Pooja Room Partition in Living Room

Published On: Jun 14, 2022

Every Indian home has a pooja room, an exclusive room dedicated to positivity, worship and dedication to faith. In most modern homes, however, the concept of hard boundaries between spaces of a house has blurred. While they allow a smooth transition from one area to another, the architecture and interior elements employ softer distinctions rather than hard walls to differentiate one room from another. Partitions are more in trend today, following this concept. Partition ideas are exploring new avenues, especially for the pooja rooms located near living rooms.

There are certain smashing designs for mandir partitions in living rooms that elevate the look and feel of the entire space. Let us look at some unique pooja room partition ideas.

Wooden Partitions in Pooja Room

Wood is an evergreen material. Being a natural fibre, it only makes sense to employ a wood partition to separate the pooja room from the living room. Here are a few ways to utilise wood to create stunning pooja room partitions in your living room space.

Wooden Partition Design Pooja Room

Create Slats

Thin slats made of wood offer just the right amount of sneak peek into the space beyond. It creates an air of mystery that is only suitable for the deities residing in your pooja room. Choose this design for modern homes with neutral interiors, or you could have the wood painted in any colour that agrees with the interior theme.

Get it Carved

Carvings are akin to religion and worship and are highly suitable for use as pooja room partition designs. You could decide on a theme for the carvings ' they could be murals from holy legends or pious flowers, or delicate inscriptions from one of the holy books. Carvings can be anything you like; the trick lies in finding a skilled hand to do it.

Carved Wooden Partition Design Pooja Room

Create a Bookcase

If you are dedicating a space for a pooja room, chances are that you have many religious texts in your home. In that case, leveraging the functionality of a bookcase in a mandir partition is optimal. When filled with books, the bookcase will create a subtle separation between your living room and the pooja room.

Get it Customised

Many people love customising their partitions because it gives them exactly what they need. For example, one of the most popular designs for mandir partitions in the living room is creating a shelf-like unit with sills on it to place lamps, tea lights or hang bells. These shelves can house all your religious totems.

Window Partitions in Pooja Room

Letting the visitors take a little peek into your pooja room through glass windows fit into a wooden or metal frame works for a great partition too. Not only does it separate the pooja room from the living room, but it also keeps the space connected with the rest of the home without creating any solid boundaries.

Window Partition Design Pooja Room

Metal Partitions in Pooja Room

Metal is the second favourite material for interior designers to create partitions that make a statement. This material’s flexibility with design creation and work makes it suitable for use in any space, be it the bedroom, kitchen, living room or pooja room partitions. Let's look at how you can utilise metal to create great partition designs.

Laser-Cut Partitions

There is an inexpressible charm in laser-cut metal partitions. The delicate intricacy that weaves through the material creates a breathtaking pattern that captures the visitors’ gaze. The slight spaces left in between allow the right amount of visuals of what lies beyond. The carving also plays games with different light settings, making it look surreal.

Laser Cut Metal Partition Design Pooja Room

Metal Pipe Partitions

Using thin metal pipes as a permanent partition installation is a very contemporary idea. It gives an almost industrial look to a space and an air of crude sophistication that makes the partition itself look intriguing to the viewer. These are ideal as puja room partitions because they're no-nonsense and straightforward.

Metal Pipe Partition Design Pooja Room

Geometrical Patterns

Geometrical patterns establish harmony with nature. They are especially popular with partitions because of the play they produce with light and shadows when made from laser-cut metal. When polished, these partitions emanate a surreal aura that elevates a room’s appearance by several notches. They are the perfect pooja room partition design.

Geometric Pattern Partition Design Pooja Room

Pooja Room – Glass Partitions

Glass is considered a material conventionally meant for use in office or commercial settings. However, glass partitions do a great job of creating a more shrouded, intimate look inside a residential space. This material is ideal for use as a mandir partition in living rooms because of its versatility. Let's see a few ways to style a partition made from glass.

Glass Window Partitions

It is a bold move to use wall-height glass panes (or a mosaic of the same height made from glass) to create a partition. However, the beauty it exudes adds to the value of the interior design of your home. For example, in the image below, glass has been effectively used as a transitive wall to close off a space in an open way.

Glass Partition Design Pooja Room

Use of Frosted Films

Frosted glass films are quite popular, and innovations in design have led to the production of beautifully thin frosting films. Additionally, these can be cut and patterned the way you like. They can be made to look like laser-cut metal partitions and then stuck on the glass to create a great partition design.

Corrugated Glass Partitions

Many people like the worship in their pooja rooms to be humble and private. For this purpose, pooja room partition designs incorporating corrugated glass panels work best. They look alluring like cut crystals and provide a very little view of what lies beyond. You may want to consider this option for its beauty before anything else.

Corrugated Glass Partition Design Pooja Room

Stained Glass Partitions

Although stained glass is characteristic of churches and cathedrals, it can be adopted into pooja rooms as well by changing the artwork depicted on it. The beauty of the bold colours on the glass captivates the viewer and transports them to a new world.

Other Pooja Room Partition Designs

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many designs for pooja room partitions that don't necessarily fall under any category. These designs are equally breathtaking and offer a unique way to keep the business inside a pooja room separate from what's happening in your home’s living room. Let's take a look at some of these designs.

Pooja Room Partition Design Living Room

Half-and-Half Wall Partitions

It is a mix of textures, media and materials that give an air of sophistication to a space. This can be achieved by creating partitions using half the width of the wall and half the width of the partition. While the spaces still remain connected and accessible, there is a sense of separation.

Folding Partitions

Folding partitions are considered a vintage item, though they are also available in pretty modern designs. Sometimes these partitions are used as home décor for creating feature walls or adding definition to dressing rooms. However, picking the right kind of folding partition can work wonders to create a concealed pooja room as well.

The Gist

Partitions add definition to the interiors of a home. Where walls constrict movement and circulation, partitions help define them better. Think of them like stones around which water flows. Such a connection of a pooja room with the rest of the home is considered highly positive, which is why pooja room partitions in living rooms are trending. If you need expert guidance, you can always reach out to Interior Company.


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