Modern Single Bed Designs for Small Spaces

Published On: Sep 26, 2022

A modern single bed is the most appropriate furniture item that you can use to embellish your small-sized bedroom. A single bed consumes less space than double beds, making it look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. Your sweet abode can look well furnished and beautiful with the single bed designs. 

It does not take a designer to create a perfect space if you are in the know of basic interior ideas. This article enumerates the factors to be considered while buying a single bed and the various design ideas for your inspiration. 

Factors to Consider While Buying a Single Bed

It only makes sense to spend your hard-earned money on quality furniture. Therefore, it becomes essential to consider a few factors before investing in a modern single bed. 

Availability of Space 

Size is one of the most important factors when purchasing a single bed. Your bedroom space should be capable of accommodating the bed you buy. Since it is quite difficult to sleep on a bed which is too tiny or too big for the room. It is vital to consider your room’s dimensions before you decide on a wooden single bed designs. Make sure that there is enough area left to roam around the bed. Every other factor has to be dealt with later, for scale is of the utmost importance.


The material of the bed is the next thing to consider while purchasing a modern single bed. Beds are available in materials like plastic, metal, wooden, etc. Scan through the pros and cons of each material before deciding which is best for you. Wood is considered to be the most robust material, and it is also one of the most traditional materials. Beds made of metal are less expensive but not as durable as wooden beds. Plastic beds are the most affordable and also the least sturdy. 


The design of the bed is finalised after selecting the material. You can also get a headboard or footboard installed if you want one. Under-bed storage is also a viable solution to increase storage space. This trick will help make the place more organised while rendering extra space if you have a small area. 


Various factors affect the cost of beds. Design, material, and size all play a role in deciding the bed’s price. Some beds are budget-friendly, while some cost more. Get clarity on the amount you're willing to spend on a new bed before you make the final decision. 


When going through a catalogue, you must have witnessed the price change of each bed. The prices range differently depending on the design of the single bed and the quality. It is important to invest in a high-quality bed if you are buying a new one. The higher the quality of the bed, the more durable and long-lasting it will be.  

Types of Single Bed Designs

Keeping in mind the design data is crucial when you purchase a bed. This is especially true in children's rooms and tiny areas where you can fit a lot of objects in a small area, including the bed. Have a look at these contemporary modern single-bed designs for your inspiration. 

Single Bed with Drawers

Single Bed with Drawers

A single bed can be used for utilitarian purposes apart from the aesthetic appeal if it has drawers for storage space. The wooden bed here has a backrest and two big drawers to store various objects. Compartments for storing bedding items and other elements are sliding in nature, while swinging ones are also common. 

Sofa-Bed Convertible 

Sofa-Bed Convertible 

The back distinguishes the sofas from chairs. The couch is also accentuated with cushions and back material like velvet, leatherette, faux leather, and rexine. Here, the sofa-bed convertible is made of faux leather material, which helps render an elegant demeanour to the room. 

However, washable textiles like linen or cotton are used for sofa beds in warmer areas. Blend velvet textures for a stunning outlook. 

Cabinet Bed

Cabinet Bed

Cabinet beds blend seamlessly with the surroundings. The cabinet beds help create space by reducing the area required to fit a bed. To make a complete ensemble, you can fit in other elements like cabinets, shelves, and cupboards. 

High or Bunk Bed

High or Bunk Bed

This style of a modern single bed is commonly found in tiny studio flats and is also a fantastic alternative for a kid's room. These bunk beds come in various sizes and types, like the one where the bed is on the structure's top and the gaming room, workspace, and cupboards are under the bed. The high bed has two mattresses, saving a lot of space in the room. This design for a single bed can be customised according to your specific needs. Consider the room's width and height when picking a bed type to ensure the bed is not placed right underneath the ceiling. 

Flat Bed 

Flat Bed 

The flatbeds are designed for people with a knack for all things minimal and simple. These flatbeds help to make the space cosy and comfortable. Single flatbeds are a great option despite lacking substantial support and other knick-knacks. 

Single Bed with Metal Accents

Single Bed with Metal Accents

Design for a single bed in a metal accent can instantly transform drab furniture into a vogue decor statement. Crystal metal or cast iron are modern decor materials that never go out of style. These metal accents add character and texture to the aesthetic of the room. A metal bed can also be converted into a stylish and contemporary piece of furniture by adding sheets, pillows, and pastel bedding. 

Trundle Bed 

Trundle Bed 

A trundle bed is another modern single bed type that is highly functional and visually appealing. This single bed design comes with a hidden bed that can be taken out when in need. When the hidden bed is not in use, the bed acts as a gorgeous piece of ornament that accentuates the room’s look. These beds are usually available in wooden finishes like mahogany. 

Let's Put it to Bed!

Choosing the perfect design for a single bed can be daunting because of the variety of available options. But, keeping in mind a few important factors will help you choose the best bed design that suits your needs. Explore your style and decide whether you want a traditional or modern style bed design. 

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    Why is a single bed better?

    A single bed is better because it is convenient for small spaces and compact.

    How do I choose the right bed for my room?

    Measure the dimensions of your room, envision the different sizes of beds in your room, keep in mind the furniture you already own and the ones that you will buy in the future, and decide whether you want a bigger living space or bed.

    How do I choose a bed design?

    A well-designed bed can completely change the aesthetic of your bedroom. Your interiors look more elegant and chic. Do not opt for a king-size bed if you have a small room, as it will make the space look congested. In contrast, a small bed in a large space can make the bed look out of place.

    What are the best materials for a single bed design?

    Keeping in mind the environmental friendliness of the bed design is important. Metal is the best choice for a modern single bed design, provided it matches the rest of the home decor. The backrests are usually made from wrought iron, and wood makes up for the majority of the furniture in the room because of its structural integrity.