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Low Budget Interior Design Ideas for Small Indian Homes

Updated On: Oct 31, 2023

A small house design brings the picture of comfortable living space to mind. Small homes provide undeniable warmth and snugness that sometimes even large mansions fail to deliver. Given the limited space, marrying form and function becomes all the more important in small Indian homes. And while fitting everything may seem challenging, it’s incredibly fun too. Below are some small home design ideas to smarten up your humble abode.

1. Slide through with Pocket Doors

Slide through with Pocket Doors

Space-saving pocket doors top the list of small home design ideas. Sliding doors require no hinge or extra space for door arc. They simply glide along the track, taking a lot less space than swinging doors. It's a lifesaver for tiny homes where you can seamlessly divide two areas without cluttering, not to mention the style and elegance it adds to any home. You can also incorporate an unrestricted view of the outdoors into your living room by fitting a sliding door with glass panes.

2. Incorporate Reflective Materials

Incorporate Reflective Materials

The use of massive mirrors immediately makes the room feel breezy and spacious. If you strategically place them opposite the window, they automatically bounce light and create the illusion of a larger space. But apart from its spacing-enhancing ability, mirrors are also the ultimate low-cost small house design idea to add glamour to your room. Of course, opting for lacquered walls and glossy tiles will also have the same effect.

3. Implement Innovative Storage Solutions

Implement Innovative Storage Solutions

Limited storage space is a big challenge that small spaces pose. Your goal is to style your living space without cluttering by using hidden or hanging storage solutions. Beds and tables with drawers and cabinets are great ideas for hidden storage spaces. You can also create décor storage spaces hanging from the wall or ceiling, saving space on the floor and adding character to your small house.

4. Use Foldable and Collapsible Furniture

Use Foldable and Collapsible Furniture

Another effective small modern house design idea is to use foldable and collapsible furniture. Furniture and fixtures that can be tacked away are great space savers. The trick is especially useful for furniture items that remain unused. For instance, dining table sets and beds can be easily folded during the day.

There are various foldaway furniture options available in the market. With a small folding table and chairs, you can create a study zone anywhere or take them to the garden for outdoor tea. A folding bed frame will make a sleeping space for your guest in any room. Likewise, kitchen islands that you can expand as needed and desks that can be mounted on the wall are some practical, low budget simple house design ideas.

5. Go for Smart Lighting Options

Go for Smart Lighting Options

Lighting can make or break a small house design. It is also one of the trickiest things to ace. When there is a lack of floor space, aim to utilise the walls or ceilings for lighting. As such, avoid table lamps and get creative. Hanging lights not only save space but can elevate small modern houses. You can also use statement pendants to emphasise the height of the room. Remember to light all the corners as they can act as shadow traps and make your room look smaller.

6. Think Vertical

Think Vertical

When storage spaces are tight, think vertical. Vertical storage can provide many functional benefits without compromising on aesthetics. In small houses, bare walls are one of the most underutilised spaces. Hooks, rods and in-built shelving are all fantastic low-budget, simple house design ideas that can declutter your homes. For example, instead of placing appliances on the counter, you could use vertical cabinets to store them. You can also create a standing pantry instead of a horizontal one and keep the least frequently used items on top.

7. Use Wall-Mounted Furniture

Use Wall-Mounted Furniture

Wall-mounted furniture is one of the most innovative small house designs. If you have some notches and mounts in your studio apartment, use them to place retractable furniture. Or you can create one yourself at suitable locations to support your furniture. 

The most common wall-mounted furniture is a reading table that can be retreated with a hook. You can further add a mirror to the bottom of the table to make it functional even when not in use.

Another great idea in a small apartment is to keep all your furniture hugging to the wall. This way, you'll have more centre space, and your rooms will look naturally large.

8. Utilise Room Separating Apparatus

Utilise Room Separating Apparatus

A common complaint among small homeowners is that the limited area does not allow them to have a separate guest room, home office or dining area. The simple solution is to use retractable dividers or screens to create the illusion of a different room. The partitions do a great job of enhancing the privacy of each space and making it more functional. 

For instance, you could create a separate reading area inside the living room or a walk-in closet beside your bedroom. If done right, this low-cost small house design idea can elevate the style quotient of your house.

9. Install Multipurpose Furniture and Appliances

Install Multipurpose Furniture and Appliances

In a small setting, the importance of installing multipurpose furniture and appliances cannot be emphasised enough. Find a dining table that can double up as a reading table or a sofa that can convert into a guest bed. Get ottomans that can serve as extra seating or a coffee table, whatever the situation demands. You can become the epitome of sustainable living with multipurpose furniture while saving a lot of money.

10. Add Glow with Glass Tables

Add Glow with Glass Tables

The prime advantage of glass tables is that they are see-through and do not block the space. Your room won't look cramped with the floor visible despite the table occupying space. Besides creating the illusion of space, glass tables also reflect the colour of other items in the room (rugs, fancy lights, wall art) and highlight them. They can be a glamorous addition to your simple house design.

11. Make the Best Use of Corners

The empty corners of your small home are an opportunity to showcase unique furniture. You can push in a lovely couch or place a stylish storage system. The glassware that didn't fit in your cabinet could find a place in floating shelves custom-designed for your corner. Light furniture, like swings or armchairs, does not take away the visual space from the corner as a cupboard would. Instead, they lighten the mood and give it a relaxed, cosy feel.

12. Use an Appropriate Colour Scheme

It is no secret that light colours brighten up a room, making it feel more spacious. Choosing the colour palette wisely is highly crucial for tiny homes. People looking for simple house design ideas generally use light shades such as blue, green, beige or yellow. If you're unsure of the colour, you can go all white. Besides enhancing the space, white forms a wonderful neutral backdrop to display colourful furniture, artwork and other décor items.

To Sum up

The size of your home need not limit your interior décor ideas. There are many low-budget, simple house design ideas like the above that can refine the functionality of your small abode. And Interior Company can help you with just that. We transform your ideas into reality to create spaces that define you. Book a consultation today!

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What should you keep in mind while designing small houses?

The two important things to consider while designing small homes are functionality and space.

What makes a good design for small homes?

The key attributes of great home designs include liveability, comfort, functionality and style.

How to maximise space in small Indian homes?

You can maximise space by utilising corners, walls and ceilings, using multi-functional furniture and building innovative storage solutions.