the lighting in this pooja room. It immediately grabs your attention without looking too overbearing.

The second element that provides additional lighting to this room is the wooden panel which acts as a hood over the small yellow bulbs. It looks gorgeous and adds a touch of elegance and modern design to the pooja room. 

You can also opt for led lights for pooja mandir room as they are an environmentally conscious choice.

9. Spot-Light 

Source: Pinterest

Using a spotlight is a tried and tested way of lighting up your pooja room. It reduces electricity consumption and focuses on the most important area in the pooja room, the idols and other related aspects.

The hanging lamp can also be used as one of the many pooja room lights in the room, as an oil lamp can enhance the tranquil look of your home’s pooja room.

10. Nothing Better than Natural Light

Source: Pinterest

If you have a covered balcony or large French-style windows, why not place your pooja room on the balcony to capitalise on the sunlight and prevent extra expenditure on your pooja room lights?

As the caption suggests, there is nothing better than natural light as a testament to your reverence for everything natural.

You can always have a few pooja room lights in the ceiling or use oil-based lamps to light up the area at dusk or night. Imagine waking up and bowing your head to the idols and the Universe they govern at the same time.

11. Inverted Lamps

Source: Pinterest

These inverted pooja room lights are sure to make a statement no matter the size of your pooja room. Choose bulbs that have adjustable brightness so you can decide how bright you want them to be.

Brass lampshades make for great pooja room lighting ideas as they match the colour of the idols and bring a sense of cohesion to the design of this pooja room. Notice that the rest of the decor is simple and minimalist.

12. Multi-Layered Lamps

Source: Pinterest

In case your pooja room isn’t separate but just a corner with an altar, this lighting style will instantly elevate the design of that space. It gently illuminates the statue.

Be careful with the open flames, as they can be dangerous, especially if children or pets are in the house. The traditional style oil lamps also bring a festive mood to the room. 

13. Magical Fairy Lights

Source: Pinterest

If you have been keeping up with home decor trends for the last five years, you’ll already know the importance of fairy lights in setting the mood for any occasion. This includes the most revered place in your house, the pooja room.

Fairy lights can be added to one wall, as shown in the picture, to the ceiling, or around the statues. This is where you can explore your creative side and bring a little piece of your personality to your pooja room too!

The Bottom Line

As one of the most important rooms of the house, the pooja room requires just as much love and care as the rest of your house while redecorating. Reach out to the experts at Interior Company for these and many more ideas for lighting up your pooja room.


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    What Type of Lighting Is Ideal for a Pooja Room?

    If you like to keep the lights on in your pooja room at all times, we would recommend bulbs with lower wattage.This would help to ensure that your electricity bill doesn’t go sky high. Try to opt for natural light with large windows. Fairy lights or trendy lampshades are also a good option. 

    Are Skylights a Good Idea for a Pooja Room?

    Skylights give a magical effect to any room. If you have the capability of introducing a skylight to your pooja room, definitely go for it.

    It is easy to introduce natural light to your pooja room, especially if it is in a dark corner of the house. Illuminate the area with natural light for a gorgeous view of the sky!

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