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Partition Designs between Living Space and Dining Space

Published On: Oct 18, 2021

Every individual living or making their own new living space will agree on the concept that living & the dining area in a home is the most vital space, as these are the areas where you mostly entertain your guests which is why we are always in a thought to make these spaces to be most attractive and very well designed. If you have a large one in your home then it is very easy for you to have a separate living and dining but in case you have a small apartment then you happen to see a common passage for both. So, in accordance with the same topic an individual tends to look for stunning designs to bring about this partition among these two departments which is the living and the dining space, which makes your eyes stop exactly at the right blog.

These beautiful design ideas will help you set partition designs between the living-dining areas that you need for your own living space, for it to vibrate just the right energy when someone enters your home.

1. Glass Partition:

It is certain that there are many materials through which you can design your own partition for the living and the dining area but my personal favourite being the glass partition. A stained-glass partition between the hall and the dining area is the best option for you to pick. As the partition itself offers the bound between the two areas, these coloured patterns on the glass door will just act as an add on for the area. 

2. The Crockery Unit:

Sometimes while making arrangements, you might come across ideas that are not so pocket-friendly and then enter the hesitation of buying that particular stuff which sometimes ends up in not buying the same product. But that is something we don’t wish for you which is why the best budget-friendly idea for you is to make a crockery unit between these spaces. Managing to laminate your own crockery unit and adding lighting say for example a hanging lighting will give that area that perfect look!

3. Customize your own Laminate Partition:

Another great way that can be opted in order to make the look of the living and the dining space is to establish a customized division. This is the best option they can choose when deciding to design their living-dining space. Laminating these partitions helps in making the display look even more gorgeous; you can also customize the space by the initial letters of the residents. 

4. Add Wooden Touch: 

Amongst all the options that one can opt for the oldest and for sure the newest ideas are the partition through a wooden material. A wooden material accessory is one such type of material that can never make the theme of your room go wrong, it compliments all kinds of décor and at the time is the safest option when it comes to the maintenance of the same. This designed wooden partition will definitely lighten up the eyes when entering the division.

5. Keep it Intricate & Compact:

Normally small apartments have less space to accommodate items in their living space therefore, partition between the living and the dining area gives you an illusion of extra space in the room. Adding a partition that does not require much of the space in the room helps in not acquiring much of a space in a living space and still tends to radiate great vibes with gorgeous and elegant patterns. 

6. Jaali:

Next, that comes in line is the oldest form of partition that is the Jaali, it has been an option for most of the households due to its feature of seamless fit that fits perfectly in every Indian household. Jaali is not as boring as it sounds as you can always club your Jaali with décor that helps the space look elegant and that compliments the living space. 

7. Add Artistic & Contemporary Touch:

Being living in an environment that is always in rush and requires modern solutions for every problem, would also require the same aspect while designing their living space. As, we individuals have been living in apartments of urban age and so we require minimalist décor designs. For the same reason, the best option to opt for which will be unique, modern, and elegant is the laser-cut division under the contemporary method. This unique pick gives you the perfect artistic & bold look to your living space.

8. Give it a Stone Finish:

Okay, okay if you still find the above options a little common, when I would still agree to the fact that it adds to the elegance of the room, the stone finished partition is another great option to opt for, these kind of stone helps in radiating rustic & desi décor look to your homes. This is the perfect pick, don’t think too much! And start working on the same designs and give the perfect finish to your living space. 

9. Life Etched:

The Partition style which is between the dining & the living spaces need not be as large as the life & dramatics. The simpler the design the best output is what you get. If the theme of your home is bold and vibrant then a simple or minimal partition say for example a glass partition is the best option, a plain glass doesn’t sound interesting? No worries we’ve got you covered add your own customization on the partition glass by making glass painting which could include any of the elements of your choice these could be trees, clouds etc. 

10. Duco Paint:

A metal partition is a great choice when looking for something trendy for your living space. Add the duco paint on the metal in order to make it look bright, lavish yet bold and elegant. A metal material for your living space can never be a wrong choice as a metal is one such material that compliments all kinds of themes and aesthetics of the room or the living space.  

11. Cover the partition with some aesthetic options:

When the space in your living space is vast and free it sometimes becomes overwhelming when it comes to the maintenance of the space. Therefore, a beautiful and gorgeous partition in between with latticework in color white goes well with every type of wall color in a room and gives you a sense of relief if the room is defined in such a way that covers your large hall well. 

12. Paint it Green:

I’m sure you are familiar with the statement paint It red, but have you ever heard someone saying paint it green? I’m sure not but not an issue you can do very well now. Adding a bit of greenery in your hall with adding plants & planters will act as a complementary accessory to the wooden finishing of your home. You can also add a creative wall of your choice wherein the wall can be full of greenery on the back wall of your sofa that is placed in the living space & the crockery cabinet that has been arranged in the dining space

13. Keep an open wall for the Partition:

Placing too many wall partitions in a small space may cramp the space up. On the other hand absence of a wall ends up in you lacking a space for your storage in your own home. So, therefore at this time the best option is to opt for something that gives you a middle path. Wherein you can place a wall with shelves incorporated inside itself this can be kept easily on one side of the room and the other side could incorporate a long table to look after any extra requirements of your room. 

We hope that these points provide your home some relevance in order to make it look beautiful and elegant. So, think no further and opt for these ideas in order to get the perfect living space for oneself.