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Whether you're looking to spruce up your lounge with a chic sofa, enjoy a meal with our stylish tables, or turn your bedroom into a modern setting, we've got what you're looking for! Our pieces aren't just furniture; they're statement pieces, comfort zones, and the best seats in the house all rolled into one. We have everything from room wooden furniture to office or home furniture. And let's talk about a bargain—you won't find better quality at these prices elsewhere! So, why wait? Explore our online collection and buy the piece that speaks to you. After all, it's not just furniture; it's the backdrop to your life's best moments.

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128+ Options, Starts from ₹12,990
Crafted Marbles Tripod Glass End Table In Rose Gold Finish
PlusOne Bora Sheesham Wood Console Table in Walnut Finish
PlusOne Bora Sheesham Wood Console Table in Teak Finish
PlusOne Nord Sheesham Wood Nesting Table in Walnut Finish
PlusOne Nord Sheesham Wood Nesting Table in Teak Finish
PlusOne Fraser Sheesham Wood Side Table in Walnut Finish
35+ Options, Starts from ₹3,850
Doe Buck Louise Velvet Fabric Office Chair in Pink Colour
Doe Buck Louise Velvet Fabric Office Chair in Sky Blue Colour
Doe Buck Louise Velvet Fabric Office Chair in Grey Colour
Doe Buck Louise Velvet Fabric Office Chair in Blue Colour
Doe Buck Louise Velvet Fabric Office Chair in Black Colour
Doe Buck Clemence Velvet Fabric Task Chair in Yellow Colour
Doe Buck Clemence Velvet Fabric Task Chair in Red Colour
18+ Options, Starts from ₹7,314

Looking for High-Quality Wood Furniture For Your Home? Shop With Us Online!

Elevate your living spaces with our curated furniture pieces that bond functionality and aesthetics. Designed to suit modern, contemporary, and traditional tastes, each wooden furniture piece speaks volumes of timeless quality and refined style. Interior Company offers a comprehensive online selection of home and office furnishings, from elegant sofa sets and comfortable beds to practical study tables, stylish bookshelves, and ergonomic office chairs. Choose the best furniture that adds value to your home and leaves a lasting impression with its elegance and craftsmanship. Buy furniture online from our extensive catalogue that caters to distinct tastes and budgets while crafting a cherished and welcoming space.

Browse from a Wide Range of Home Furniture Online at Discounted Prices

Interior Company offers a classified selection of premium wooden furniture online priced just right. Pump up your living space with our exclusive traditional and timeless furniture designs to modern and mid-century styles. Whether it’s the bedroom, dining space, kitchen, bathroom, balcony or home office, explore our hand-picked furniture catalogue and choose one that resonates with your room's aesthetic. Our furniture pieces, crafted with refined wood and unparalleled finesse, provide comfort, functionality, and the utmost satisfaction, inciting a striking appeal in the home interiors. Shop furniture online at Interior Company and bring your vision to reality at the best prices!

Discover Essential Types of Wood Before Buying Home Furniture

Our profound range of designer home furniture offers the best of both worlds- comfort and aesthetics. No matter the style of your home, our bespoke wooden furniture suits the needs of the individual to beautify the home interiors, providing an unmatched look. From solid to engineered wood designs, explore the best furniture online at Interior Company. To help you with this, our experts bring multiple furniture options with types of wood that scream durability and functionality.

Teak Wood Furniture

Celebrated for its natural resistance and refinement, Teak Wood furniture stands the test of time and lasts a lifetime. With its rich golden hue, ease of maintenance and elegance, elevate the look of your home with teak wood furniture seamlessly integrated into the interior setting.

Oak Wood Furniture

Oak boasts timeless allure, natural beauty, and the finest quality, delivering grace and strength to furniture items.

Sheesham Wood Furniture

The captivating patterns and robustness of Sheesham wood make it a preferred choice for online furniture shopping in Indian households.

Mango Wood Furniture

A trendy, sustainable, and eco-friendly choice, mango wood furniture is highly durable and resistant, giving it a distinctive appeal.

Engineered Wood

This manufactured construction material, used for house furniture, exudes versatility, customisation, and sustainability for modern living.

Must-Have Furniture for Your Modern Home

Our experts at Interior Company bring forth an assorted collection of must-have furniture pieces that blend harmoniously with the interiors of your modern home while upscaling the aesthetic style and ambience.

