21 Living Room Partition Designs To Try Today

Published On: Oct 14, 2021

Looking for living room partition with storage designs?  A living room partition is required either when you have a large living space or are living in a studio apartment with an open kitchen and dining space attached to it. In such cases, partitions can work wonders not only to separate the two areas but beautify your space. Add storage to those partitions, and you get both beauty and functionality. 

let’s check out the 21 best living room partition designs with storage for your living area.  

1. Dark Wood Shelf and Cabinet

Complementing your room color, a dark wood shelf and cabinet living room divider enable you to both decorate the shelves and keep your books on display. Additionally, it also offers space for necessary living room items like cushion covers, curtains, etc. If kept between the foyer and the living area, the cabinet section can also work as a great shoe rack. 

2. Wood and Metal Partition Shelf

living room partition If you are looking for a living room partition that would effectively divide your drawing room area and foyer while simultaneously working as a hanger, shoe cabinet, and shelf then, this wood and metal partition storage is perfect for you.

3. White Partition Storage With Seats

A universal color, white exudes class and simplicity through and through. And this living room divider storage not only contains a minimalistic shelf with a comfy seat but offers enough storage space via its six spacious drawers below and a long cabinet on the side.

4. Ultra Modern Hanging Partition Storage

If you are looking for a unique living room partition with storage, this just might be it. Sleek and elegant, the combination of wood and metal not only offers an industrial look, but the simple yet eccentric design is sure to bring in a futuristic element.

5. Abstract Geometric Partition Storage

Geometric shapes enhance the decor of any room. And this abstract geometric living room partition design surely does justice. With angular cabinets, zigzag patterned front wood design, open and covered shelves, and an overall sharp structure, it augments the entire look of the living area.   

6. Partition Shelf Storage with Dinner Table

This is an excellent option for both studio apartments and large living areas. The simple and functional grey wood partition storage not only separates the dining area from the living space, but its bench-like seat and back support contribute to creating a cozy dining corner. All you would need are two chairs, the dining table, and you are good to go.

7. Stylish Low Partition Cabinets With Wooden Panels

Elegant and sophisticated, the extensive use of wooden panels in this living room partition with storage sets a warm tone in the room. A blend of modern and traditional design, the structure is further enhanced by the concrete shelves cut out on the walls accompanied by warm lights. 

8. Ceiling To Floor Partition Storage 

A cost-effective and functional way to separate your living space from your adjacent kitchen or dining area is to create a ceiling-to-floor living room partition with storage. Cut out a space for entry and exit and a counter, and you get the enhanced functionality of this storage unit. Apart from completely separating the areas in your home or apartment, it would also add a unique charm to your living room interior.   

9. Metal Frame Partition 

Simple and minimal, the metal living room partition clamped on a wooden beam gives your living area a stylish and urban feel without making it look too congested.

10. Compact and Sleek Living Room Partition Shelf

If you are looking for a living room divider that's sleek, compact, and functional, then this design may appeal to your tastes. While the open shelves offer you ample opportunities to put your memorable souvenirs, favourite sculptures, and other prized possessions on display, the slim side shelf provides a humble and clean corner for your books. 

11. Minimal Wood and Metal Living Room Divider

The lean metal and wood work in this living room divider with metallic gold and matte black finish not only complements your chic and urban living room interiors but accentuates the entire urban ambiance of the space.

12. Traditional Wainscot Living Room Partition Design

Traditional wainscot living room partitions work best for large living spaces. So, if you want a cottage vibe in your living area with extensive woodwork, then partition storages cut out of heavy wood with framed glass doors would be the perfect choice for you.  

13. Multifunctional Living Room Partition

multifunctional partition for living room Augmenting the industrial decor of your living space, this multifunctional and modern partition design between living dining is suited to not only studio apartments but homes with large living areas. A separate space for your smart or LED TV within the partition is a delightful added advantage.

14. Extended Gold Panelled Living Room Partition 

Want to bling up your living space? While the extended L-shape of the partition is in itself unique, the long gold panels and matte black finish of the shelves make it look gorgeous. With ample decorative and storage opportunities, this living room partition offers both functionality and an instant glow to your living room.

15. Cozy Living Room Partition Design With Seats

This light and bright living room partition design answers our needs for a cozy corner. Along with wainscot wood storages on both sides, the comfy seat in the middle creates a simple and homely ambiance. Additionally, the low cabinets along with the arch shape of the structure, cater to the dual function of both, demarcating separate zones in the space and offering a view of the entire interior.

16. Vintage Living Room Partition Design

Do old European living interiors appeal to your tastes? If wood is the dominant material that you want to use in your living room interiors to capture the old-world charm, we are sure this partition design between living dining would be perfect.  

17. Modern Wainscot Living Room Partition 

Works for both apartment and home living areas, this simple and spacious partition design between living dining allows you to not only store your dinnerware but also other possessions. A blend of concrete and wood wainscot panels, the structure efficiently separates the living and dining room by automatically creating a passage between both.

18. Asymmetrical Wooden Living Room Partition Design 

Thick, sturdy, and modern, the asymmetrical shelves of the living room partition not only introduce an abstract element in the decor but accentuates it. 

19. Revolving Living Room Partition 

If you are looking for a blend of quirky, modern, and functional elements in your partition designs between living dining, then this might be it. A floor-to-ceiling partition storage, the three metal beams not only hold up the separate glass box shelves but acts as a fulcrum so that it can be turned 360 degrees. 

20. Dual Colour Living Room Partition 

white wooden partitions Lean and simple with a blend of broad vintage pattern screens, this dual-color partition between living dining augments the existing decor of the area. The glass shelves, white drawers, and partition screen within the dark wood frame offer a distinct contrast and an enhanced eclectic design that suits any living room interior.

21. Diamond Shaped Metal Living Room Partition 

Best suited for more formal interiors, the thin diamond-shaped metal frames of this living room partition holding the wooden planks offer an illusion of floating shelves from a distance. Cool, slender, and unique, this adds an industrial and minimalistic feel to your living area.

Final Thoughts 

Living room interior designs are not just about aesthetics but function. And, if you want living room partitions for better space segregation, it will be a smart choice to add some storage features to it. Extra storage at home not only helps you keep your belongings safe but brings in order and organization. So, when looking for partition designs between living dining, go for the ones that offer storage.