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10 Amazing Partition Design Ideas for Your Living Room

Published On: Aug 31, 2022

Who would not agree that partitions or room dividers make for welcoming home décor? Especially if you have a combined living and dining hall, a living room partition can break the monotony of free-flowing space and make it aesthetically appealing. Well, there is a cornucopia of living room divider options to separate a big area artistically and neatly. You can opt for a glass divider rendered with a contemporary etched design, a vintage-inspired bronze divider, wooden crockery or even a low brick wall.

Since living room partition design ideas are endless, we thought of curating a few in this blog. Whether you want to divide your living room and dining area or compartmentalise the hall and kitchen, here are some interesting ways to do that.

1. Set up Wooden Crockery

Want a living room partition with storage that breaks the living and dining room while increasing the functionality of the area? Set up an open laminate crockery unit to separate the two spaces. You can use one side of the crockery unit to install your TV and the other for storage or for displaying fascinating decor. Install fixtures or pendant lights in the crockery unit to illuminate the area at night.

Another timeless option for a living room partition with storage is a wood divider art gallery. Adorn the shelves of the divider with photo frames, art pieces, vases and other decorative elements.

Set up Wooden Crockery

2. Glass Reigns Supreme

Glass partitions carved out of clear or frosted glass make for alluring partition designs between living-dining areas. One brilliant way to add a touch of glamour to your space is by installing an etched glass living room divider featuring a gorgeous floral or tree pattern. A glass partition will also provide an uninterrupted experience between the kitchen and lounge area. It even blends in perfectly with almost every colour palette.

If you are not looking for a decorative living room partition design, add a sliding glass door between the spaces. You can even hang curtains on the door to embrace privacy when needed.

Glass Reigns Supreme

3. Go Classic with a Wooden Frame Divider

A wooden frame divider in earthy tones is an elegant way to obstruct any free-flowing space. A living room partition carved out of wood featuring an intricate pattern lends an alluring vintage look while allowing smooth airflow. Homeowners who are not seeking a living room partition with storage can get a wooden frame divider. A geometric wooden partition or even wooden railings are ideal if you want to stay on the contemporary side.

Go Classic with a Wooden Frame Divider

4. Add a Pop of Colour with a Metal Partition

The partition designs between living and dining spaces don’t have to be boring. How about adding a touch of sophistication with a shimmery metallic partition? Metallic accents in the form of living room partition designs will enliven the look of a monotonous area by lending a luxe and classy look. Consider a stainless steel divider screen with a gold finish, or go offbeat with a metal framework partition in an unusual colour.

Add a Pop of Colour with a Metal Partition

5. TV Console Partition  

Spruce up the space featuring your TV unit while separating your living and dining spaces via a TV console partition. A TV console living room partition unit will maximise your entertainment experience and add a modern aesthetic simultaneously. Get a stylish TV cabinet or a living room partition with storage if you have a standalone TV. A perfectly crafted living room partition design in laminate wood will prove the TV unit’s functionality while offering ample space for media essentials.

 To enjoy enough space, ask your craftsman or interior design company to set up floating shelves on the wooden partition. You can also choose a metallic living room divider to showcase your wall-mounted TV. A textured black wall partition with a wall-mounted TV unit and white floating shelves is another trendy design to add some drama to the area.

TV Console Partition

6. Go for a Fully Retractable Sliding Door Partition

Fully retractable sliding door partition designs between living-dining areas are an effortless and stylish option to divide a large space. Since the panel partitions are retractable, they can be folded to create a sense of openness whenever desired. Get a retractable glass sliding door to instantly make your space spacious and bright.

Apart from transparent or frosted glass sliding doors, you can settle for a solid wood sliding door. To take the glamour quotient of your space up a notch, try rectangular panels fitted with frames and glazed with opaque glass tiles.

Go for a Fully Retractable Sliding Door Partition

7. Planters as Living-Dining Room Partition

Hanging planters add a pop of freshness to the space and make it visually appealing. They work best when it comes to cleaning the air within your home organically. Consider hanging gardens as a living room divider to add a rustic touch. You can add a pop of lush greenery with a wooden wall with floating shelves holding mini planters. You can also hang planters using ropes.

To use planters as partition designs between living-dining areas, you can place tabletop containers on a bench. Using tall column planters as a living room divider, a tall stand with potted plants, a vertical garden plant wall and wire metal planters are other modish options to rely on.

Planters as Living-Dining Room Partition

8. Take Heart in an Accent Low Brick Divider

An accent low brick wall or living room divider is a fascinating option for rustic and modern homeowners alike. Create a living room partition design with real bricks, 3D brick panels or brick-textured wallpaper. Since the colour and style of the brick divider will impact the overall appeal of the space, pick things wisely. If you want to add texture to an area or counteract a dull interior dominated by glass, a low brick partition wall is an interesting take to transform everything.

Take Heart in an Accent Low Brick Divider

9. Hang Chic Drapes or Curtains

If your home has an open floor plan, you can add a wow factor to the interior while breaking the two spaces by using drapes as a divider. Full-length curtains or drapes can be used as partitions to adorn your living room while adding privacy between the hall and dining area. Fabric curtains, metal chain curtains, string curtains and blackout curtains are perfect to complement the ambience of your elegant living room.

Hang Chic Drapes or Curtains

10. Take the Contemporary Route with Laser-Cut Partition

If you love to do the bare minimum, laser-cut partition designs between living-dining areas are sure to woo you. A laser-cut living room divider will redefine the look of the space while maintaining excellent light flow. Get a decorative fretwork pattern for architectural interiors, a metal laser-cut panel divider or laser-cut metal sheets to demarcate spaces.

Take the Contemporary Route with Laser-Cut Partition

The Bottom Line

From setting up a wooden divider and glass sliding door to installing a low brick divider wall, there are tons of partition designs for living-dining areas. To transform the look of the spaces while separating them, try something in an intricate pattern. If you want to add functionality, get a living room partition with storage and use it to hold decorative items. A living room partition design with a frosted glass divider or laser-cut pattern is another way to segregate your living hall and dining room. If you don’t want to compromise with style, seek help from the Interior Company. Experts will help you plan the right awe-inspiring living room partition design with custom touches.

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