Modern Hallway Designs for a Chic Entrance

Published On: Feb 3, 2023

Entering the hallway of a house is like stepping into the homeowner’s world. The hallway design is both intimate and exposed to the visitors' eyes. Hence, it should be enhanced in a way that makes it a state-of-the-art affair. Your hallway design should define ‘you’, even if it is a minimalist haven or an eccentric spectacle. 

This article showcases some of the most trailblazing hallway decor ideas and tips, enough to transform your entrance into an enchanting world.

Home Hallway Design Ideas

Enter the world of fantasy with these hall decoration ideas for home. 

1. Modern Console

Source: Pinterest

Often, a hallway is too narrow or tiny to accumulate with small pieces, so ensure the design embellishments you choose truly count. A console table offers the best of both worlds – a stylish element that ennobles the entrance and a utilitarian landing pad for your wallets, mail, and keys. The abstract design of the console is on par with the contemporary rug, stretching out the artistic element to the floor. The entire appearance is bound by the black and white colour scheme, a trailblazing element of minimalist style. 

2. Intricate Flooring

Source: Pinterest

The use of chequered flooring dates back thousands of years in the world of interior design. Its use in halls and foyers has received significant attention, owing to the intricate outlook it offers. Adorn your flooring with unique types of tiles for an opulent look. The tessellated floor tiles in the reference above make the hallway design appear bigger, better, and more modern. 

3. Warm Decor

Source: Pinterest

Embrace Victorian furnishing and fittings to incorporate a luxe charm in the corridor. Fresh flowers and cushions soften the brick flooring and the wooden elements in the room, striking a perfect balance. You can also go all in and pair these accessories with a natural rug or an old bench to take things up a notch. 

4. Adroit Artwork

Source: Pinterest

A modern hallway interior design channels your personal taste. Adorning your hallway with artwork is an immediate way of injecting the space with personality. The artwork also makes a space feel capacious without taking up any floor space. Use darker background colours to maximise the dramatic effect an art piece renders. 

5. Statement Chandeliers

Source: Pinterest

As mentioned before, lighting ensures your space is well-lit. If you have a ceiling tall enough, do not shy away from converting it into a grand entrance with a chandelier. Contrary to popular belief, chandelier lights are not only for stately homes. A statement pendant or a contemporary-style chandelier can define your design intentions right from the front door. You can work in numerous ways either with an artistic approach or sputnik-style arrangements. 

6. Wondrous Wallpapers

Source: Pinterest

Add life to your hallway wall design with a wallpaper that both stands out but also binds the look together. A peculiar wallpaper design will incorporate a character into your space, rendering a chic and contemporary demeanour. 

7. Crittall Wall

Source: Pinterest

If you have only one window to play with at the entrance, it might be difficult to get the light circulation going. One modern solution is the crittall wall, which involves removing one wall altogether, with glass. Notice how the space gets illuminated to the most with just one wall being made of glass. It also renders a modern and industrial chic look to the space. 

8. Daring Doors

Source: Pinterest

We often spend most of our energy designing the front doors, but rarely think about highlighting the back. A lot can be achieved by accentuating the back door. An accent colour can draw your visitors’ attention in an instant, and also help you be creative with your hallway interior design. The stained glasses add a character to the space, exuding a European vibe. If you are choosing a colour for your door, choose a neutral floor to avoid overdoing it. 

9. Eclectic Energy

Source: Pinterest

Modern hallway interior design is wary of clinical looks; eclectic vibes are to the rescue. Mix different styles to create a harmonious blend of style and splendour. Cleverly combine a utilitarian built-in solution with an overmantel mirror. Prints and colours make this nook feel like a unified room. Modern solutions are all about using your interiors with beauty and brains. 

10. Luxurious Design

Source: Pinterest

Rich woods, shimmering wallpapers, large mirrors, and stunning chandeliers are the perfect recipe for luxurious hallway decor. A console table serves multiple purposes – providing space for mobile phones, keys, and shoes. Accentuate a neutral scheme with silver or brass candlesticks, lanterns, and lamp bases which would also add warmth. 

Cue! Hallway Design Tips

Designers swear by these hallway interior design tips and you should too!

1. Bright Hallway Decor

Source: Pinterest

Whether somewhere in the midst or at the front, hallways are always prone to feeling pokey and dark. Modern designs stem from maximising the flow of natural light throughout a space. So, even if you are receiving enough natural light, abiding by a neutral or white colour palette will help the space feel brighter and bigger. The hallways will also feel coherent with the rest of your home if it is prominently neutral. 

2. Modern Mirror Shapes

Source: Pinterest

Mirrors not only act as an alluring addition to your hallway interior design but also help you do a quick outfit check before you leave. Unique mirror shapes result in a luxury hallway design, also giving an illusion of a larger hallway space. Swap ornate frames with avant-garde shapes to achieve a contemporary look; a perfect design statement. 

3. Neutrals in Grey

Source: Pinterest

A neutral colour palette is the foundation of a minimalist design scheme, but to give it a contemporary feel – play around with greys. The hallway interior designs are now being accentuated with darker tones of grey as they render a dramatic flair to it. However, if you want to create a warm, elegant and intimate ambience, opt for warm undertones of the hue. 

4. Minimalist Entryway Bench

Source: Pinterest

Going back to the basics is the key to a successful hallway design but this doesn’t mean you should compromise on comfort. If you are trying to minimise furniture, keeping the design simple is the only hack you should abide by. An entryway bench is a practical necessity that cannot be eliminated. Hence, choose a minimalist design with light colours that exudes drama but does not overwhelm it. 

5. White Ceilings

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Hallways are designed in various sizes and forms, and depending on when it was constructed they might have low ceilings. White hallway interior design is the go-to in these circumstances as they lighten the atmosphere. Create a high ceiling appearance with the mighty white. 

Exquisite Colours for a Hallway Decor

Since neutral colours are the connoisseurs of modern design schemes, lean towards the paler end of the neutral spectrum. Stick around the bountiful light, and maximise it in small or narrow hallways. Then, pair these light backdrop colours with accessories, and dark furniture to curate a crisp and dramatic effect. 

Grey is one of the most elegant backdrop neutrals that can be blended beautifully with black or white accents. Neutral hallway wall designs go perfectly with dark wood. 

Bonus Tip: If your hallway wall decor is decorated with period features, one interesting way to modernise it is to contrast them with a contemporary bold colour palette. Highlight your traditional features with whites to give them a fresh look. 

All Hail the Hallway!

Every home is unique, and every space in that abode is a mirror of the owner's personality. Hence, it becomes important to render life to every space that you touch. Hallway interior designs are the first impression that can have a lasting impact on your guests. Ornamenting it with various elements like rugs, chandeliers, neutral colours, oversized mirrors, and sleek furniture can transform the look of your home. For more design ideas, contact Interior Company. 

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    Q 1. How do I decorate my 2022 home hallway design?

    Ans. Customise your hallway design by adding a seating space, creating various storage options, incorporating a stylish rug, or hanging abstract wall art.

    Q 2. How do you make a hallway look more expensive?

    Ans. You can make your hallway interior design luxurious by using high-quality materials, painting the interior doors, hanging a large mirror, abiding by a neutral colour scheme, or by adding extra seating or storage space.

    Q 3. How do you make a hallway look welcoming?

    Ans. Use statement lighting, hang artwork or other decorative accents, create an illusion with mirrors, or perfect the finishing touches to make your hallway design more welcoming.

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