  • Contemporary Sofa Sets and Recliners
  • Statement Coffee Table
  • Platform Bed
  • Cabinets and Sideboards
  • Stylish Wardrobes
  • Chic Accent Chairs
  • Office Furniture
  • Outdoor Lounging Furniture

Explore Online Furniture Shopping for Different Rooms to Spruce Up Your Home Decor

Wooden furniture, with its enduring charm, enkindles grace in your home. With Interior Company, discover trendsetting furniture items at a good price and transform living spaces according to your taste.

Living Room Furniture

Browse through an array of options for living room furniture, be it sofas, loveseats, cabinets, consoles, chairs, and tables. Our furniture catalogue has everything you need, tailored to perfection and details.

Dining Room Furniture

Whether you have a casual dining space or formal background, spruce up your everyday meals and entertainment with our endless dining room furniture choices, adapted to the latest trends and personal style.

Bedroom Furniture

From the popular platform beds to stylish headboards, nightstands, and armoires, bestow your bedrooms with comfort and style. Discover our incredible selection of bedroom furniture online and find the desired pieces that fit your style for your personal retreat.

Kid’s Room Furniture

Fancy your kid's room with colourful, striking, safe and robust furniture online at Interior Company to create an eye-pleasing and efficient space. Check out trendy beds, study tables, cradles, sofas and bookshelves to breathe good vibes and dreamy details.

Outdoor Furniture

Looking to maximise your outdoor space, balcony, backyard or deck? Explore our hand-picked collection of wooden benches, chairs, swings, loungers and weather-resistant sofa sets and revel in the luxury of natural beauty.

Want to Buy Furniture Online?

With endless furniture design options available today, buying furniture online that fits your living space and personality can be overwhelming. So, for a seamless and enhanced online furniture shopping experience, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Before you start browsing, measure the space available for furniture pieces in your house to narrow your search and save precious time.
  2. Choose the style of the furniture that resonates with your abode’s theme. Interior Company offers an extensive collection of the best furniture, from classic to contemporary, at affordable prices.
  3. Choose the material that endures aesthetic and longevity, whether solid wood or engineered materials.
  4. Read the product description, size, colour, and details thoroughly to ensure the selected furniture fits your requirements.
  5. Gain insightful customer reviews to understand the desirability and satisfaction level of the product.
  6. Set your ideal budget before flipping through the latest house furniture trends online.
  7. Check for delivery details, return policies and other additional services provided by the seller.

Best Furniture at the Best Prices! Shop From Interior Company

Furniture elevates the environment with luxury and comfort when outfitting your home interiors. Whether you’re looking for cushioned sofas, modular kitchen furniture, statement wardrobes or a perfect dining set, Interior Company offers hundreds of furniture choices to spark your muse. We offer designer pieces at the right price, making selection a pleasure. Choose the design, style, shape and colour that seamlessly blend with your vision and personality to add a wow factor to your home.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which wood furniture is best?

Teak wood stands out for its timeless appeal, durability and resilience against wear and tear. It’s also one of the most expensive and incredible wooden materials with a great aesthetic appeal for home furniture.

Which company is best for wooden furniture?

Top home furnishing names in India include Godrej Interio, Durian, Nilkamal, Urban Ladder, and Pepperfry. These leading brands offer diverse furniture pieces to match any home’s style and price range.

What are the prices for wood furniture?

Wooden furniture prices depend on the size, style and customisation options. Hardwoods like Oak and teak are more expensive than engineered woods.

Which colour suits wooden furniture?

Natural and Earthy colours, such as white, beige, brown, tan, green and greys, work best in wooden finishes, suiting distinct styles and tastes.

Which online shopping is best for furniture?

House furniture requirements differ according to taste, preferences, and budget. Choose a platform that offers a wide range of furniture pieces. Buy quality furniture online at Interior Company in premium fabrics and styles to enhance your living space.

Which wood is strongest?

Hardwoods such as maple, oak, teak, mahogany and walnut are the most popular and durable types of wood for home furniture.

What are the benefits of buying furniture?

Investing in quality furniture accentuates your living space with comfort, aesthetics and uniqueness. Interior Company provides tailored and affordable furniture online, suiting your needs and preferences. Our curated furniture collection stands out, transforming dreams of lush interiors into reality.

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