25 Simple Yet Beautiful Marble Floor Designs for Hall

Published On: Jan 13, 2023

Marble has always been significantly associated with royalty, sophistication, versatility, and elegance. This is why utilising marble design in hall ideas in modern homes leads to fascinating and gorgeous décor, which attracts the attention of everyone.It is durable, readily available, not very expensive, and can be charmingly used in every room of contemporary home designs.

The best feature of marble is that it is available in various colours, patterns, types, rates, and styles, and you have a wide array to choose from.

Here we will look at some of the preferable marble design in hall ideas that add timeless elegance and boldness to the atmosphere.

Top 25 Designs of Marble Floors for Halls

Let us look at the latest marble design in hall ideas in the sections below:

1. The Rectangular White Marble With Black Double Borders

Source: Pinterest

Using white marble flooring with black borderlines in the foyer leads makes for a fantastic marble design in the hall.

You can also install matching furniture, curtains, and black and white marble tables to maintain aesthetic harmony. Adding a chandelier to the royal white POP ceiling also goes perfectly with the marble flooring.

2. A Beautiful Mix of White, Grey, And Black

Source: Pinterest

You can opt for a mixture of marble colour patterns to break the monotony of utilising a single pattern to grace this marble design in hall.

Use a mix of grey, black, and white marble slabs. This subtle but smooth mix of hues creates a classic combination and will remain unchanged for years.

3. An Intricate Piece Of Marble Art

Source: Pinterest

Add a vintage touch to your marble design in the hall by installing an intricate marble pattern in your hallways that will intrigue and captivate your guests and make your home resemble a palace.

This alluring marble design in hall is worth every penny spent on it. 

4. A Beautiful Marble Pattern

Source: Pinterest

Quit the monochrome theme and add brown floral patterns on the border of your majestic white marble floor.

This regal yet understated appearance of this marble design in the hall looks magnificent with brown borders and Mughal-inspired motifs and designs.

5. A Marble-Like Carpet Over Pure White Marble

Source: Pinterest

One marble design in the hall idea you can utilise is to cover the floor with a simple, charming white marble stone.

To complement this hall portion, you can add a black and white rug in the central portion to accentuate the look and complement the space’s décor.

6. A Marble Carpet

Source: Pinterest

Why depend on a fabric carpet when you can install a marble carpet as part of your marble design in hall?

Such carpets will give your hall an elegant look and make your visitors stop and stare at this marble design in hall in the form of a beautifully and intricately laid carpet.

7. The Chequerboard Black And White Marble Design

Source: Pinterest

The black and white chequered design is a vintage marble flooring style, which never goes out of style. This retro marble design in hall makes a bold statement and gives a unique look to your home decor!

8. Big Slabs Of White Marble

Source: Pinterest

This pristine white living room marble design in the hall will make your day.

This hall design has been immaculately done with perfect lighting fixtures, impeccable white furniture and fittings, wall décor, and the majestic all-white marble flooring.

The above reasons make this hall marble design a design you should not ignore at any cost.

You can also contact our experts at Interior Company to get some quotes for the same.

9. Broken Marble Design

Source: Pinterest

This broken marble design in the hall looks raw, bold, and unique.

The look is different from the elegant whites, but its style and quirky charm can augment the aesthetic appeal of the hall.

You can use this flooring design at the entrance of the house and in the living room area to amp up the décor of the home interiors

10. The Bold And Beautiful Veined Black Marble

Source: Pinterest

Nothing looks as classy and gorgeous as the black marble floor living room. The beautiful black marble, specifically the one with white veins, creates an alluring aura and a bold vibe.

Create a contrasting ambience by furnishing the hall with off-white furnishings across the space to maintain the aesthetic continuity of the theme.

11. The Graceful Veined White And Grey Marble

Source: Pinterest

If black looks bold, grey looks royal. This beautifully tiled living room floor marble design is a neat way of embedding marble in your hallway décor, which speaks volumes of your rich taste, personality, style, and choice.

12. Beautiful use of Carrara marble floor tiling

Source: Pinterest

The look of the marble design in hall in the image below is rich and royal due to its exclusive shine. The dazzle of this white marble signifies the usage of Carrara marble.

Its rich texture, beautiful white marble river-like design, and exquisite veins make this one of the most trending and in-demand natural stones for flooring.

13. Has To Be All Blue

Source: Pinterest

The light blue marble square slabs for an aquatic blue hall hint at a  contemporary style of marble design in hall flooring, which looks aesthetic, pure, and incredibly smooth.

You can complement this design with white furniture etc. to bring the beachside home to you.

14. The Green Effect

Source: Pinterest

Going for a pastel mint green marble design in hall? If yes, then add a tinge of shade to your marble-designed flooring and decorate the area with the richness and beauty that befits the environs of exquisite flooring design.

15. Simple Black Border On White Marble

Source: Pinterest

Keep it simple with this classic marble design in hall colour combo which is done elegantly with alternating black and white marble tiles that use warm grey streaks to make the hall look luminous!

This living room marble design is all about the perfect harmony of design and elegance.

16. A White And Grey Geometric Marble Flooring

Source: Pinterest

A diamond-shaped marble design in hall using a mix of white and grey marble slabs offers a great visual appeal. It makes the entrance look extremely elegant and sophisticated.

This style of tiling the floors is reminiscent of the luxury hotels or similar establishments in the 1960s and 1970s.

17. A Centrepiece Marble Pattern

Source: Pinterest

This exquisite marble living room comes with a slight touch of black border and an elaborate centrepiece. This floral black and white marble pattern is the main attraction of this exquisite design.

This idea works great for halls and gives a special welcome to your guests with its alluring appeal.

18. Marking a Boundary with Marble

Source: Pinterest

If you use the same white marble for adjoining living rooms and hall spaces in your homes, you must create a boundary using wood, or maybe a black slab of marble. This divides both spaces equally, and you don't need a door to demarcate them.

19. Two Different Shades and Styles of Marble Flooring

Source: Pinterest

Yes! You can try two different kinds of marble flooring for two adjoining areas in the same house.

Let us look at this design in the image below.

The white marble design in hall flooring of the living room is different from the white and marble flooring of the adjoining halls, which is quirky but trending in contemporary households.

20. Marble Box Design to Demarcate Areas

Source: Pinterest

A mix of black and white marble slabs is beautifully used to demarcate the hall from the living room space. Add a few square and rectangular boxes with black and grey outlining to attract the right attention.

You can supplement this design with the help of sliding doors, as seen below.

21. A Fascinating Marble Design

Source: Pinterest

A white and grey marble flooring with a round centrepiece looks stylish and innovative.

It's not a new living room marble flooring design, but an evergreen style and combination of hues, that is still so popular among modern homeowners.

22. Rich And Royal All-Over Marble Flooring Design

Source: Pinterest

A simple yet luxurious hall area with grand centrepiece seating and a wide expanse of white marble patterned flooring design allow you to have the liberty to try multiple patterns and motifs to give it a more suave and chic touch.

23. Ultra-Suave And Sophisticated Marble Patterns

Source: Pinterest

Accentuate the beauty of your living room marble floor design with this unique patterned marble tile. Its intricate floral pattern with a touch of gold adds a touch of elegance.

You can add the glamour and extravagance quotient by adorning the hall with brown and golden furniture and fittings and installing mirrors for the right reflection. This place looks nothing less than a majestic abode

24. Combination Of White Marble and Wood

Source: Pinterest

White marble design in hall flooring with wooden planks is one of a kind mainly because of its neutral colour combination.

It makes an excellent choice for your home and can become your best bet when choosing the best marble flooring pattern in your modern home.

25. A Beautiful Finish with Black Marble and Wooden Planks

Source: Pinterest

Isn’t this hall floor marble design breathtaking? The lush and glossy black marble flooring with a unique mix of wood gives your house interiors a terrific sense of aesthetics and flair.

In Conclusion

Marble has graced some of India’s most iconic and historic buildings, and its cooling effect and magnificent look have also taken over modern homes. You can consider the above-mentioned trending marble floor design pictures of living rooms with various symmetries in different hues, rich embellishments, and unique patterns.

For more information, you must contact the professional designers at Interior Company, who will guide you with personalised choices in marble floor designs for your contemporary home.


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    What Are Some of the Simplest Marble Floor Designs?

    Some simple living room marble floor design for homes revolve around pure white impeccable white flooring, which is apt for marble floor living rooms and halls.
    The classic white marble with black edging or veined white marble in grey and colourful hues is also a simple and cost-effective floor design.

    Why Is Italian Marble So Popular for Hall Floors?

    Italian marble is comparatively a little more expensive than Indian marble but has a shiny and shimmering gloss which is better than Indian marble.
    Although the longevity and durability are almost the same, it’s mainly about the look, which makes them perfect for luxurious living spaces.

    According to Vastu Shastra, In Which Direction Should Black Marble Drawing Room Designs Be Placed In?

    Vaastu recommends using black drawing room marble designs, especially in the north direction of the house which helps to eliminate the bad energies in that direction.

    Which Marble Is Expensive?

    The Calacatta marble from Carrara, Italy is expensive because of its limited production, exquisite shine, and beautiful look.

    In India, Where Would You Find the Best Quality Marble for Flooring in Modern Homes?

    You can find some of the best glossy white marble for Indian floors in Gujarat, Kolkata, and Rajasthan. These slabs are transported from one region to another, adding to the cost, and are used in homes across the country.

    How Long Do Marble Floors Last?

    If you have invested in the right kind of marble quality, then it will stay strong and durable for a minimum of 25 years. This natural stone adds charm and elegance to your home but requires occasional maintenance and good care. Some floors even last longer if properly cared for.

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